Well Built

  • Forbidden Love

  • Release Date: July 25, 2017

    He’s a sexy, well-built lover, not a fighter. But he’ll make an exception for her

    Kyle Coleman left his small hometown years ago and had zero desire to return. But his plans to build a business for his mother forced his hand. He knew he’d run into the only woman he ever loved (and lost) at some point. He had no way of knowing, however, that he’d want her now even more than ever…

    Ella Fisher had almost forgotten how much she missed Kyle. Until he showed up, hot as ever, to steal the building she wanted for her family business right out from under her. Now all she could think about was how much they’d lost…and how much more she wanted.

    Kyle and Ella soon realize they might make it happily ever after this time around. But only if they can let go of their first love and take the second chance fate has given them for their last love.

    Well Built, book 3 in the Book Boyfriend series, is a spicy contemporary romance that can be read as a standalone. Download today and get ready to fall for these star-crossed lovers. 

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    Narrated by: Sophie Eastlake

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