I’m guessing whether you are suffering along with me or not depends on where you live.  You know I’m in NY.  Although it mostly feels like we’ll never have a Spring and go right into Summer, it’s occasionally warm enough for things to start to bud and grow.  While beautiful, there’s lots of side effects we don’t like to think about.  But I sure am feeling them.  Runny nose and at times stuffy nose, scratchy throat, up at night coughing, headaches, and some other things we just don’t need to get into.  I had allergy shots as a kid and so overall my allergies are under control but I’m starting to feel them … and I am not happy about it.  ACHOO!

Is it allergy season where you live? Are you having problems?

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  1. :groan: My friend has allergies. I have had trouble in the past with ragweed. And I’m with you it stinks :yuck:

    • We live in So. MD and yes, it is definitely allergy season. I never had allergies until I moved to Mid-Atlantic area and then I found out what they are with a vengeance. My whole family suffers from them.

  2. I am apparently allergic to wine. If I drink more than a fourth of a wine glass, I start to throw up. I’m also allergic to penicillin and sulfa drugs.

  3. The allergies are horrible in OH. My son has been so bad it caused his asthma to go into extreme exacerbations and we’ve been to the ER already. He’s on a lot of medication . I’m even having symptoms. Just know you are not alone.

  4. Tree pollen has been had high levels since before the last snow fall here (MO) and that’s my kryptonite. As much as I’d love to air out my house, that’s just not going to happen.

  5. Live in NW Arkansas and did Race for the Cure on Saturday allergies have now progressed into a cold

  6. I live in Michigan and they are saying that this will be the worst season for allergy sufferers. Luckily, my allergies are very mild. I feel bad for those who have bad allergy problems. 🙁

  7. Yes and yes! I’ve been struggling for weeks as new things grow down here in NC. Thank goodness for Claritin, that’s all I can say!

  8. Yes,here in Texas, allergies are terrible. I am doing okay, as long as I remember to take my nose spray. It’s getting my 13 yr old to remember his that is the challenge. We got a new spray that works well, when he remembers.

  9. I’m in the Northeast too – CT. Allergies have been horrible. Feel like I can’t even swallow some days due to a lump in my throat. Sneezing happens in multiples and sometimes it hurts I sneeze so many times in a row. Blow my nose and 1/2 the time it leads to a bloody nose. Not a fun time of year. Hope all that suffer feel better soon!

  10. Oh. Yeah! Every morning there is pollen on the cars in Central KY. Already been to the allergist this year and she says it is already a doozy…and it’s gonna get worse. Great. Just Great. 😐

  11. I am in south Georgia and thank goodness we are getting close to the end of the blooming trees. Zyrtec has been my best friend lately.

  12. My kids are having a hard time of it this year! Our weather keeps going super hot like 80 down to 40 and 50 and back up again. So they are sneezing all over the place.

  13. I’m in Nashville and am suffering from the worst allergy season in years. I’m back on shots plus taking allergy meds 2-3 times a day. Doesn’t help that I’m allergic to pretty much everything that grows outside.

  14. I live in FL and allergy season is 365 days a year. Unfortunately this year has been exceptionally dry and windy so allergies have been exceptionally high. :crying:

  15. Hi Carly,
    And, yes it’s allergy season here and like you, I have issues. Two weeks ago, I was in doctor’s office with severe sinus infection. Yes, I do take Zyrtec but still it’s really rough some days more than others… :yuck:

  16. I have allergies year round, now. I think I’m allergic to the area we live in. My MIL who just started getting allergies this year, said “I thought only people in California (where she lives) got allergies”. Um, no.

  17. I feel for you — hope it gets easier to live with (please note I didn’t say “better”! — soon! We’ve had a mild winter and then a VERY warm spring here in Southern NV. I am suffering greatly and feel your pain. This is the first year in a looooonnnnnnngggggggg time that I have had this severe a reaction but I’ll deal. I’ve lived all over the US and each place has its yuks. Ah well! Onward to summer! 😀

  18. My parents noticed from the time I was just a toddler that when grass was being mowed, my eyes would turn red, I would start rubbing and it was bad. At age 9 I had allergy test which showed I was allergic to 12 types of grass and elm and oak trees. As I’ve aged it included molds, mildew, and dust. My regiment is a benedryl at night and Zyrtec in the morning. It seems to be working for me better than anything else. And allergy eye drops, another for the itching I get is NasalCrom.

  19. Because we had such a bad winter allergies are worse than normal here in Minnesota. My nose is so sore from all the running it’s been doing.

  20. I live in La Mesa, CA and we never had fall, winter and I think maybe a day or two of spring. RIght now we are doing summer. Very low humidity and wind. My poor dry nose is having issues today, yesterday I sneezed all day long.

  21. We have allergy season all year long. If it’s not growing it’s raining which means mold. And I’m allergic to everything! Runny eyes/nose, coughing, sneezing. Too back track and baseball aren’t done inside a sealed dome! But I won’t miss my GRANDkids meets/games/matches/races! :batlash:

  22. Here in SE Texas it seems like it is allergy season all year long. I take allergy shots once a week, and prescribed meds daily, just to keep my asthma in check. :starswars:

  23. I’ve had allergies since I was in high school. Later,my allergies got milder in some states as I moved around. In my late 20’s they started getting bad again and I started pills again and then pills and nose sprays. Now, I must have my allergy medicine every day or else my nose swells so much there is no runny nose, no breathing through my nose and a nose so itchy that I could almost cut it off. Since I’m using the VA for medical services, I’m limited to certain meds. When I got a new Primary care,I mentioned that my nose spray really burned. VA requires special circumstances to dispense Singular,so I am now on generic Singulair and generic Zyrtec. So I know all about problems caused by allergies. I have a whole laundry list of allergy producing things. The usual dust, dander, molds, pollen from Spring(including grass cutting), Summer and Fall. Winter is a little bit better. Then I have the smoke (tobacco and fires), the perfumes, and scented products of all kinds to cause headaches and major coughing. Thank God for Singulair. With all this(not asking for sympathy)I can understand the problems that you all do have and wished there was some magical something we could get to stop allergies.

  24. I don’t suffer real bad, but I know people who do. Yesterday I was in a store and someone was sneezing their head off.

  25. I have allergies most of the year, but May tends to be my worst month. So, I’ll be stocking up on my eyedrops (Zaditor). Already started taking my Claritin. Hope you are feeling better, soon.

  26. I’m feeling it and started taking my Zyrtec back in March! That is way too soon for the pollen to start but it is pretty bad here in MD.

  27. I am in IL and that’s probably why I am stuffy some days and my nose seems full …I was hoping for a good year.
    Hope you feel better. It keeps raining here…

  28. Yes I live in Maryland but after the winter we have had I promised myself I would not complain about the springtime allergies hope your feeling better soon!

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