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0ca9f44b77a035d82ffb139875357afd Do you have a type? Tall dark and handsome? Blonde sexy and scruffy? In a suit? On a plane? In a car? On a train? No, we’re not in a Dr. Seuss book! But every time I have to describe a male lead character, I stop and think.  Who is he? What should he look like? Interestingly, in the case of Alex in Dare to Desire, he started off a scruffy blonde type but when I was cover model hunting and when I created his history with Ian, I decided he’d work better as also having dark hair.  

But then I realized, most of my male characters are dark haired men.  I think that’s because I lean towards liking that type in real life and when I go to pick out a character I want to pin so I can envision my character, I want to be looking at Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome.

05e86f13a125edbba07bc514e1f31539-11f6b3bd0e6002871cb1a959ddbe1ee66Which of course got me wondering if  you have a book boyfriend type? What do you prefer in your perfect reading men? Is it the same as your real life preference?