Reading Order

Below you can find Carly’s reading order of all of her series! You can also download the printable reading order clicking here.

* The Dare Series

* Dare to Love Series
Book 1: Dare to Love Book (Ian & Riley)
Book 2: Dare to Desire Book (Alex & Madison)
Book 3: Dare to Touch Book (Dylan & Olivia)
Book 4: Dare to Hold Book (Scott & Meg)
Book 5: Dare to Rock Book (Avery & Grey)
Book 6: Dare to Take (Tyler & Ella)
Short Short Story – A Very Dare Christmas (Ian & Riley)

* Sienna Dare gets together with Ethan Knight in The Knight Brothers (Dare Me Tonight).

* Jason Dare gets together with Faith in the Sexy Series (More Than Sexy).

* Dare NY Series (NY Dare Cousins)
Book 1: Dare to Surrender (Gabe & Isabelle)
Book 2: Dare to Submit (Decklan & Amanda)
Book 3: Dare to Seduce (Max & Lucy)

* The Knight Brothers
Book 1: Take Me Again ‘(Sebastian & Ashley)
Book 2: Take Me Down (Parker & Emily)
* Book 3.: Dare Me Tonight (Ethan Knight & Sienna Dare)
Novella: Take the Bride (Sierra & Ryder)
Short Short Story – Take Me Now (Harper & Matt)

* The Sexy Series
* Book 1: More Than Sexy (Jason Dare & Faith)
Book 2: Twice As Sexy Book (Landon & Vivienne)
Book 3: Better Than Sexy: (Tanner & Scarlett)
Novella: Sexy Love (Shane & Amber)

* Dare Nation
Book 1: Dare to Resist (Austin & Quinn)
Book 2: Dare to Tempt (Damon & Evie)
Book 3: Dare to Play (Jaxon & Macy)
Book 4: Dare to Stay (Brandon & Willow)
Novella: Dare to Tease (Hudson & Brianne)

* Paul Dare’s sperm donor kids

* Kingston Family
Book 1: Just One Night (Linc Kingston and Jordan Greene)
Book 2: Just One Scandal (Chloe Kingston and Beck Daniels)
Book 3: Just One Chance (Xander Kingston and Sasha Keaton)
Book 4: Just One Spark (Dash Kingston and Cassidy Forrester)
Book 4.5: Just One Wish (TBA)
* The Kingston Family: The Dirty Dares
Book 5: Just One Dare: Dirty Dares (Aurora Kingston and XXX )
Book 6: Just One Kiss: Dirty Dares (Jade Dare and Knox Sinclair)
Book 7: Just One Taste: Dirty Dares (Asher Dare and XXX TBA)
Book 8: Just One Crush: Dirty Dares (Harrison Dare and XXX TBA)
Book 9: Just One Fling: Dirty Dares (Zach Dare and XXX TBA)

Other Indie Series

Billionaire Bad Boys
Book 1. Going Down Easy
Book 2. Going Down Hard
Book 3. Going Down Fast
Book 4. Going In Deep
Short Story: Going Down Again

Hot Heroes (formerly titled Rosewood Bay Series)
Book 1: Touch You Now (Formerly titled Fearless)
Book 2: Hold You Now (Formerly titled Breathe)
Book 3: Need You Now (Formerly titled Freed)
Book 4: Want You Now (Formerly titled Dream)

Bodyguard Bad Boys
Book 1: Rock Me
Book 2: Tempt Me
His to Protect: Masters and Mercenaries ~ Novella

Carly's Formerly Traditionally Published Books

Chandler Brothers Series
Book 1. The Bachelor
Book 2. The Playboy
Book 3. The Heartbreaker

Hot Zone
Book 1. Hot Stuff
Book 2. Hot Number
Book 3. Hot Item
Book 4. Hot Property

Costas Sisters
Book 1. Under the Boardwalk
Book 2. Summer of Love(Formerly titled Summer Lovin’)

Lucky Series
Book 1. Lucky Charm
Book 2. Lucky Break
Book 3. Lucky Streak

Bachelor Blogs
Book 1. Kiss Me If You Can
Book 2. Love Me If You Dare

Stand-Alone Books
Secret Fantasy
Seduce Me
The Seduction
More Than Words Volume 7 – Compassion Can’t Wait
Naughty Under the Mistletoe
Grey’s Anatomy 101 Essay

Ty and Hunter
Book 1. Cross MY Heart
Book 2. Sealed with a Kiss

Carly Classics
Book 1. The Right Choice
Book 2. Perfect Partners
Book 3. Unexpected Chances
Book 4. Suddenly Love
Book 5. Worthy of Love

Simply Series (Carly Classics)
Book 1: Simply Sinful
Book 2: Simply Scandalous
Book 3: Simply Sensual
Book 4: Body Heat
Book 5: Simply Sexy

Serendipity Series
Book 1: Serendipity *
Book 2: Destiny
Book 3: Karma

Serendipity’s Finest Series
Book 1: Perfect Fling
Book 2: Perfect Fit
Book 3: Perfect Together

Serendipity Novellas
Book 1: Fated *
Book 2: Perfect Stranger *