Rock Solid

  • Surprise Baby

  • Release Date: November 14, 2017

    He’s a rock-solid relationship guy. No one-night stands. Except that one

    But once was all it took to change everything

    Connor Prescott had the most intense night of his life in a snowed-in airport with a total stranger. When he woke up the next day, he wanted more. He wanted everything. Too bad she’d bailed and hadn’t even left him her last name. He’d left something with her, though. He just didn’t know it yet…

    To say Katie Kaswell had a pitiful romantic history would be an understatement. So, while she enjoyed their night together (really enjoyed it…multiple times), she didn’t want a relationship. Then she found out she was pregnant. With no way of contacting the father. Ooops…

    When fate brings them together again, Connor is thrilled. Not only does he get a second chance with Katie, but he’s also the father of the most gorgeous little girl in the world? It was perfect. All he has to do now is convince gun-shy Katie that he’s in this for the happily ever after. Easy, right?

    If only…

    Rock Solid, book 4 in the Book Boyfriend series, is a sexy and spicy, surprise pregnancy, Valentine’s Day, contemporary romance with a cinnamon roll hero that can be read as a standalone. Download today and get ready to fall for Connor, Katie, and their little bundle of joy.

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    Narrated by: Sophie Eastlake

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