Brady’s Day

First, a big THANK YOU to everyone who showed up to bravely show Carly support for yesterday’s post on depression. She loves you all and I promised to say that up front. Now on to more important things. ME.
Bi9I2FRIcAAMSAP.jpg-large Aren’t I the cutest thing? I’m cuddling between mommy and Jen. I’m the easiest dog.

What? Don’t tell them that! OK fine. I’m a pain in the ass. Instead of relaxing during the day, I start to whine like I want to go downstairs. And I won’t go alone. I want company. Except I don’t really want anything down there, I just want to annoy mommy. So she’s started to ignore me. Does she really think that’ll stop me? I can be just as stubborn as she can.

CarlyPhillips_DaretoLove_AudioOh and one more thing. DARE TO LOVE is available in AUDIO on Audible. Coming soon on Amazon and iTunes!

Do you listen to Audio? Will you buy and help mommy keep me in dog biscuits? What’s that? Oh sorry. Mommy says it’s not nice to beg.

24 thoughts on “Brady’s Day”

  1. Brady, you are such a cutie! I love listening to audiobooks! They make my drive to and from work much more relaxing. Also perfect for long car trips.

  2. Oh, Brady, I’m afraid that my two dogs, Chewbacca (aka Chewie) and Pepper will argue with you. They think they are the cutest dogs. You are not a thing, you are a dog. A computer is a thing. I always help keep you supplied with dog biscuits.

  3. Brady you are such a cutie. sorry I am not an audio listener. My mind wanders and I find myself rewinding. LOL I gave up and stick to books.

  4. Brady you are just the cutest. I know why you can’t go anywhere without your mommie, it is just because you love her so much you want her to be with you. I understand completely I had a four legged daughter that had me figured out too. :dog:

  5. :snoopydance: Hi Brady! You’re right. Your mom probably thinks she has you figured out, but we know better. My vet told me years ago that my dogs had me well-trained and he was right! Tell mom you deserve a cookie for this post and the fact that you’re just so darn CUTE!!!

  6. Brady, don’t tell your Mom but you are my fav! Thanks for giving Carly those extra moments, even tho she doesn’t always go along with your fun 😉 You just being there is what it is all about. I know I do it to my Mom all the time!

    Your doggie friend Maggie :dog:

  7. Brady is so cute!!! I’m not an audio person. I think it’s because I’m a visual person & can’t always focus on listening. One of these days I will have to give it a try.

  8. Brady is really sure of himself isn’t he. I’ve never listen to a book on audio. Don’t know if I can do it. Whoever is reading it to me, is the voice going to change for the guy/girl/friends?? Am I going to get the full effect of the intimate times??? These are questions I would need answers to.

  9. Brady you are too cute! I prefer ebooks or paperback books to audio books. I get into the books more in those formats.

  10. I love Brady Days! And he must be related to Rosie since she does this behavior as well. If I spend to long on the computer or studio… let’s just say that, YES, it is ALL about HER!

  11. I am so jealous I need a Brady in my life. I do listen to audio books they are the only thing that keeps me sane on my commute to and from work.

  12. Hi Brady, please tell your mom that I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED listening to Dare To Love.
    I hope she will continue to publish her books in audio.

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