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  1. I am only an occasional audio book listener. When I had to drive from NJ to Indiana to pick up my daughter at college (by myself, 12 hours) I listened to Audio books. But she has graduated, so I still enjoy my books the old fashioned way..paperbacks and hardcovers. I will occasionally read on Kindle if that is the only format available, but I still holding a book in my hands!

  2. I am I love audio books. I listen during my commute back and forth to work. I have about an hour commute each way and it keeps me from buying into my road rage. =)

    • I agree, Gale. I can read much faster than I can listen. As for listening while driving, as others like to do, I tend to fall asleep no matter how interesting the narration/story is.

  3. I am a constant audio book listener. I found years ago that I cannot read two books at once. Just cant do it. But I can listen to one and be reading one at the same time. So I always have two books going at once. Though I cannot do the cd audio books. Tried them. Too much work. I used to load books onto an mp3 player. But now, I use my phone. So simple even I can do it and I love it. It plays thru my blue tooth in the car or headphones while doing housework, cooking, etc.
    Narration is everything. Even slightly more important than the story. I mean, it can take a mediocre story and get me to finish it. With amazing narration.
    I am one of those people that has no problem sitting a book aside if it doesn’t appeal to me pretty quickly. But great narration, that works with the story, can make all the difference.
    Not every narrator is right for every story.
    Do you have the impression I could go on and on about this subject?? haha

  4. My car does not run without an audio book! They are a constant in my life. One in the car at all times, another one on my iPod for the gym. Paper copy on my nightstand. Readers make the books much more interesting. JR Ward always has great readers as does Diana Gabaldon with her Outlander series.

  5. I am an avid listener. I started listening to audiobooks a few years ago, my neurologist recommended them to help with some medical issues. It helps and I love them. Now I try to only get books in audio. (They also block out the other voices in my head :cheese: )

  6. I LOVE audio books! We found out when i was a senior in high school that I have a READING comprehension problem, but if I hear the story I understand it much better. Therefore I primarily listen to my books but I so have a Kindle and plenty of paper back and hard cover books at home to read (they just take me a long time to read).

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