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IMG_0630Last week, she called me neurotic.  I take issue with that.  So what if I pace and pant and panic if you accidentally leave me wandering the house when you go out? I like my crate and my closed spaces.  You like being home and not out in big crowds or with lots of people, so I don’t see the problem.  We’re alike.  Isn’t that why you love me so much? Because you’re as neurotic and crazy as I am?

Did you know that Carly likes routine?  Yep.  She really doesn’t like to vary.  Her perfect day? Wake up, check email, relax a little in bed, never mind that I’m waiting for her in my crate.  Yes, I love to sleep in my crate.  I get nervous if you mess with MY routine.  I like to see Brady across from me but if the little pain annoys me I just turn myself ass first and don’t look at him.  Carly finds this highly amusing.  Don’t ask me why.  Anyway, she likes to be showered and in her recliner working by 9 AM.  And where am I while she works? Well I already told you I like tight spaces.  I feel safe.  Her chair is catty-cornered in her office, so I just go behind it in the corner, curl up and go to sleep.  Brady, the suck up, hops up on the chair and lays next to her while she works.  He’s smaller so he can do that.  But he’s also a fat boy.  Yeah I find that funny.  Buddy, who I loved, used to just sleep in the middle of the office and let me have the back corner.  Sometimes fat boy tries to come back and play with me but it’s my space and eventually he leaves me alone.  If Carly doesn’t have plans for the day, she’ll break for lunch – every day peanut butter on weight watchers bread – and then come back to work till about one.  Then DAYS OF OUR LIVES comes on.  If she’s really worked and hasn’t played on social media all morning, she’ll move to the bedroom to watch it and then GENERAL HOSPITAL, and I can lay on the bed beside her.

Can’t tell you her afternoons.  There are more blogs to write after all.  Oh and did you know I don’t really call her Carly? She’s my mom and I’m her Baby Girl.