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Kindle Worlds is an Amazon only platform that allows authors the opportunity to write within a licensed fictional world. H.M. WARD, the author of the New Adult fan-driven series, The Arrangement, asked me to write a story within this World where she has already has over 1 million copies sold. My story, THE SEDUCTION, has new characters I created specifically for this world. Even if you haven’t read The Arrangement (though you should!) you can read my stand alone story about characters within their world (and then hopefully you’ll want to read about Sean Ferro in The Arrangement series itself.) Note, this is a KINDLE ONLY story! You can download a FREE Kindle App on your smart phone, computer or tablet and enjoy!

Revenge is a dish best not served…

Zach Anders swears revenge on Sean Ferro for hurting his sister. The best way to accomplish his goal? Hurt someone close to Sean in return.

No one can get near Ferro’s on again – off again fiancé – so Zach sets his sights on the next best thing, the woman Sean considers family, the girl who grew up next door, Chloe Reynolds. The plan seems simple — get close, find her weak spot, exploit it and walk away.

Then Zach meets Chloe and he falls hard. And fast. How can he use her for revenge when he wants to keep her for himself?