12 thoughts on “Thursday”

  1. This is so funny and I’m sure what every author goes through! No worries, your books are incredible!!!! :heart:

  2. You are way too funny. I have heard this from other authors and I am sure it is something you all go through. Dare to Desire Rocks like all your books do. Congratulations on another winner.

  3. :cheerleader2: Your books are great and you are too. Thank you for sharing your presentation of an author’s dual feelings. It must be difficult at times. Peace and contentment be with you.

  4. You are too funny!!!!! I loved Dare to Desire & can’t wait for your next one!!! Enjoy your vacation & relax!!!

  5. :thewinner: YOU! I’ve been with you since the very beginning and have every book and am now working on my Kindle content, too! You rawk and always will. NEVER quit writing.

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