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My Kids.  Unless they’re driving me insane, they are at the top of my favorite things.  If you don’t know,  I have two daughters, ages 17 and 21.  One’s graduating high school this year and the other is graduating college.  I’m guessing that means one out of the house and another back in! Or it means empty nester.  Right now we don’t know.  I love having girls.  We’re close and it’s the best! Oh and we’re STILL WAITING on colleges … ARGH! I’m surprised I have hair left on m y head. Youngest on top pic, oldest below pic. We call oldest “mini-me”. I’m sure you can figure out why!

Your turn! Any kids? How many? Girl/boy/how many of each? Which sex is easiest to raise? Personally I wouldn’t know what to do with a boy!

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  1. I have two kids. My son is 32 and has a family of his own. My daughter is 21 and is working and finding herself. My son was easier because there was less drama. My daughter always has DRAMA. But I love them both the same.

  2. Your daughters are beautiful! I have 2 sons who just turned 18 and 21. My youngest is graduating high school this year and the oldest is still trying to find his way. They are both back home right now, which is still a little new for us after only having 1 in the house for a while. Sometimes I think I’m ready to be an empty-nester and other times I have no idea what I’ll do with myself. I wanted a little girl,but now I wouldn’t know what to do with girls. You have a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  3. I have two teenage daughters ages 13 and 15. Most days I just want to squeeze my head till it pops!! LOL Most of my friends have boys and their lives do seem a bit better!

  4. 3 kids. Son , 24, Kansas State grad. 22 year old twins…son, student at Kansas State, daughter, just graduated from Wichita State. Boys are easy! We’re lucky though. They are all good kids.

  5. I have one of each. My son is 30 and my daughter is 28. I don’t really know which was easier, never had trouble with either one. Just the normal teenage years of talking back and attitude, but that’s it. My son and daughter-in-law just made me a first time grandma. It’s really special seeing my son with his son. Being a grandma is the best!!

  6. I have 3. Oldest- son, is 26, married and just had my FIRST GRANDBABY (BOY) on Sunday!!! Unfortunately, he is in Wyoming, and I am in Michigan….Lots of traveling in my future! 🙂 Middle – daughter, is 24, and is actually working in the same field her college degree is in. She’s only an hour away, but I don’t see her enough. She (unfortunately for her???) is just like me. Youngest – son, is almost 21, working, and still at home, although he would like to be living elsewhere. All in all, 3 great kids – I was definitely blessed!

  7. I’ve got two girls, 41 and 37 and one son 36. I also have seven grandchildren, ages 14 to 3, who call me Nana and I adore each one of them. Boys are definitely earlier to me as there is always drama with girls, even with the grandkids! I live close to one daughter and my son and the other daughter is in Florida which is very hard! But I visit as often as I can! This may make me the “old” one in your group!!!

  8. Two boys, so don’t know who is easier to raise. Very close with them both. They call their Dad for car related things, they call me for everything else! I sorta loved being the only female in the household. They are now 30 and 28. Where did the time go?

  9. I have an 18 year old son who is a freshman in college,a 17 year old daughter whos is a high school junior and a 12 year old son in the 7th grade.I thought boys were easier in the beggining however even with girl “drama” I have since decided girls are easier.I love the fact that my daughter and I can share everything and talk about practically anything although looking for prom dresses is a little scary.The boys are more hands off and into their technology but I love it when we can sit and watch a movie together,once we can all agree.Less peer drama with boys but the girlfriend drama I could pass on.

  10. I have 3 wonderful children. The oldest is a son who is 23 just finish aviation mechanic school still lives at home. My middle is a son who is 20 and in college at MSU in Starkville Mississippi he is going for Aero Space Engineer,don’t get to see him to much accept for the holidays. Then there is the caboose which is my lovely 8 yeR old daughter. She was our surprise baby, a good surprise,but she is high maintenance. I love having a shopping buddy now. Carly your daughters are beautiful.

  11. I have 3 and 3 grandchildren. 1 son who has my 1 year old grandson. 2 daughters and 2 grand daughters. Son is 29, girls are 26 and 21. The 21 year old has 2 bsby girls who are 2 and 6 months. Everyone lives with me except my son, his fiance and their son. I don’t think my neet will ever be empty haha.

    As to which are easier, they ae all challenging in their own way. The middle child was easier than the oldest and youngest

  12. I have 3 and 3 grandchildren. 1 son who has my 1 year old grandson. 2 daughters and 2 grand daughters. Son is 29, girls are 26 and 21. The 21 year old has 2 bsby girls who are 2 and 6 months. Everyone lives with me except my son, his fiance and their son. I don’t think my neet will ever be empty haha.

    As to which are easier, they ae all challenging in their own way. The middle child was easier than the oldest and youngest

  13. We have two sons, 43 and 41. The oldest was never getting married and having kids so he, of course, is married and has three kids, ages 11, 10. and 8. They are adopting a Haitian girl who is 9. We all hope to have her here in June. The youngest son is seizure prone, mildly retarded.

  14. I have two girls, like you, only mine are 38 and 36. We are very close. Poor dad can tell you what it’s like living with 3 females. We once lived in a house with only one bathroom (gasp) and the girls were taking an extra long time getting ready for school (as teenagers are known to do). My husband had to use the facilities and after ranting and raving to no avail, he stormed out of the house and went down the street to the corner gas station! The girls still tease him about it. Strange, after all these years he still doesn’t think it’s funny!

  15. I, too, have 2 daughters…15 & 19, sophomores in HS and college. And they are both a “mini-me”…the oldest looks like me but the youngest has my personality, God help her!! They bring me great joy, a huge amount of pride in the wonderful young women they are…and a gray hair or two!! My poor husband is still not used to all the estrogen floating around out house 🙂

  16. 3 kids, a girl and two boys. All are grown and gone. 35,32,29. They live in Austin, Tx, Los Angeles, and NYC so I travel a lot. 2 of the three are married with last one being married in May. No grandkids yet. Loved being a mom when they were younger and miss them tons. Never have enough time with them.

  17. I have two daughters, oldest is a Senior and youngest is a Freshman, both in high school. We have already heard from colleges, just waiting to hear on what they are offering in $$ so we can decide where she will go. Both girls are completely different from one another. One is a social butterfly the other would rather stay home and play guitar. I would not have known what to do with a boy either, so I’m glad I just got the girls. My mother said I was easier to raise than my brothers, but then I hear others say that boys are easier.

  18. I’ve got a 34 yr. old daughter and a 30 yr. old son. The boy was way easier to raise than the girl. Less drama.

  19. I have one son, 27, who was a lot easier when he was younger, the last couple of years have been very tough. I am very glad I had a boy, I used to think I would have less drama with a boy, but not true lately. Love him to death but have far to many gray hairs that have his name on them.

  20. We weren’t blessed with children, but we have wonderful nieces and nephews. The youngest is 19 and the oldest is 30. We are the cool aunt and uncle. We have been married for 28 years. I loan my books to my oldest niece. She is 28. I got her hooked on your books, along with a few other authors. We are always trading books back and forth between us.

  21. 2 girls, just turning 26 and 22. Oldest is a teacher in an urban district, and youngest is graduating college. Youngest is waiting to hear from grad schools, all far from home. Oldest moved home after graduation, and still lives at home. AAARGH! Save me!. However, it is too expensive for her to move out.If you met you’d think she’s really sweet- she saves her mood swings just for me! Youngest is very mellow and easy to get along with.

  22. No kids for me, but I totally claim my nieces as my own. Oldest is 22 and will graduate from college in May. Middle is 19 and in college and working. Youngest turns 10 in a couple of weeks and rules the house. I love them to the moon and back and would do anything for them.

  23. I’ve got two biological kids. Daughter is 12 (god save me from a tween girl please) and my son is 10.. There’s also 19 and 16 year old stepdaughters… Sigh all the girls makes is kinda hard to not swallow the bottle of wine lol my sons the easiest to deal with. When he hears no he sorta accepts it. Lol this means his door isn’t slammed and there’s no manic screaming behind the slammed door lol

  24. I don’t have any kids of my own, but I lots of nieces and nephews who have had a hand in raising one way or another. All of them know that Aunt Kathleen’s door is always open, no matter what they need. One of my nephews turns 16 on Sunday and I sent him his card and as soon as he received it in the mail emailed me and told me my gift was going towards writing his drivers test. I told him that’s what I had hoped it would use the money for. I know he really wants his drivers licence and it lets me know he is on the right track.. The other’s are just as wonderful… I am so blessed.

  25. Carly, I have two. The oldest seventeen and also a senior. We’ve gotten several acceptance letters and a couple of scholarship offers. She’s still unsure of where she wants to go. Thank goodness she’s finally decided on a major. Now my youngest will be 13 in a couple of weeks. He is looking forward to his sister going to college. He’s in the 7th grade and is into archery and football. He has always known what he wants to do and loves science.
    I am not looking forward to my daughter going away, but living in a rural area that’s the only choice. I am going to be lost without her. Oh well, this is life. They do grow up quickly.
    Have a great day.

  26. I have 2 boys. Oldest is 37 a firefighter. He has my 2 granddaughters. My youngest is 35 an IT at a casino and has 3 grandsons. I think boys are easier to raise. But it would have been nice to have a daughter.

  27. I have one son who in turn has 2 girls and 5 boys. My son gave me fits in high school but up until that point in time, he was so sweet. He married the only girl he ever dates and he and his wife gave me 7 grandchildren. Let me tell you, his sons are true payback for the nonsense he pulled on my husband and me when he was in his teens. My grandsons are not bad kids but they do pull some crazy stunts from time to time.

  28. I raised 4 children, 3 girls and then a boy who are now ages 50,52,53 & 54 so I think I’m possibly the olest here so far. They each live in a different time zone in the US and none close to where I live but with the Internet I visit with them, my 4 grandchildren & they show me pics of my 3 Great-Grandchildren. The 3 girls helped to spoil their brother so High School and beyond was always interesting.

  29. I have 2 kids, daughter about to turn 41 with 2 kids of her own – a boy & a girl. My son is 35 with twin girls 4 years old. I have 2 step daughters, the oldest is married & lives in Brazil with our newest grandson of 7 months & the youngest with a girl & boy of her own. Empty nest is a real thing – I couldn’t believe it when I went through it.

    Love your blog. Hope you have a great day.

  30. Two male offspring 44 and 40. They were wonderful to raise and the time flew bye. I was a girly girl and figured I wouldn’t want boys but luckily God was smarter than me. I figures out early that boys were much easier to raise than girls just by watching my friends with their girls. No crazy hormones once a month and no back biting. Boys like straight talk and knowledge of what their limits are. Not to mention what the consequences were if they broke the rules.
    Yes I had more broken bones due to sports and I was on first name bases with the emergency nurses but I didn’t mind.

  31. Hi Carly, I have 2 daughters ages 31 and 24, it was almost like having two only children, each daughter is a different as night and day and have brought so much joy, excitement and yes that ever present drama to my life. My oldest daughter is married and my youngest daughter has a boyfriend, the youngest is back home after graduating from college, she keeps saying she plans to move out soon, guess Dad has too many rules 😉

    Hope you’re having an amazing day 🙂

  32. We have one son that just turned 20. We live on the west coast and he is attending Johns Hopkins on the east coast. Even though this is his second year at college, I still get tears when I think about him so far away. He was so easy to raise and such a great kid and SO much smarter than his parents (thank the lord). I miss being able to go to his football games but thankfully we are able to watch them over the internet. I pray he ends up back here once he graduates.

  33. We have 3 amazing young men.We have had our moments but over all my boys have been fairly easy. They are now 27,24, and 16.

  34. Hey Carly! I have one daughter, shes 19 and probably getting ready to leave me so I understand that whole empty nester fear!! Like you, I cant imagine raising boys. My niece has twin boys and even tho I love them dearly, Im so glad I had a girl. lol

  35. I have 2. A 12 year old boy and 10 year old girl. Getting ready for all the teenage drama LOL. I would say that my son is so much easier.

  36. I have 4 young adults – 2 girls & 2 boys, ages 30,27,24,21. They are actually girl, boy, girl, boy. My younger daughter is married for a year & a half now. The others aren’t even in relationships. The 21 yo attends a nearby college & lives at home. The 30 yo moved back home when she decided to attend grad school. The 27 yo also moved back home because he doesn’t get paid for doing what he loves – sports writing/blogging. They have all grown up too fast & are definitely my pride & joy!!! Although I think I am looking forward to an empty nest.

  37. I have 4. Boys-2, girls-2. Boys were easier….to much drama with girls. They are all adults now with their own families.

  38. We have two. My son is 18 and getting ready to leave home later this year. My daughter is 15 and all drama. Girls seem to be harder to me, I guess because other girls are harder. I wish there was some way to shelter them from pettiness and cruelty.

  39. Single, no kids, have a job, a great apartment, and a boyfriend. From what I’ve seen with my friends’ kids and all my family’s kids, boys are much easier to raise. Teenage girls are absolutely no fun. Heck, even as an outsider, I give them a wide berth. Boys don’t have nearly the drama. They can punch each other in the face and in five minutes, be friends again. A girl punches another girl in the face, there will be drama and hysterics for a year or more.

  40. I have 2 boys. The older one is almost 20 and trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up. The younger is 17 and already knows he’s going to be a biophysicist. Made a joke the other day that he’s getting a PHD and every place he goes will be a Dr’s appointment. I wanted a daughter and my boys have given me bonus girls! Both have girls for best friends. I really do think the boys are easier, less drama. I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

  41. My daughter is 38 and the mother of my 2 grandsons, the lights of my life. We used to work in the same dept if a major auto insurance company, I am now retired. I miss seeing her every day. She lives close by and we do see each other often, talk a couple of times a day. My son is 34 and a sergeant for a county police dept, married, no kids. See/talk to him a couple of times a month. He was much easier to raise , none of the drama you have with girls. So glad they are adults, still have their moments.

  42. Well.. I have 9 kids, 13 grandkids, and 7 great-grandbabies with another due next month… I have to confess something, though — I got them the easy way — I married into them… 🙂 However, my hubby and I will be celebrating our 29th anniversary this year (December) and have been together for 32 (September), so I have watched them grown up. I’m so looking forward to the new grandbaby comes — she’s due around my birthday! 🙂 I couldn’t love these kids any more if they were mine. It hasn’t always been easy, and there are 2 who don’t keep in contact with us, but we keep trying. 🙂

  43. we have 3 girls, our oldest is 31 and engaged, the middle is 30, married, and the youngest is 27, married and mama to our 2 most wonderful grandbabies, a little girl who is 5 and a little boy who is 3. They all live in Colorado, but in different areas. Our middle lives in the Denver area, which is where my hubby and I are, the oldest is in Colorado Springs, about an hour away, and our grandbabies–and their parents– live about 3 1/2 hours away, in the Glenwood Springs area. It can be really hard to get all 3 families together. Drama was present when they were growing up, and it is still in evidence today.

  44. We have one of each. Our daughter is the oldest at 32 and our son is the baby at 30. The daughter is still single. Our son is married and gave us our first grandchild, a little girl who is 4 months old. Very proud of our children and love being a grandparent. They each had their own unique ways growing up so I cannot pick one or the other as easier.

  45. I have 2 boys! My oldest is 6 and my youngest is 8 months. I wouldn’t even know what to do with a girl!! Lol!!

  46. I have one son who is 17 and the light of my life. He is a Junior this year and he is such a great kid. He is a great student with a 3.98 GPA who also plays both Varsity Baseball and Varsity Football. I couldn’t be more proud.

  47. I have 3 wonderful kids. My oldest is a boy (Lee age 25); he’s very smart and I’m proud of him and how much he has overcome and struggled with. My middle child is a son (Alex age 23); he’s been just amazing. He works part-time and goes to college full time. He helps out financially and also with cooking (no dishes done). He has completed his AA and is now working on his BA in computer science. He has the honor of being the only intern to receive an employee of the month when he was 16 (he’s still working at the same place and everyone has lots of praise for his work ethic). Our baby is a girl (Cassie age 21). She’s completing her AA this term of college (graduates in May) and has a nearly perfect grade point average. She also is a writer (wrote her first novel at age 14). The series of books that she’s currently writing is absolutely wonderful … I can hardly wait for the installments she gives me as she progresses. She has publisher that is interested in her, so maybe she’ll be the next JK Rawlings … I can dream can’t I? I’m so proud of all three of my kids, they are wonderful.

  48. I have three boys, ages 24, 22 and 21. The older two graduated from Penn State and the youngest is still in college. None of them seem to be in any hurry to leave the nest 🙂 Fortunately we love having them around!

  49. I’m like you…..3 girls.

    Oldest is almost 21 and in her 3rd year at college at the University of Toledo for Pharmacy (3 more yrs to go)

    Middle is almost 19 and a freshman at college at Ohio State majoring in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Bio-Mechanical Engineering.

    Youngest is 16 1/2 and a junior in high school. She wants to go to Ohio State for either Nursing or Music Education.

    We always wanted a boy, but I’ve always said if I had to have 3 of the same sex, I’m glad they are all girls. I have fun with my girls to. They are each so unique but the youngest is the only one who really looks like me. She is my mini-me! Hubby came from a family of only brothers so all of this estrogen is something new for him. Some days he just tunes it all out!

  50. I have one of each
    I was in your position last year my son graduating from college my daughter from high school
    Not sure I can say one is easier than the other to raise
    They are just so different
    My son I have to drag info out of him like he graduated with honors do you think he told me that? That would be a no
    My daughter who is dyslexic graduated as one of her classes valedictorian
    Her and I talk a lot

  51. Hi, i have one daughter who just turned 18 on January 19th and i, with aa lot of help from her friends (30 of them ) and a coupke of awsome Moms, wew able to pull off a suprose party. She is also graduating High school this year. We are waiting on her response from Penn State, main campis right now. She has 7 total colleges she has applied to. All about a 4 hour drive from out home in Northern Virginia. She is trying to get into either a BFA in Dance or a BFA in Musicak Theater. So not only does she/we have to do the standard college appkica she also has to visit each college and have an aiditoon. This weekend iss NYC to audition for PACE University Commercial dance, and also Cincinnati Conservatory of Music at University of Cincinnati School of Dance audition. We were able to grab an audition slot her in NYC so she could do 2 in one weekend. I dont know about your daughter but the pressure is incredable for these kids. My hisbamd graduayed from.Penn State and we love to go to the football games every year. Her audition ar Penn State is on Valentines Day Weekend. Maybe oir girls will end.up in.a class or 2.together if she makes it into State for Musocal Theater. Congrats again.

  52. I have one child a boy, he is now 32, lives with me. I don’t think I’ll ever have grandchildren. My brother was about his age when he moved out, so I’m hoping this will happen soon for me too. LOL

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  54. I have one of each my son is 23 my daughter 19 and the second one is easier to raise LOL cause I learned a few things from the first one

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