New Student Orientation

Gotcha! No I am not going back to college. I am going to college as the parent of an incoming first year student.  She’s my second child and no I won’t be an empty nester because mini-me oldest is back home after graduating college. So I’m going to Penn State this Wed-Thurs with my daughter and husband. She starts this summer, comes home for a week and goes back for fall.  So this college stuff has me wondering … if you went to college, was it the “best four years of your life?” Would you do it again if you could? My answers … At the time, yes it was the best four years of my life. No, I wouldn’t go back. Things are pretty darn good now.

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  1. Have fun. I remember it well – August of 2009 – and driving to St Louis from CT with our only! He’s back home now after graduating a year ago with a full time job working in his field – what more could a parent ask!
    Never understood why so many schools do their orientation nowhere near the start of school though.

  2. I went back to school for another degree in my late 40’s. It was much easier then the first time (18) for several reasons. No social pressure and a whole lot of Life Experience. It is different when you are either the same age or older than your teacher. It was a wonderful experience but would I do it again for degree #3, No. I love learning and would take a course in something I would like to learn but the pressure of a Grade no longer interests me. I am almost 68 and personally I am longer living for others expectations just for my enjoyment. :cheer:

  3. I loved college-but I think I would have made a different choice in terms of college. I went to a state university, and in hindsight, I think that I should have experienced living in a different part of the country. Would I do it all again….I think yes!

  4. Hi Carly,

    Yep, we’ve had parents in here last week and this week for student orientation. We should have a few more orientations before school starts at the end of August. All those smiling faces…. 😀

  5. I went to college…Kent State University. It was fun, but it wasn’t the best time of my life. I met hubby when I was still in high school and he was just graduating from high school. I went to a different college than him. It was hard dating being far apart back then. No cell phones, internet, Skype! I’m glad I went, but would never want to go back!

  6. I got a typical four year degree between 18-22 and then a second degree (still went away to a college, because no college where I lived offered me the program I needed) when I was 24-26. It was so much different. I did a lot of things, socially, when I was getting my first degree and I was less focused. For my second degree, I was focused and graduated Magna Cum Laude. So, I would say, take away the social piece and then, you can focus. lol.

  7. I had three go to college. My son refused to leave home and went to a state school 10 minutes from home. It was the best thing for him. He almost didn’t graduate high school. My oldest daughter, a year younger, went to a small private school. As a freshman she had to report two weeks before school started, my youngest had to go two weeks early also, but they went camping to get to know each other. They were there for 5 days, then I had to get her and bring her back a week later. I spent the next 7 years picking one of them, sometimes the both, on Friday to return them on Sunday, so they could visit with friends and get a couple of home cooked meals. :wave:

  8. I’m thinking on the same line as you Carly. It was a fun and intense period of my life but I wouldn’t want to go back. Once was enough. I’m in a better place now. I am more comfortable with myself now than I have ever been in my life. I told me kids to appreciate their time in college because that is the time where there are no other responsibilities except for yourself.

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