There’s a very big difference between being a writer (one form of creativity) and having the ability to do graphics, visualize things, understand colors, layouts, etc. It’s been frustrating to me that I don’t have the ability to create graphics when I need for book promotion. Basic ones, easy and spur of the moment. And when I have to ask someone, it’s impossible for them to get inside my brain and know what I want. It’s even harder for me to explain. Photoshop is difficult and has a steep learning curve. Someone suggested I try www.picmonkey.com for an easy way to create. I tried. Guess what? Not so easy! But not impossible either. Especially since another friend did a blog post “How To”. I pretty much followed it step by step and created my first graphic teaser. I’m kinda impressed with myself! But it will be a challenge next time too. These things just don’t come easily for me. Grrr.

So … TADA! The product of my attempt.

Carly 1Dare to Surrender


Did I mention I equally suck at finding graphics to use and have to have friends do it for me? Sigh.

What talent do you wish you had?

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      • Sure! It’s so easy. When you’ve got your text box open and text in it it should have three little white dots around the border. One on top, bottom and right. Just click on the right one and drag it in to make font smaller and out to make font bigger ๐Ÿ™‚ You can use the bottom dot as well just move it up or down. The top dot lets you rotate so you can write on an angle ๐Ÿ™‚

        Any time you need help just let me know. I make all of the graphics for my blog and am pretty comfortable doing them. Email is acade29@gmail.com

  1. Wow you did an awesome job! Keep up the great work and thanks so very much for sharing not only your talent but your very talented self with us! It is so appreciated! You are such a sweetheart it’s an honor, thanks! :yourock:

  2. I think you did a great job Carly! I wish I had a talent for drawing my designs, I’m a beadwork jewellery designer but I cannot draw for love or money LOL! Because I create my designs straight from my imagination the finished product may end up completely different from my oiginal idea.

    I’ve tried numerous drawing tutorials but I just don’t have the knack, it is a talent I really wish I did have…

  3. That looks great. I have the same problem. I can see what I want, but getting it on paper sucks :groan:

  4. Very nice job. Love the teaser. I wish I was more creative also. It doesn’t come easy for me either.

  5. Hi Carly, I think you did a great job with the graphics. Whenever we try something new, it takes a while to get comfortable with it.

    I wish I had your writing gift. I am not creative when it comes to telling stories so I buy books and enjoy all of the creativity of others. Reading is my favorite hobby. There is nothing better than reading a good book. It brightens your day and makes the little things that can get under your skin go away.

  6. Hey Carly, think you did a great job. My Gram always told me that I would find (1) thing that I did that was great. She also said that if everyone did everything well it would be a perfect world and that’s not going to happen LOL So I know your writing is perfect let someone else do the big graphics and like you I’m going to try the suggestions above for my blog pics ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. This is also an issue for me. I love to include my favorite quotes (with an image) with book reviews – but I usually end up getting frustrated; then skipping it.


  8. I wish I could sit at my computer and crank out the great all American novel. That and be able to draw something that actually looked like it was meant to look! Love the graphic, by the way and looking forward to the book.

  9. Great job with this graphic… As to my talent I wish I had… The power to be in two places at once…

  10. Looks great. I wish I hd the ability to cook. I am married to a caterer, but he quite often working in the evening- meeting clients or catering a party, and on the weekend- Bar Mitzvahs and weddings. I was actually up in your neck of the woods this weekend- He was catering a Bar Mitzvah nad forgot the lox at home. I had to run it up to him at 8:00 AM!

  11. I wish I was handy and could fix things. I just don’t have a mind for that type of stuff. Thankfully hubby does. My 2nd daughter is just like him. It amazes me the way they think.

  12. I have trouble drawing a straight line with a pencil and a ruler. My family (uncles/aunts/cousins/sister) are SO creative, it makes me scream! Well, I’m happy for them, of course, but not so much for me. Sigh. But your graphic came out great!

  13. You know, Carly, I have this book pre-ordered and I’m so frustrated that it doesn’t come out till July. I don’t read teasers cause I like to read the book as a whole, not in pieces. So I’ll pull up my big girl panties and get on with the day until it is again pointed out to me that I have to wait until July! Love you!!! :yourock:

    • A person after my own heart. Don’t like excerpts, teasers, and first chapters. Got in this habit before eReaders because I might not be able to get the book for some time. Then, I would think that I had read the book because I remembered parts of it.

  14. I would love to draw a straight line with a ruler or powerpoint. I can’t do either. I have no artistic ability at all. Sigh

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