Dare to Surrender – What Kind of Hero do YOU like best?

PrintI think today’s a good day for a DTSurrender graphic/teaser. Gabe is really a hero that I adore because he goes all out to get what he wants – to get Isabelle – even if means letting her go.


Dare to Surrender
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What kind of hero do YOU like best?

19 thoughts on “Dare to Surrender – What Kind of Hero do YOU like best?”

  1. My favorite Hero is a United States Marine like my husband. He is one of the hardest working, most devoted people I know.

  2. My favorite kind of hero is one that is strong and very confident. I don’t like it when the heroine seems to have a stronger personality than the hero.

  3. My hero is strong, confident and goes all out for his woman. It helps if he is in the military and has muscles! :angelbanana:

  4. My hero would be caring, knowing right from wrong, takes care of the ones he loves and is always there for them.

  5. I like a hero that is the unassuming guy, the strong silent type, but who has a soft centre especially when it comes to kids.

  6. My hero is like my Dad, always there when I needed him. He passed away in 1985, and I miss him every day.

  7. I guess I’d have to call it alpha: Little bit bad, little bit cranky, lots of straight-forward, and hunk-a-licious! And the hunk-a-licious can come from a good heart, a good sense of humor, etc. You’ve written those a time or two or 40!

  8. My kind of hero is my Alpha Hubby. He is strong, determined, possessive and completely protective, works hard for us, adopted my 11 year old and IS his father, daddy, dad, best friend, and, as my son puts it 20 years later, “he changed my life” – he loves me unreservedly, completely, totally, unconditionally, and the se* is even hotter and better than ever, even after 20 years together. No book hero can compare.

  9. I love military alpha males, but who also have a gentle side when it comes to the women they love.

  10. Hi Carly

    The kind of hero that I like is the one who will defend his wife’s honor, honor her, care & support her all because he loves her and couldn’t do less.

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