Kindle Worlds: Characters and Settings

Main Characters

* The Dare books are written through Dare to Take. The illegitimate Dare’s stories have not yet been written by Carly.

**Updated through Dare to Take

Alex Dare

Hero of Dare to Desire. Sports commentator/ Program director for Thunder. 26 in Dare to Desire. Tats on forearms. Brown hair and eyes. Dimple in cheek. Football in HS. Scholarship to Uni of FL. Quarterback/ Tampa Breakers #22 (retired). Engaged to Madison in Dare to Desire. Married in Vegas prior to Dare to Touch.

Parents: Robert and Savannah
Full siblings: Jason, Samantha, Sienna. Half-siblings: Ian, Tyler, Scott, Olivia, Avery

Amanda Collins Dare

Heroine of Dare to Submit. Long blonde hair. Brown eyes. Curvy body. Was bulimic as a teen. Worked as Brad’s personal assistant. From Maryland. Drives an Audi. Moved into Decklan’s apartment in Dare to Submit. Engaged in Dare to Touch. Married to Decklan and pregnant in Dare to Seduce.

Parents: Marilyn. Father unnamed.

Avery Dare

25 in Dare to Rock. Similar to Olivia in looks. Dark hair with blond chunks. Violet eyes. Freckles on her nose. Marrow donor to Sienna. Owner of the blog Avery’s Attitude. Volunteers at Miami Children’s Hospital. Drives a BMW. Engaged to Grey.

Parents: Robert and Emma
Siblings: Ian, Tyler, Scott, Olivia. Half-siblings: Alex, Jason, Samantha, Sienna

Decklan Dare

Hero of Dare to Submit. Police officer. Dark blue eyes. Dark hair. Age not specified but 2 years younger than Gabe, 3 years older than Lucy. Lives in Great Neck. Moves Amanda into his apartment in Dare to Submit. Engaged in Dare to Touch.

Parents: Samuel and Rose
Siblings: Gabe and Lucy

Emma St. Claire-Dare

Teaches cooking classes. 50 in Dare to Love. Dark hair, no gray. Lives in Weston, circular drive. Juvenile Diabetes Board. Divorced from Robert. Father was a hotel owner. Engaged to Michael Brooks, in Dare to Hold.

Children: Ian, Tyler, Scott, Olivia, Avery.

Gabriel Dare

Hero of Dare to Surrender. Night club owner. Has clubs in NY and Vegas. Was married to Krissie (d). Dark blue eyes. Sable hair. Black Porsche 911. Age not specified but 2 years older than Deck, 5 years older than Lucy.  Engaged and married to Isabelle in Dare to Surrender.

Children: Noah
Parents: Samuel and Rose
Siblings: Decklan and Lucy

Ian Carlton Dare

Hero of Dare to Love. President of Miami Thunder. 30 in Dare to Love. Dark brown hair. Indigo eyes. Drives a black Porsche. Background in investment property. Lives at Ritz Condos. Played football in HS. Scholarship to University of FL. Engaged to Riley in Dare to Love. Married by Dare to Desire. Became a father to a girl in Dare to Surrender.

Children: Rainey
Parents: Robert and Emma
Siblings: Tyler, Scott, Olivia, Avery. Half-siblings: Alex, Jason, Samantha, Sienna

Isabelle Masters Dare

Heroine of Dare to Surrender. Wavy blond hair. Lush body. Turns 26 in Dare to Surrender. Interior designer at Lisa Stern Designs. Education at Parsons School of Design. From a small town near Niagara Falls. Engaged, marries Gabe, and becomes pregnant in Dare to Surrender.

Children: Noah
Parents: Sally and Marvin. No siblings.

Jason Dare

26 in Dare to Desire.
Parents: Robert and Savannah
Full siblings: Alex, Samantha, Sienna. Half-siblings: Ian, Tyler, Scott, Olivia, Avery

Lucy Dare

Designer at Mann and Mann in Manhattan. Petite brunette. Dark blue eyes. 28 in Dare to Seduce. Fear of flying in small planes. Engaged to Max.

Parents: Samuel and Rose
Siblings: Gabe and Decklan

Madison Evans Dare

Heroine of Dare to Desire. Social worker. 26 in Dare to Desire. Blonde with blue eyes. Undergrad at Lynn University. MSW at University of South Florida. Engaged to Alex in Dare to Desire. Married in Vegas prior to Dare to Touch.

Parents: Foster daughter of Franny and Daniel.

Noah Dare

Son of Gabe and Isabelle. Born prior to Dare to Touch.

Paul Dare

Owner of Miami Thunder. In a long term relationship with Lou. Brother of Robert. No children.

Rainey Noelle Dare

Daughter of Ian and Riley. Born November 2013. Navy Eyes.

Riley Taylor Dare

Heroine of Dare to Love. Asst. Travel Secretary/ Miami Thunder. 27 in Dare to Love. Long curly brown hair. Curvy and petite. Blue eyes. Abusive father. Worked at Blunt’s since 17. Mom died when she was 16. Engaged to Ian in Dare to Love. Married and pregnant in Dare to Desire. Became a mother to a girl in Dare to Surrender.

Children: Rainey
Parents: Douglas and Melissa (step-mother)

Robert Dare

Hotel owner. Indigo eyes. Dark hair. Divorced from Emma. Married to Savannah.

Siblings: Paul
Children: Ian, Tyler, Scott, Olivia, Avery, Alex, Jason, Samantha, Sienna

Samantha Dare

Parents: Robert and Savannah
Full siblings: Alex, Jason, Sienna. Half-siblings: Ian, Tyler, Scott, Olivia, Avery

Savannah Sheppard Dare

Blonde shoulder length hair. Married to Robert for 9 years in Dare to Love.

Children: Alex, Jason, Samantha, Sienna

Scott Dare

Tall. Indigo eyes. Dark hair. Police officer. Meets Meg in Dare to Touch. Meets Meg in Dare to Touch. 29 in Dare to Hold. Has an ex-wife, Leah, who he’s been divorced from for 2 years. Becomes a partner at Double Down and moves Meg in with him in Dare to Hold.

Parents: Robert and Emma
Siblings: Ian, Tyler, Olivia, Avery. Half-siblings: Alex, Jason, Samantha, Sienna

Sienna Dare

20 in Dare to Desire. Blonde. Brown eyes. Childhood leukemia. Working on bachelor’s in management. Ready to start her senior year of college in Dare to Rock.

Parents: Robert and Savannah
Full siblings: Alex, Jason, Samantha. Half-siblings: Ian, Tyler, Scott, Olivia, Avery

Tyler Dare

Tall. Blue eyes. Dark hair. 31 in Dare to Hold. Owns Double Down Security. Former Army.

Parents: Robert and Emma
Siblings: Ian, Scott, Olivia, Avery. Half-siblings: Alex, Jason, Samantha, Sienna.

Grey Kingston 

Lead guitarist for Tangled Royal. High school sweetheart of Avery. Song writer. High school sweetheart of Avery. Jet black hair. Green yes. Tattoos on arms, not specific. Drives a black Aston Martin DB 9 convertible. Son of Susie and stepson of Ricardo. His father, Julius, died when he was 12. Younger brother of Juliet. Engaged to Avery.

Dylan Rhodes

Travel Secretary/ Miami Thunder. Tall. Dark hair, brown eyes. Dimples.  Attended UoF with Ian. Raised in Miami. 30 in Dare to Touch. Goatee. Abandoned by mother when he was 16. Doesn’t know father. Favorite color is navy. Married to Olivia in Dare to Touch.

Sibling: Callie

Olivia Dare Rhodes

Executive director for Miami Thunder. 24 in Dare to Love. Turns 27 in Dare to Touch, January birthday. Dark hair. 5’4 and thin. Deep indigo eyes. Wears contacts/glasses.  Favorite color is turquoise. Had a miscarriage at 19. Married Dylan in Dare to Touch and pregnant.

Parents: Robert and Emma
Siblings: Ian, Tyler, Scott, Avery. Half-siblings: Alex, Jason, Samantha, Sienna

Max Savage

Restaurateur. Owner of Savage in Soho and other restaurants. Longish blond hair. Amber eyes. Boxes for fun. 32 years old in Dare to Seduce. Decklan’s BFF. Member of Paradis. First wife, Cindy, was killed 4 years prior to Seduce in a car accident.Engaged to Lucy.

Parents: Loretta and Mr. Savage.

Ella Shaw 

Assistant to a fashion designer. 26 in Dare to Rock. Avery’s BFF. Light brown hair.

Meg Thompson

Dylan’s ex. High school sweethearts. Kindergarten teacher. Light brown hair. Brown eyes. Had a live-in boyfriend named Mike. No brothers. Pregnant in Dare to Touch. Due in September. Suspended from her job at a private school in Dare to Hold. Moves in with Scott in DtH.

Parents: Alicia. Father left when she was 4.

Secondary Characters

Miami Thunder Colors – Black and Gold

Anthony Abbadon – Chef. Blond. Won The Cooking Competition Show. Arrested for arson in Dare to Seduce.

Amelia – Gabe’s cleaning lady

Bill Akins – Financial advisor. Interviewed by Alex and Madison. Lives in NY. Married with kids.

Angie – Dylan and Riley’s secretary

Anna – Owner of Italian restaurant near Alex’s apartment. Married to Emilio.

Lydia Ashton – Adopted mother of Mike. Grandmother to Meg’s baby. Married to Walter. Works with children’s charities. Elegant blonde with classic bob.

Mike Ashton – Biological father of Meg’s baby. Adopted son of Lydia and Walter. Born with fetal alcohol effects. Arrested and signed away rights in Dare to Hold.

Walter Ashton – Adopted father of Mike. Grandfather to Meg’s baby. Graying hair. Shot in the arm by Mike in Dare to Hold.

Marcus “Big” Bigsby – Trouble prone tight end for Miami Thunder. 6’2. 300 lbs. Ah-shucks attitude. Oklahoma Sooner. From a farm. Has 7 brothers and sisters. Nephew of Wendell. Blue eyes.

Wendell Bigsby – Uncle of Marcus. Bad influence. 26. Lean. Arrested in Dare to Touch.

Danny Bills – Drummer for Tangled Royal. Lives in L.A. with wife and daughters.

Jerry Blunt – Retired/ Former owner of Blunt’s

Mrs. Booth – Meg’s middle age neighbor.

Rachel Bradley – Partner in an entertainment firm. Alex’s college girlfriend. Brunette. Divorced. Lives in NY.

Michael Brooks – Owns insurance company. Silver hair. Likes Emma. On the Juvenile Diabetes Board. Engaged to Emma in Dare to Hold.

Coach Carter – Coach of Miami Thunder. 45. Former MVP player.

Daniel Carver – Psychiatrist. Member of Paradis. Friend of Max.

Darrin Coash – Actor. Friend of Sebastian.

Marilyn Collins – Mother of Amanda. Tall, too thin. Blonde hair. Brown eyes.

Simon Colson – Former manager of Tangled Royals. Fired by Grey and Lola. British.

Jessica Conrad – Reporter who was scheduled to interview the Ritters before the shooting happened. Socially liberal.

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Cooper – Meg’s BFF. Long blonde curls. Brown eyes.

Lola Corbin – Lead vocalist of Tangled Royal. 23. Long dark hair. Sultry blue eyes. D-cup. Low, smoky voice. Voted sexiest woman alive by men’s magazine. Called “Lo” by band mates. Alabama accent, but is from Ohio. Left there when she was 16. Has 3 older brothers. Plays guitar. Engaged to Rep Grissom, Jr, a Miami player. Hired Double Down in Dare to Hold. Owns a yacht at the marina. Bought a white Spanish-style house with Rep.

Lance Daltry – Wall Street trader. Lived with Isabelle for 3 years. Summer house in the Hamptons. Sandy hair. Wasp-ish. Blue eyes.

Jonathan Daniels – Emma’s former love interest. Was her lawn guy.

Krissie Dare (d) – Gabe’s deceased wife.

Milo Davis – Bassist for Tangled Royal. Drug addict.

Mitchell Dawson – Senator Ritter’s campaign manager. Hired someone to shoot Brad.

Rick Devlin – Personal security at Double Down. Green eyes. Served in the Army with Tyler. Drives black Ford sedan.

Emilio – Owner of Italian restaurant near Alex’s apartment. Tall. Older. Dark eyes. Married to Anna.

Allison Edwards – Sports commentator. Dark eyes. Long blonde hair.

Emerald – Nickname. Grey’s stalker. Red hair and green eyes.

Emmy – Sub at club Max likes to play with.

Kevin Falcon – Alex’s former agent

Derek Fine – Fine PR company. Works with the Thunder post-football program.

Mason Ford – Owner of Glam. Friend of Max.

Gail – Secretary for the Thunder

Garrett – Gabe’s bodyguard. Ex-SEAL.

Daniel Grayson (d) – Died 3 months before Dare to Desire. Married to Franny. Foster father of Madison.
Children: Eric

Eric Grayson – Construction.
Parents: Franny and Daniel

Franny Grayson – Has Alzheimer’s. Moved to nursing home in Dare to Desire. Graying brown hair. Green eyes. Married to Daniel. Foster mother of Madison. Sister of Gracie (d).
Children: Eric

Peter “Rep” Grissom, Jr. – Most successful wide receiver on Thunder. #12. Been with team 10 years. Son of Peter Grissom, Sr. who was also Thunder. 33. Blue eyes, dark hair, dimples. Ex-husband of Melanie, blonde ex-cheerleader. Has 2 sisters. “Rep” stands for “Re-Pete.” Signed what he believes will be his final contract with the Thunder near the end of the book. Bad right knee.

Ryan Hansen – Principal of private school where Meg teaches. Thinning black hair. Plaid suits.

Jeannie – HR/ Miami Thunder

Jeff – Olivia’s ex. Cheated on her with his teaching assistant.

Officer Jenkins – Took Meg’s statement when Mike came to her apartment.

Leah Jerome – Scott’s ex-wife. Cool, icy, sophisticated. Former model.

John – Monitor at BDSM club.

Lucas Kellan – Hollywood director. Blond. Dated Lucy for a year.

Ken – Blond. Green eyes. Stock broker and investor. Hit on Meg at Mel’s and was warned off by Scott. Friends are Rob and Mark.

Juliet Kingston – Grey’s older sister. Daughter of Susie and Julius. An academic.

Julius Kingston (d) – College professor. Father of Grey and Juliet. Died when Grey was 12.

Gia Lambert – Sebastian’s ex-girlfriend/stalker. Brunette.

Maria Maddox – Married to Nick. Dark hair. Mother of baby, plus more.

Nick Maddox – Thunder’s player. Married to Maria, with a new baby. (has more than 1 child but not specified)

Chloe Mandrake – Lead singer of Night Madness, a punk rock band. Interested in Grey writing new music for her.

Marco – Grey’s bodyguard. Formerly security for Tangled Royal.

Maria – Hostess at Prime 112

Marge – HR at Blunt’s

Marvin Masters – College professor. Father of Isabelle.

Sally Masters – College professor. Mother of Isabelle.

David Masterson – Neurosurgeon at Uni of Miami Medical Center. Married to Melissa.

Melissa Masterson – Nurse. Blonde. Married to David. Honeymooned in the Greek Islands.
Children: Step-mother to Riley.

Mr. O’Mara – New owner of Blunt’s.

Dr. McCann – Head of the Children’s Committee at Miami Children’s Hospital. Tight-fisted.      

Allie Mendez – Meg’s BFF. Olive skin, luscious curves. Secretary at the private school where Meg teaches.

Ricardo Mendez – Janitor. Married to Susie. Stepfather of Grey Kingston. Tall and slender. Salt and pepper hair.

Mike – Dom at club Decklan, Amanda, and Max are members of. Had his membership revoked in Dare to Submit.

Naomi – Gabe’s most recent affair. Was dumped when Isabelle was free of Lance.

Nick – Owner of Alex’s favorite steakhouse

Callie Rhodes – Sister of Dylan. Mother left after Callie’s high school graduation. Doesn’t know father. 32 in Dare to Touch. Short, with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Mother of Ava, age 4. Married to Matthew, who works in finance.

Jonathan Ridgeway – Attorney. On retainer by Alex. Represented Madison. Attended University of Florida. Tall with dark hair.

Brad Ritter – Owner of Ritter’s World. Computer genius. Software mogul. Amanda’s BFF. Dark hair and eyes. In a longterm relationship with Keith. Shot in Dare to Submit.
Parents: Senator Stephan and Nancy

Nancy Ritter – Married to Stephan. Mother of Brad.

Stephan Ritter – Senator. Right wing tea party. Announced presidency run in Dare to Submit. Married to Nancy. Father of Brad.

Glenn Sanders – Thunder’s running back. Blond hair. 5’10.

Lana Santos – Meg’s neighbor.

Sawyer – Thunder player

Carrie Sanders – Owner of Lucy’s childhood home. Blonde. Mother.

Lisa Stern – Owner of Lisa Stern Design. 40. Blonde with green eyes. Dated Tom for 2 years and became engaged during Dare to Surrender.

Loretta Savage – Mother of Max. Retired social worker. Took in foster kids. Husband is not named. Brown hair with some silver streaks.

Mr. Savage – Father of Max. Former restaurant owner, sold it to Max. Has Lymphoma. Married to Loretta.

Douglas Taylor – Arrested in Dare to Love and sentenced to 5 years.
Children: Riley

Dr. Taylor – Meg’s OB. Middle aged.

Alicia Thompson – Meg’s mother. Revolving door of boyfriends.

Luke Williams – Works at Double Down Security. Big with a blond crew cut.

Sebastian Del Toro – Chef at Savage in Soho. Jet-black hair. Aqua eyes. Won second place in The Cooking Competition Show. Playboy.

Jake Wilton – Teen. Alex’s email pen pal buddy. In wheelchair because of car accident. Brown hair.


Paradis – BDSM club – East side of Manhattan inside a townhouse. 1 drink maximum. John is one of the monitors.

Club Meridian Ballroom – South FL. Yearly birthday party for Robert.

Cosi’s – Isabelle Dare’s favorite sandwich shop. Near Lisa Stern Design.

Decklan’s apartment – In Great Neck. Modest. Navy, white, and taupe color scheme.

Double Down Security – Owned by Tyler and Scott. Located in high end building. Tyler’s office has a wall of windows overlooking the city. Scott’s much smaller office is across the hall.

Elite – NY nightclub. Owned by Gabe. Black ceilings. Gold inlay etchings on walls. Open air decks. Other locations in Vegas, South Beach, Eden.

Emilio’s – Italian restaurant. Miami. Near Alex’s apartment. Owned by Anna and Emilio.

Gabe’s apartment – On 5th Avenue. 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath. 4 terraces. Large library.

Glam – Exclusive nightclub in Manhattan. Owned by Mason Ford.

La Belle – Boutique hotel on Ocean Drive near the Art Deco district in Miami. White stucco building with 18 rooms that backs up to the beach. It is named for the owner’s wife.

Mel’s – Dimly lit bistro in Miami. Wood-fired ovens and grill in the back. Dark mahogany tables and funky bar.

Montelucia Resort and Spa – Arizona. Spanish style. Lodging for Miami Thunder during Pro Bowl in Dare to Touch. The Oasis is the adult only pool.  Kasbah is family pool.

Pizza Palace – JayJay Gibson’s favorite place. Children are given dough at the table to play with.

Prime 112 – Steak restaurant. Miami. Hostess- Maria. No booths, only tables.

Ritz Condominiums – Where Ian lived. Still owns condo but moved out after marrying Riley.

Savage in Soho – Restaurant. Owned by max Savage. Manhattan. 120 seat dining room with pub and dining height tables. Barcelona ambiance. Wooden floors. Expansive windows. Trellis with ivy on one wall. Chef is Sebastian Del Toro.

Tino’s – Italian restaurant in a strip mall in Miami. Location of Grey and Avery’s first date. 

The Rusty Pelican – Seafood restaurant in Key Biscayne.

Thunder Dome – Miami Thunder stadium. Includes corporate office level. Main hallway on corporate level is lined with oversized photographs of the team’s best players in full uniform.

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