Dreaming Up A Dare by Catherine Gayle


Hockey star Jackson Maddox and gymnast Pepper Winters have been best friends since childhood…

Just friends.

When Jackson needs a date to a prestigious party, he calls upon his petite and dazzling BFF to be his arm candy for the night. Nothing could be better than walking into a room with Pepper on his arm. Jackson won’t ever admit how he really feels about her, because they’re… 

Just friends.

With her gymnastics career over, Pepper welcomes a chance to let her freak flag fly—especially with Jackson by her side. Pepper can’t confess she’s loved him since childhood. He’s her best friend, and there’s no reason to jeopardize what they’ve got. But they’re still…

Just friends.

But when a seemingly harmless game of Truth or Dare gets a little too close and entirely too personal, can Jackson dream up a dare that could give them both what they really want?

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    • Unfortunately and frustratingly Amazon has not made these available yet to countries other than the US. Believe me it’s upsetting for us too. I’m so sorry. Some CA customers have a U.S. Amazon account as well so they can get the books. I have NO idea how this works or if it’s seriously OK to do. 🙁

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