Saturday Book Share!


Today I am going to RAVE RAVE RAVE about an author I love. Lexi Blake. A few Saturdays ago I recommended a novella called UNCONDITIONAL and today I’m recommending her entire Masters and Mercenaries series … you can start at Book 1 or you can pick up her newest DUNGEON ROYALE … your choice. I have to say DUNGEON ROYALE was an all time favorite for me. Yes, it’s BDSM flavored so go in with your eyes open. 5 Plus Stars!

WHAT ARE YOUR READING? What are you loving? Share!

21 thoughts on “Saturday Book Share!”

  1. Im finishing up a book by my favorite author, Carly Phillips! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m finishing up Perfect Together and Im loving it!!
    After that I ran across a book called She’s The One by Erin Nicholas. I don’t believe I’ve read anything from her but the series sounds good so I think I’m going to give it a try!

  2. I am reading Perfect Stranger so I can read Perfect Together. Love your books. I have recently started to read Lexi Blake.

  3. I’m reading M.L. Brennan’s Iron Night as well as Shana Galen’s If You Give a Rake a Ruby, and loving them both.

  4. I love when my favorite authors recommend their favorite authors to their readers!Right now I am finishing Perfect Together and my TBR pile is pretty extensive!

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