They’re Back…

I have been sitting on the most amazing news and I can finally share. The Chandler Brothers are back! Yes! You read that right. The Bachelor, The Playboy, and The Heartbreaker return!

After getting back the rights to my signature series, I went to work on modernizing it for your updated reading pleasure. The content is the same. But in honor of THE BACHELOR’s 20th Anniversary all three books have been updated and will be reissued with gorgeous NEW covers by the ultra talented HangLe! In case you weren’t around or don’t remember, The Bachelor was the first book that Kelly Ripa chose for her Reading with Ripa Bookclub.

I am bringing these books to you in a variety of formats: eBook, paperback, hardcover, large print and audio narrated by Angela Dawe. Not all preorder links to all formats are available yet so check back often. The books will be available February 16, 2020! Preorder today!

How excited are you? How gorgeous are these updated covers? Yayay! I’m so happy!

Don’t forget that DARE TO PLAYis coming in ONE MONTH! Be sure to preorder Jaxon and Macy’s marriage of convenience story! These two characters are so perfect together and they are HOT!

Stay well and read often!

Take care!

Xo Carly