Reading Order

Below you can find Carly’s reading order of all of her series! You can also download the printable reading order.

Dare to Love Series

Dare to Love Series
Book 1: Dare to Love Book (Ian Dare & Riley Taylor)
Book 2: Dare to Desire Book (Alex Dare & Madison Evans)
Book 3: Dare to Touch Book (Dylan Rhodes & Olivia Dare)
Book 4: Dare to Hold Book (Scott Dare & Meg Thompson)
Book 5: Dare to Rock Book (Avery Dare & Grey Kingston)
Book 6: Dare to Take (Tyler Dare & Ella Shaw)
Book 7: A Very Dare Christmas short story (Ian & Riley revisited)

* Note: Sienna Dare and Ethan Knight in The Knight Brothers (Dare Me Tonight).
** Note: Kaden Barnes (you met him at end of Dare to Take has his own book in The Billionaire Bad Boys Series (Going Down Easy)

Dare to Love Series:The Sexy Series
Book 8: More Than Sexy (Jason Dare & Faith Lancaster)
Book 9: Twice As Sexy Book (Tanner Grayson & Scarlett Davis)
Book 10: Better Than Sexy: (Landon Bennett & Vivienne Clark)
Sexy Love novella (Shane Warden & Amber Davis)

Dare to Love Series: NY Dare Cousins
Book 11: Dare to Surrender (Gabe Dare & Isabelle Masters)
Book 12: Dare to Submit (Decklan Dare & Amanda Collins)
Book 13: Dare to Seduce (Max Savage & Lucy Dare)


Dare to Love Series: The Knight Brothers
Book 1: Take Me Again (Sebastian Knight & Ashley Easton)
Book 2: Take Me Down (Parker Knight & Emily Stevens)
*Book 3.: Dare Me Tonight (Ethan Knight & Sienna Dare)
Take the Bride novella: (Sierra Knight & Ryder Hammond)
Book 4: Take Me Now short story (Harper Stevens & Matt Banks)

Dare to Love Series: Dare Nation (Paul Dare’s sperm donor kids)
Book 1: Dare to Resist (Austin Prescott & Quinn Stone)
Book 2: Dare to Tempt (Damon Prescott & Evie Wolfe)
Book 3: Dare to Play (Jaxon Prescott & Macy Walker)
Book 4: Dare to Stay (Brandon Prescott & Willow James)
Dare to Tease novella: (Hudson Northfield & Brianne Prescott)

Dare to Love Series: The Kingston Family
Book 1: Just One Night (Linc Kingston and Jordan Greene)
Book 2: Just One Scandal (Chloe Kingston and Beck Daniels)
Book 3: Just One Chance (Xander Kingston and Sasha Keaton)
Book 4: Just One Spark (Dash Kingston and Cassidy Forrester)
Just One Wish Novella (Axel Forrester and Tara Stillman)

Dare to Love Series: The Kingston Family: The Dirty Dares
Book 5: Just One Dare (Aurora Kingston and Nick Dare )
Book 6: Just One Kiss (Jade Dare and Knox Sinclair)
Book 7: Just One Taste (Asher Dare and Nicolette Bettencourt)
Book 8: Just Another Spark short story (Dash Kingston and Cassidy Forrester revisited
Book 9: Just One Fling (Harrison Dare and Winter Capwell)
Book 10: Just One Tease (Zach Dare and Hadley Stevens)
Book 11: Just One Summer (Maddox James and Gabriella Davenport)

Dare to Love Series: The Kingston Family: The Dare Crossover Series
co-written with Erika Wilde
Just A Little Hookup (Derek Bettencourt and Jessica Cavanaugh)
            (Nikki’s brother from Just One Taste)
Just A Little Secret (Drew Daniels and Georgia Brooks)
            (Beck’s brother from Just One Scandal)
Just A Little Promise (Tripp Daniels and Skye Tremont)
            (Beck’s brother from Just One Scandal)

Other Indie Series

Billionaire Bad Boys
Book 1. Going Down Easy (Kaden Barnes and Lexie Parker)
** Note: Kaden Barnes (you met him at end of Dare to Take’s book)
Book 2. Going Down Fast (Lucas Monroe and Maxie Sullivan)
Book 3. Going Down Hard (Derek West and Cassie Storms)
Book 4. Going In Deep (Julian Dane and Kendall Parker)
Book 5: Going Down Again (Kade and Lexie)

Hot Heroes (formerly titled Rosewood Bay)
Book 1: Touch You Now (Formerly titled Fearless) (Halley Ward and Kane Harmon)
Book 2: Hold You Now (Formerly titled Breathe) (Phoebe Ward and Jake Nichols)
Book 3: Need You Now (Formerly titled Freed) (Juliette Collins and Braden Clark)
Book 4: Want You Now (Formerly titled Dream) (Andi Harmon and Kyle Davenport)

Bodyguard Bad Boys
Book 1: Rock Me (Ben Hollander and Summer Michelle)
Book 2: Tempt Me (Austin Rhodes and Mia Atwood)
His to Protect: Lexi Blake’s Masters and Mercenaries Series: Novella (Talia Shaw and Shane Landon)

Carly’s Formerly Traditionally Published Books

Serendipity Series
Book 1: Serendipity (Ethan Barron and Faith Harrington)
Book 2: Kismet (Lissa Gardelli and Trevor Dane)
Book 3: Destiny (Nash Barron and Kelly Moss)
Book 4 Fated (Kate Andrews and Nick Mancini)
Book 5: Karma (Dare Barron and Liza McNight)

Serendipity’s Finest Series
Book 1: Perfect Fit (Michael Marsden and Cara Hartley)
Book 2: Perfect Fling (Erin Marsden and Cole Sanders)
Book 3: Perfect Together (Sam Marsden and Nicole Farnsworth)
Book 4: Perfect Strangers (Alexa Collins and Luke Thompson)

Chandler Brothers Series
Book 1. The Bachelor (Roman Chandler and Charlotte Bronson)
Book 2. The Playboy (Rick Chandler and Kendall Sutton)
Book 3. The Heartbreaker (Chase Chandler and Sloane Carlisle)

Hot Zone
Book 1. Hot Stuff (Annabelle Jordan and Brendan Vaughn)
Book 2. Hot Number (Micki Jordan and Damian Fuller)
Book 3. Hot Item (Sophie Jordan and Riley Nash)
Book 4. Hot Property (Amy Stone and John Roper)

Costas Sisters
Book 1. Under the Boardwalk (Ariana Costas and Quinn Donovan)
Book 2. Summer of Love (Formerly titled Summer Lovin’) (Zoe Costas and Ryan Baldwin)

Lucky Series
Book 1. Lucky Charm (Derek Corwin and Gabrielle Donovan)
Book 2. Lucky Break (Jason Corwin and Lauren Perkins)
Book 3. Lucky Streak (Mike Corwin and Amber Rose Brennan)

Bachelor Blogs
Book 1. Kiss Me If You Can (Sam Cooper and Lexie Davis)
Book 2. Love Me If You Dare (Rafe Mancuso and Sara Rios)

Ty and Hunter 
Book 1. Cross MY Heart (Lilly Dumont and Ty Benson)
Book 2. Sealed with a Kiss (Molly Gifford and Daniel Hunter)

Carly Classics (The Originals)
Book 1. The Right Choice (Carly Wexler and Mike Novak)
Book 2. Perfect Partners (Chelsea Russell and Griffin Stuart)
Book 3. Unexpected Chances novella (Dylan North and Holly Evans)
Book 4. Worthy of Love (Kevin Manning and Nikki Welles)

Carly Classics: The Simply Series
Book 1: Simply Sinful (Kayla Luck and Kane McDermott)
Book 2: Simply Scandalous (Catherine Luck and Logan Montgomery)
Book 3: Simply Sensual (Ben Callahan and Grace Montgomery)
Book 4: Body Heat (Jake Lowell and Brianne Nelson)
Book 5: Simply Sexy (Rina Lowell and. Collin Lyons)

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Carly Classics (The Originals)
Santa Baby: Novella
Erotic Invitation
Secret Invitation
Going All the Way

Serendipity Audio

Still hoping to be published:

Carly Classics (The Originals)

Carly’s unavailable books*

Stand-Alone Books*
~ The Seduction – Kindle Worlds, The Arrangement Universe – No Longer Available
~ More Than Words Volume 7 – Compassion Can’t Wait – Harlequin
~ Grey’s Anatomy 101 Essay
*May be hard if not impossible to find