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Gabe glanced at his brother. “Didn’t you say you were off at eleven? I thought we’d go check out the club I’m thinking of taking over.”
“Are you really looking for a new club? Or is this trip an excuse to find some new woman to warm your bed?”
His sibling doesn’t pull punches, I thought, glancing away, not wanting Gabe to see my reaction to the thought of any female in his bed.
“I’m still with Naomi.”
My stomach still twisted uncomfortably.
His brother frowned. “She’s a bitch.”
I cleared my throat, unwilling to sit here a minute longer and listen to details of Gabe’s love life. “Hello? Prisoner still here!” I reminded them with a wave of my free hand.
Gabe grinned at me.
I looked away, not wanting to acknowledge the utter rush of pleasure that small gesture brought me.
“What’s she in for?” he asked his brother.
“Grand theft auto, but her boyfriend dropped the charges.”
Gabe swore under his breath. “That son of a bitch had you arrested?”
I latched onto the latter part of his statement. “Lance dropped the charges?” Relief swamped me, and if I’d been standing, my knees might have given out.
“Charges dropped,” the cop restated. “As long as you agree to relinquish the car.”
My head whipped up. “That bastard.” He was still trying to control me. He knew I’d left with next to nothing, yet he still had to strip me of the one thing he knew I loved. Realistically, however, since I couldn’t afford to park my baby in the city, Lance had done me a favor.
“Deal,” I said to Gabe’s brother. “He can have the car.”
“I wasn’t negotiating,” the cop said.
“Decklan.” Gabe’s tone held a definite warning.
I didn’t need or want Gabe going to bat for me, and I ignored his hot—and I do mean hot—stare.
“Release me?” I jangled my chain.
Decklan—I now knew my jailer’s name—nodded. “Your boyfriend said he’d come down to get you so you two could talk out this … misunderstanding. In which case maybe you can keep the automobile.” He glanced at his watch. “He’ll be here in about thirty minutes, give or take.”
“Oh hell no.” I wasn’t going anywhere with Lance, and I certainly didn’t want the confrontation sure to come if he showed up. I jangled my cuffed wrist, suddenly desperate to escape. I had to get out of here now, and I needed a head start.
“Decklan! Unlock the damned cuffs,” Gabe barked at his brother in a baritone that ironically settled me.
His officer brother, however, jumped to do his bidding.
I shook out my hand and glanced down. A red stripe bruised my skin, and I rubbed my sore wrist.
Gabe’s gaze followed my every movement, his eyes darkening once more. With a low growl, he lifted my hand and stroked my marked flesh with his strong, tanned fingers. A sudden vision of him gripping me harder, pulling me roughly against him, grinding his muscular body into mine, took form, and I trembled, aroused by his tone, his sensual touch, and my torturous thoughts.
“Are you okay?” Gabe asked gruffly.
His voice returned me to my current location and predicament. “Yes. Fine.”
An intimate smile curved his lips, and I would swear he knew exactly how hot he’d made me, how wet.
Shaken by the thought and my impending reality, I grabbed my sweatshirt from the chair. “I’m free to go?” I asked, pulling on the light jacket.
“You are,” his brother said. “Stay out of trouble, Miss Masters.”
I would, I thought, once I escaped his brother. I held out my hand, and Decklan handed me back my money.
“Thanks,” I said and winced.
What was next? Gratitude for arresting me?
At least I hadn’t gotten as far as the booking process and mug shot. I ran a hand through my wild curls, suddenly aware of how I might look.
“See you guys around,” I said on a wave and a forced laugh.
“Wait!” Gabriel’s deep pitch almost had me melting toward him again.
“Do you have someplace to go?” he asked, too kind for me not to be embarrassed, and I refused to look him in the eye.
“I’ll be fine.”
“Isabelle—” Gabe’s voice deepened.
“Oh no,” his brother said. “Absolutely not.”
“Shut up, Decklan.”
I narrowed my eyes, wondering what conclusion the cop had arrived at that I wasn’t privy to. My gaze swung back to Gabe, who merely nodded at his sibling, as if all had been decided.
“You’ll come home with me,” Gabe said, his tone definitive.
Dare to Surrender, CP Publishing 2014

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