Grey’s Anatomy 101

Grey’s Anatomy 101 is an upper-level class designed for fans of the hit show Grey’s Anatomy. This course will explore the wild popularity of the interns at Seattle Grace (and the doctors they sleep with), as well as delve into Derek and Meredith’s relationship, Bailey’s potential as feminist role model, Cristina’s drive to succeed, and what it takes to write for a show like Grey’s.

Women’s fiction writer Tanya Michaels forwards a new rule of medicine (at least for Meredith Grey): First, do no tequila.

Television Without Pity recapper Erin Dailey recounts what she’s learned from the gang at Seattle Grace: Don’t forget you’re supposed to actually be treating patients; Do avoid sleeping with your boss.

New York Times bestselling romance author Carly Phillips explains why Derek and Meredith owe Addison a thank-you card.

Chick-lit writer Beth Kendrick considers why, at Seattle Grace, scalpels and sippy cups don’t mix.

Bestselling fantasy author Jacqueline Carey celebrates sex in Seattle—especially the kind of sex we regret.

Chick-lit writer Eileen Rendahl details Meredith’s concept of safety in sluttiness, and why George really ended up with the Syph.

And author Kevin Smokler looks at why 20 million of us watch Grey’s Anatomy, and—more importantly—why now.