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Did you know I have a place on my website that lists my favorite things? I should update it but I haven’t in awhile.  Still, it’s a good page to get to know about me.  Days like this are another.  I’m more of a girly girl than anything else.  I’m not a tomboy.  I hate outdoor sports if it means I have to play it.  I’m not competitive that way.  I don’t like weather extremes, so I don’t want to be too hot or too cold.  No skiing or warm weather activities for me.  A nice cool house with air conditioning works just fine. Especially in humidity.  Neither me or my hair likes humidity.

IMG_0337I love makeup … buying it that is.  I don’t wear tons of it every day but there are things I don’t like to leave the house without – foundation/concealer and lip gloss.  I can live without eyeliner and mascara unless I’m going out out and then I’ll put myself together.  I used to get Keratin on my big old curly hair but now I use a diffuser and embrace the curls.  I’m sure I could tell you more (about hair color, and other things )but I have to leave mystery for future blogs!)

So how about you? Today let’s just touch on the things I mentioned? Girly or tomboy? Outdoors or indoors? Makeup or as is? What makes you you?



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  1. I will occasionally wear lipstick, if I remember to put it on. I can’t remember the last time I bought makeup. I would rather have summer than winter. I love to travel and we do it often. We walk a lot when we are traveling. We also work out at the gym. I’d rather read than play or watch sports.

  2. I won’t leave the house without mascara! I have very light eyelashes and my eyes disappear without it! I, too, am an inside, on the couch, with A/C kind of girl! Give me a book and a cup of tea and I am a happy camper!

  3. I am definitely not a tomboy but not extremely girly. Don’t wear a lot of makeup or bling. I am an indoors person. Would rather be inside baking or reading no matter what the temp. My youngest is just like me but my oldest loves the outdoors. She goes sledding, takes long walks and loves sitting outside in their swing even in 90 degree weather. I figure she must get it from her dad. He likes to take cardinals in overly warm cars! Weird!

  4. Tomboy, no makeup, inside unless it on the water and love watching my New England sports teams (Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics). Life is mostly work and school work.

  5. I rarely ever wear makeup. Okay never. I feel naked without a hint of perfume or vanilla lotion. I don’t have to look perfect to leave the house, I just make sure my clothes are clean, my hair is combed and teeth brushed. I have too many things to do to worry about war paint. I love to watch lacrosse but don’t play. Sports don’t interest me. Give me my Kindle and I’m happy. My spare time is watching hubby play lacrosse, hugging grandkids, reading and writing. Huh, I just realized what a great life I have. 🙂

  6. I would consider myself a girlie girl. I love all shades of pink. Green is another favorite because my eyes are green and my hair is a sort of auburn color (natural so far but the grays are starting to show up).
    I never liked to play in team sports where you could get hurt. I don’t like pushing and shoving, never have.
    I live in the deep south. I like the outside being green and beautiful. I don’t like cold weather (what little bit we get is enough). I love the new CC creams I can wear this and not worry about heavy foundation a little lipstick and mascara and I am good to go in 2 minutes.

  7. Total girl!!! Not much for sports although I enjoy watching the Olympics.

    Live in Texas where the summers are otherwise known as ‘The Devil’s easy bake oven’ so I stay inside.

    Absolutely adore makeup and skincare. It is really an addiction for me as I love buying and trying.

  8. I’m a girly girl…although I recently decided that since i live in Texas, I need to learn football…in high school i went to a game and asked where the yellow line was…you know…the 1st down line they draw on tv? Boy, did i feel stupid! Also – it wasn’t even the first football game i’d been to! I had been going for 3 years before I asked! So yes, I’m a girly girl…I don’t love make up…but I recently found and fell in love with BB Cream…I don’t leave my house without it now…It’s light, it moisturizes and evens my skin tone…awesome! I’m very lazy so the less steps in the morning routine the better!!

  9. I’m probably more inside than outside kind of person. I wear foundation, concealer & blush everyday eye makeup not so much. I’m usually reading or sewing I love to make quilts.

  10. I’m sort of in the middle between girly and tomboy.
    I’m probably more of an indoor person (I don’t like it too hot or too cold, too).
    I wear makeup and like wearing it, but I also can go without, but I do have a lip gloss problem.

  11. I like some outdoor sports, but mostly in the summer weather. I like to golf and I used to love to play baseball in my much younger years. I do wear more makeup now than I did when I was younger. I hardly ever go out of the house now without a least some makeup on…More imperfections to hide now.

  12. I do not wear make-up. I think it started when I had my kids & had no time in the morning to get myself ready for the day. Growing up I was a bit of a tomboy as I loved sports & being active. At the same time I am an avid reader. I dilike extreme hot & cold too eventhough I live in the midwest.

  13. What you see is what you get…inside girl esp. now. Seldom if ever wear makeup. As I get older, I am finding out that I like things a little bit warmer than I used to. At one point in my marriage, my hubby and I couldn’t agree about how hot or cold our domicile should be but now we have evened things out and both like it warmer than others may. When I was a teenager I did like participating in sports but quickly outgrew that! I used to have extremely thick hair and when it was short, very curly. Since my illness, I have lost a lot of my hair…feels very strange not to have the eyebrows that I used to have.

  14. I am a girlie girl. I work outside the home and I wear make up. On the weekends I take a break from it unless I am going somewhere other than the grocery store. I love sports (watching that is. Hockey is my favorite sport, then Football, and baseball. Living in Michigan, I like to be Outdoors in the spring, summer, and fall, but indoors in the winter, especially this winter. I am so over snow. My TV is not on when I am home alone because my nose is stuck in a book. I love to read and have been reading for many years. I got my girlfriends hooked on reading too so we share books often. I even have my niece hooked and she is now sharing books with her girlfriends. Today I became a great aunt. My niece had a little girl this morning. I can’t wait to introduce her to books.

  15. I’m somewhere in between. I don’t particularly care for sports, wear little make up unless I’m going somewhere special. I love Spring, it’s not too hot or too cold (which I hate).:)
    As I’ve gotten older I’ve mellowed out and I’m more relaxed about everything.
    Carol L

  16. I use to wear makeup all the time when I worked, foundation, blush, powder, eyeshadow, liner, mascara and lipstick. But now that I don’t work, I might put some on once or twice a week when I have to look nice.

  17. Don’t know where I fall in the mix. When I was younger I played softball, was a cheerleader, skated, was on drill team, hated PE. My mom was always telling me I was fat and when I look at photos from that time I really wasn’t. So I fooled her and got really fat. Now it’s coming off! When I worked I wore a lot of makeup to cover “flaws.” Now I’m retired I only wear makeup if I will be closely interacting with the male species. I ALWAYS wear mascara and eyeliner because without them I have no eyes. I love the summer more than winter cause I can sit outside and read! I love my GRANDkids baseball, football, soccer, and volleyball games but I don’t care to play sports myself. Aside from HGTV or the Food Network, and the news, I seldom watch TV. Except for the Seahawks or the Mariners. I’ll watch them any day. I’m disappointed that pro sports have raised ticket prices to the point I’ll never be able to see a game in person. I’m more laid back because I live on my daughters farm but I’m really not into getting dressed up for some fancy shindig.

  18. I wear make-up to work and if I go out… on weekends, I take a make-up break. Definitely a tomboy… I love the outdoors, camping and walking on the beach!!! I try to exercise, I’ve lost over 70 pounds in the last year! I like to curl up with a good book, and on pretty days, I’ll go outside on the deck to read. However, I like warm weather and the A/C is a must… it’s been too cold for too long here in TX. I can’t imagine being up north with all of the snow for an extended amount of time. Come on spring and summer!!!

  19. I’m a born and raised California girl, I wear very light makeup since I’m not a model or actress, I always try to wear makeup that has some kind of sun screen since we have sunshine most of the year even with cooler temps. I not a girly girl, the beach is my favorite run away spot and love to shop for new books, I always have a book with me 🙂

  20. I’m a mixture of both. I played sports until my mid 30’s when it got to be too much for hubby with 3 small kids.

    Now as I’m nearing the 50’s, I hate heat. Give me air conditioning set at 70 and I’m a happy camper.

    As for girly, makeup stuff I wear the basics…eyeliner and lipstick. But I’m a nail polish whore. I own over 130 bottles of the stuff. I think having the 3 girls just helped to fuel this obsession. I love loud, bright colors as well as soft, subtle colors. Right now I’m wearing a toned down teal blue color!

  21. I used to be tomboy until I got too old to play. That’s not completely true, one day I woke and didn’t care to compete anymore. I’m not a girly girl yet. When I’m at home I am makeup free. When I go out, I make myself put on makeup. I don’t want to scare anyone:-).

  22. hi everyone,
    I am more of a tomboy who does love wearing makeup now. I am usually indoors unless it is summertime here in Tx. I will be found either at work or in a swimming pool too. I love to buy makeup and sometimes experiment with what looks good for my eye color. I have blonde hair and I am loving the smart but dumb side of being blonde too. LOL I do love to read.

  23. I am not girly girly and I am not outdoorsy. I live and dress for comfort. I can get ready in 10 minutes tops. I hae naturally curly hair so I shampoo and go. I don’t wear makeup I just never got the hang of it and when I was younger I didn’t need. it. I ALWAYS carry a book with me. :snoopydance:

  24. Tomboy when young (eons ago LOL) but no longer but also not a girlie girl. No makeup and I’d rather be indoors most of the time unless it’s warm enough to swim. I’d rather be hot (and have the A/C on) than cold. Recently moved to FL after living in OH all my life. Based on this winter that was a really smart decision. 🙂

  25. Girly now l
    I consider myself an air condition junkie but I do like to swim
    I wear makeup but not a lot I like to look natural with makeup if that makes sense
    I live bracelets I wear several on each wrist everyday

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