Questions, Questions, Questions!

We’re all readers, that I already know.  But I do have some questions for you!

1. Book or eReader?

2. If eReader – which one?

3. If eReader – do you read the back matter in your ebooks? (chapter of a new book, info on author etc.)

4. What do you like in the back of your books?

5. And these days, how do you find “new to you” authors?

6. Any other info you think an Indie author with control over what goes into their books should know?

MY ANSWERS to the above questions:

1. eReader

2. iPad – Kindle App

3. Sometimes I read chapters of an author who isn’t the author whose book I just finished; usually I do read the author’s new previews

4. I like to sign up for an author’s newsletter, their FB, Twitter, website info.  Then chapters can be a bonus!

5. I find new authors by following reviewer blogs in email, FB posts from sites I follow, recommendations from people I trust!

6. That’s why I asked you!


92 thoughts on “Questions, Questions, Questions!”

  1. 1)Both
    4)Nothing…I sure don’t like a preview of a book and then it’s not released for 6 months or more.
    6)Make sure not so many grammatical errors

  2. 1. eReader
    2. Kindle
    3. I confess that I rarely read the chapters/previews at the end. I flip through to see what’s there, but I’m a bit of an odd reader because I don’t like to read book summaries if it’s an author I know and like. I don’t want anything spoiled for me if I already know that I want the book.
    4. I like info about the author and links to their website and social media.
    5. Facebook and other social media. I will often find a new author through an author I know. I have also found some new authors by picking up a freebie that I ended up loving.
    6. I can’t think of a thing right now. LOL

  3. I prefer books still
    Kindle for PC
    Sure I’ll read it
    New authors I find through websites Goodreads, writerspace , fresh fiction etc
    I can’t think of anything at the moment

  4. 1. Both, but I find myself using my ereader because most of the e-books are cheaper than buying the book in print.

    2. Kindle

    3. Sometimes I’ll look in the back and see what else the author has written or excerpts shown, it just depends on how I’m feeling that day.

    4. Excerpts/previews of upcoming books because it gives me an idea of what to look for and if the book is going to be something that I’m going to like.

    5. Friend referrals, facebook, twitter, author websites, wordpress and boldstrokes.com

    6. Not that I can think of

  5. I like both but I am favouring my kindle fire more as I can access more information.

    I have a kindle fire and a Sony e-reader but I prefer the kindle.

    I read everything that is in the book even the publication details, I found a couple of signed books and some first editions that way. With the kindle I will read everything as well.

    I like information about the author, how I can connect with them, what books they have released and what is coming out soon. I like get sneak preview’s of new books too.

    I find new author’s on social media sites, Goodreads and I use Netgalley too. I also have a review page on Facebook, Wicked Little Imp’s Book Reviews where I have had authors ask me to read and review for them.

    It’s nice to know a bit about the author and if they have any favourite authors too, other than that I can’t think of anything else.

  6. 1. ereader
    2. iPad – Kindle,iBook & B&N Apps
    3. Yes
    4. Teaser Chapter
    5. Free Books
    6. Try to avoid Character flips due to poor editing.

  7. 1. I read both.
    2. I have a Kindle Fire and a Kindle paper white. I just had to trade in my 2009 kindle because the battery was going bad.
    3. I usually read the back information.
    4. I sometimes find new authors, find out what the next book will be like.
    5. Free books on Amazon, friends, Romantic Times, Writerspace, other authors.
    6. Grammar errors, spelling errors, bad editing can drive a read nuts.

  8. 1. eReader – 100%

    2. Kindle HDX

    3. Yes, will read all the way to the end. Like looking forward to what is coming up.

    4. Knowing about the next book in the series. Or other stand alone books coming up in the series.

    5. Mostly Friends, or Post from FB pages of other groups.

    6. Knowing you are having fun being your own boss!!!

  9. 1. Both. Nothing like holding a book, but I have gotten used to using my IPad and Nook too.

    2. IPad (Nook application) and Nook

    3. I do read the back matter. I especially like it when there is a tease for a new book coming soon. I do read about the new authors too. I feel it’s good to keep an open mind on possible new authors’ work to read.

    4. The chapters of upcoming books. It gives me insight as to whether I want to read them.

    5. I find authors on Facebook, from newsletters, and from the backs of the books I read.

    6. The only additional information I would like to see is the date of the next release if I am following a series or trilogy.

  10. 1. I like both, sometimes that paperback or hardcover is just satisfying to hold in your hands.

    2. Kindle


    4.Teaser’s to New Books from the Author, More info on the author, I often find a new author from the back of a book

    5.Author’s Release Party on FB, Friends that are on Street Teams I see their posts will check that writer out, Reviwer’s and Blogs

    6Editing, grammar and when a charcter is brought into the next book and you wonder what changed in him/her and why

  11. I love books but I have a Kindle and when I am between getting new books I use my Kindle. I love the back of the book when there are little advertisements for new authors and their books coming out. I do not like to read a snippet for the upcoming book because it makes me mad that I only get a few chapters and then I have to wait months in order to read the book so I generally just skip it. I am always on the look out for new authors and I am constantly on Facebook and Goodreads and blogs looking for new authors. As for new Indie authors trying to get out there just keep doing what you are doing, ask for Beta readers to check out your work. Don’t change what you feel is right for you just because someone might not like it because there might be a me out there who will love it.

  12. 1. I like both but primarily ereader
    2. Kindle Fire
    3. I read the back matter on new books from the author as well as book excerpts or info on other authors
    4. Teasers from new books, teasers from other authors author contact info for FB, newsletter
    5. Friend recommendations, Facebook, FB Release parties have become a great source of discovering new authors, free books
    6. My advice to any author but especially and Indie author starting out…have a review/beta team go check for timeline issues and grammar. Nothing turns me off an author than bad grammar and typos.

  13. 1. eReader and books from the library or friends

    2. Kindle

    3. Depends on how I feel when I finish the book. If it is by the same author – it is more likely I will read it.

    4. I don’t mind having the list of all the books the author has written – I do mind when there is a chapter back there for a book coming out in a year. Hate waiting for books in a series.

    5. Goodreads, Friends, Bookpage, Bookbrowse, local bookstore/library

    6. My budget no longer has a line for buying books so I am borrowing more from the library. I am still using a kindle with all the books I have saved up and I do allow myself on months when I make enough money to buy myself a new Kindle card and apply it to my account. You are a pretty new author for me – so I am hoping to borrow your books electronically from the library.

  14. 1. Still prefer a book, but will use eReader.

    2. Have both Kindle and Nook app onmy tablet, mostly use the Kindle.

    3. If the next book isn’t going to be out for months, I don’t read the preview.

    4. A little about the author, a lead on new authors.

    5. Find new authors from friends with similar reading tastes, following authors on FB, multi-author books with a story by author I already know and like.

    6. Grammar and spelling errors can be really annoying.

  15. 1. I like both but have transitioned into ereader.
    2. iPad mini- kindle app
    3. I read everything in the back, the only exception is if it’s an except of a book I already have or I’ve already read it.
    4. I like to know when the next new release from the author is coming out, excerpts from different authors in a similar genre and the author contact info and newsletter sign up stuff.
    5. Free books and the excerpts in the back of a book is usually how I find new authors.
    6. Editing is super important and maybe making sure new release and book series info is in the back to keep the new reader hooked on their books. That’s what happens to me, if I like the book I just read a lot, I want to go get the rest of the authors books to read as well.

  16. 1) Book, eBooks aren’t easily available in Singapore, but that’s ok because I still like the feel of a hardcopy book 😀
    4) I like to read excerpts of new books, and if it interests me, I’ll take note of the book to read when it’s available. Excerpts of books from other authors are nice as well, because sometimes it’s a little hard to find a new author that I like, so the excerpt is a nice intro. I actually read the author profiles as well
    5) Mainly from anthologies, and if I like the stories there I’ll look out for that author. The library here is pretty extensive too, so if I see a cover, or read a summary that interests me, I’ll borrow the book to have a look.
    6) Grammar and spelling is pretty important I suppose. One time I read a book that had 3 different versions of the Hero’s name, which was quite confusing. Something that drives me crazy is when the cover model looks nothing like the hero or heroine described in the book (could be just me though).
    But, in the end, I think just keep doing what you feel is right for the book. 🙂

  17. 1. Ereader
    2. iPad
    3. Depends on the book, author and whether it is a new chapter to a book coming out. I generally don’t read those of other authors or of books I have already read.
    4. Chapters of preview book by that author
    5. I find new authors by Goodread reviews, FB blogs, and author recommendations….especially yours because we have similar taste.
    6. Editing features are the most important for me to enjoy an indie author….that and a good plot!

  18. 1. A little of both?

    2. I prefer Kindle over Nook, Kobo and BAM?

    3. Yes

    4. Scrapped scenes (a dream!!!), author funnies, author info, upcoming book excerpts or scenes that the author is working on, recommendations on an author they love. Character biographies – especially if the book is part of a series so the new reader can get to know the characters better.

    5. Facebook, Goodreads, book review fb pages and blogs, fave authors (like you) recommendations and sometimes if I’m in Books-a-million (BAM), or an independent book store (I can’t tell you the last time I was inside a Barnes & Noble), an employee may see me looking at a book and recommend a similar author to me.

    6. I’m not a particular fan of “street teams” because some times they get out of control. Spelling and grammar issues (as well as bad editing) can get out of control… but if there are minor spelling or grammar issues, they don’t bother as much.

  19. I read both books and from my Kindle. While I enjoy the latter, I still like the feel and the smell of the books in my hand occasionally. Besides, I get paranoid about the power going out and having nothing to read. Ha! I do read the backs of the books, including author info, acknowledgements, previews of other books, and any chapters included. I find new author’s through blogs, Facebook, other authors’ recommendations, reader parties, and online ads. Like the reader parties where the hostess has several author’s help celebrate her release date with fun chats and giveaways. Kay Thomas did this and I won four books, three from author’s I had never read. Now they ate on my list.

  20. I only read print books. I know, I’m missing so many great reads that are only e-books.
    I do read all the way to the back and the few chapters that are there from the Author I’ve just read. I don’t always but I have read “From the desk” pages in the back as well from the different Authors.I find them on Amazon, Goodreads and Authors blogs I follow as well as genre blogs I read.

    Carol L

  21. 1. e-Reader
    2. Kindle Fire
    3. Yes I like to read about the next book in the series or about another book coming up.
    4. I like to know what is next with that author.
    5. I find new authors on Good Reads or through my friends. Kindle suggests new books based on what I have read so I find new authors that way too. I also follow the author(s) on Facebook, newsletters, etc.
    6. I like to know when the next book is coming out.

    Thanks Carly! Love your books!

  22. 1. Both

    2. I have an iPad and I did have a Kindle Fire until it died, now I have a new KindleFireHD coming

    3. Love backmatter and read it almost always to the end… If I’ve like the book. If I didn’t care for the book then probably won’t make it to the back stuff.

    4. Personally I like author’s notes and if the plot contains an historic or natural history element then I like to read some background about that. A little history about your subject. Maybe in your story the heroine’s ancestor’s house was a stop on the Underground Railroad, then a bit about that which pertains to the storyline. Things like that.

    5. Recommendations from clients, trusted authors on Twitter and Facebook, reviews in Publisher’s Weekly and other sources.

    6. Keep your sneak previews short, a scene or two and not a whole chapter or more. Each element of the backmatter not more than a couple of pages (on a tablet, not the smaller screened devices)

  23. 1. eReader
    2. Kindle & Kindle App on my iPad, iPhone and MacBook
    3. Sometimes, depends on what the content is
    4. Preview of the next book in the series by the same author
    5. Recommendation by friends, Facebook reading groups, review blogs. Once in a while in an free eBook notification
    6. Release date of next book in series

  24. 1 both (prefer book)
    2 Kindle
    3 Sometimes info on author
    4 Summary of book
    5 Recommendations from friends or advertisements
    6 Title and release of next book

  25. 1. eReader
    2: Kindle Paperwhite although I also have a Kindle DX plus the apps on my iPad and iPhone
    3. I sometimes read about the author but never chapters in the new/old book. It’s too much of a tease and then I have to wait months for the next book. 🙂
    4. Release info on the next book. A complete list of books by the author by series by release date.
    5. Author newsletters, sometimes the authors suggest others authors. I also depend on friends.
    6. No, just keep writing. I love your work.

  26. 1. eReader
    2. Nook
    3. Generally speaking, yes I read the back matter whether it’s a new book by the same author or another author’s info.
    4. Info about the next book if there is one
    5. Newsletters, FB, friends, other authors talking about their friends, etc.
    6. Nothing that I can think of….

  27. 1. Both
    2. Kindle
    3. I read the back matter of the book. If it an excerpt of a coming book, I might not read it all, but I read enough to wet my appetite for more. And I like that it might list past books, I may or may not have already read.
    4. Like to see next books upcoming
    5. Author or Book Blogs, FB, and my book club chats.
    6. Give us just a little smidgen of what’s to come next, not too long or too short an excerpt.. Just enough to wet our appetite.

  28. 1 book
    2(Kindle for PC)
    3 No
    4 Epilogue, info on next book
    5 blogs, FB, newsletters, Target shelf
    6 Not sure

  29. 1. Books & eReader
    2. Kindle
    3. Kindle, yes I do you read the back matter in your ebooks (chapter of a new book, info on author etc.)

    4. I like blurbs about upcoming books, and info on the author that wrote the book that I read.

    5. I find new books by a friends recommendation. But mostly through Amazon, Barnes and Nobles website and Facebook where I see new authors and/or new books.
    6. Not sure.

  30. 1. E-reader
    2. Started out with Kindle App on my computer so bought a Kindle.
    3. Not usually as I usually have the next book in line.
    4. Don’t have a ‘something’ I like in the back of book.
    5. I have found some new authors on FB or looking at covers of books. Word of mouth from friends.
    6. Don’t have anything for this one right now.

  31. 1 & 2. Love books but am now hooked on Kindle & Kindle for PC.
    3 & 4. I will usually read about the author & new books coming but rarely other author’s. Sometimes.
    5. Amazon Recommendations since I don’t do FB, etc. If the author has recommendations on her website, I will check those out.
    6. My friend Pamela Hutchins (.com) just went through the entire Indie author maze (and came out doing very well with her books) & then wrote a book about it. It tells you all sorts of info about wading thru those waters successfully. The book is “What Kind of Loser Indie Publishes, and How Can I Be One, Too?” She also has articles on her blog on her publishing website, Skip Jack Publishing (.com). Free info about indie publishing!

  32. 1. Like both book and reader
    2. Kindle
    3.yes I do read all previews
    4.book forums and clubs
    Amazon and Barnes n Noble
    5.Make sure grammar and spell check is used. The book enjoyment is ruined over spelling.Very unprofessional. I cringe.

  33. 1. Book or eReader? — prefer book

    2. If eReader – which one? — I have the Kindle-for-PC app

    3. If eReader – do you read the back matter in your ebooks? (chapter of a new book, info on author etc.) — I literally read a book, paper or eReader, front to back, all inclusive!

    4. What do you like in the back of your books? — I love bonus material for an upcoming book, 1-page ads for books in the same (or similar) genres, author picture/bio.

    5. And these days, how do you find “new to you” authors? — In just the last month or so, I’ve gotten involved in a ton of reviewer and author blogs, websites, FB pages, etc. It has been so awesome to meet “new-to-me” authors, as well as some of my “regulars.” I have always been in awe of authors, so I’m feeling just a little star-struck! 🙂

    6. Any other info you think an Indie author with control over what goes into their books should know? — nothing off the top of my head…

  34. 1. Both
    3.Yes I like to see what new books are about.
    4.Amazon and Barnes & Noble and author websites.
    5.News letters from authors I have signed with, other author recommendations.

  35. 1. Both but mainly ereader
    2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3-Kindle app
    3. Yes I read the back
    4. Facebook, Twitter, author contests or blogger contests
    5. Nope. Keep up the good work!

  36. 1. Book or eReader?
    I’m starting to like reading on an e-Reader.

    2. If eReader – which one?
    Ipad mini kindle app

    3. If eReader – do you read the back matter in your ebooks? (chapter of a new book, info on author etc.)
    nope. I have no idea where to find it (technologically challenged). I usually read the blurb on amazon, if it’s a new to me author.

    4. What do you like in the back of your books?
    Well, if I could find it, that would be nice 🙂

    5. And these days, how do you find “new to you” authors?
    I subscribe to several FB blogs and they usually recommend cheap books (I’m all about the cheap investments in a new author) or author recommendations.

    6. Any other info you think an Indie author with control over what goes into their books should know?
    nope 🙂

  37. 1. Book or eReader? Book

    2. If eReader – which one? Kindle/I-Pad Kindle App

    3. If eReader – do you read the back matter in your ebooks? (chapter of a new book, info on author etc.)
    Usually not, alhtough I read author info if it is a new author to me

    4. What do you like in the back of your books? Info such as when the next book will be published, other authors to check out

    5. And these days, how do you find “new to you” authors?
    Back of the book, reviews in magazines, as well as facebook, and your weekly question of Who are you reading?

    6. Any other info you think an Indie author with control over what goes into their books should know? The back story of the book (how the idea of how the book came to frutation) and some fun, silly facts about the author

  38. 1 books only
    2 don’t have one
    3 I do read the previews, author info, etc in the back of the regular books
    4 I enjoy seeing previews for new books, and info on other authors
    5 better proofreading, and a little more realism in character’s lives, and no more diet drinks—smart people should know how bad they are.

  39. 1-Both, but mostly on my ereader
    3-Sometimes I will read the info at the back. If I am in the middle of a series, I will skip the extras to start the next book.
    4-Previews of the authors other books and links to sign up on the authors FB page, newsletters, etc
    5-Grammar mistakes is what really gets to me. We all took basic English in school or at least I hope so. I do love to read the author info.

  40. 1-Ebook
    2-Kindle and Kindle HDX (my hands can no longer hold the real books)
    3-I read about the author to see if they are a PNW author, but I don’t like to read excerpts of new books because I don’t want new reads spoiled for me.
    4-I like to read the title of the next book in the series so I can continue to read that author (no question, I WILL read any Carly Phillips book!)
    5-I trust my favorite authors (Phillips, Shalvis, Mallery) so I will try anything they recommend. I get the Kindle daily deals also so if the book sounds interesting I will read it. This sometimes gets me in trouble because I want a ton of books by other authors. Sometimes I will get a book that sounds good only to find out it’s a slog to read. The I won’t read anything else in that series.
    6-Misspelling, grammatical errors, and arrangement flips bother me like crazy.

  41. 1-Ebook
    3-I do read the back info along with any teasers.
    4-The complete first chapter of the next book.
    5-Blogs, friend recommendations, other author’s I follow suggestions. Goodreads.
    6-Possible publishing dates of the teaser we just read. Possibly a link in goodreads so I can flag the book for me.

  42. 1. eReader – much easier to carry around and holds LOTS of books!
    2. In order of purchase: iPad 3rd gen; Nook HD; Kindle Fire HD 1st gen<–won this from an author on FB. My favorite is the Nook HD because it's light and easy to hold.
    3. Not usually because I have too many books I want to read. I will sometimes quickly scan these pages but mostly I don't like that I think I still have 10% of the book left to read only to find out that's not true.
    4. Info on other books by the same author; info about other authors who write similar books.
    5. FB mostly or other "free" digital book sites that I found out about on FB. I also subscribe to many author's newsletters so I can keep up with my favorites.
    6. Price is important. I hate it when I buy a book from a favorite author (or preorder) and then it goes on sale before I've had a chance to read it. I also LOVE bundled books (especially related series) but again, I HATE it when a bundle goes on sale after I've bought one but not read it yet.
    LOVE all of your books that I've read so far. Still making my way through your backlist. 🙂

  43. 1. both – whatever I have on hand when I’m ready
    2. ereader – kindle and kindle app on computer
    3. sometimes – depends on how much time I have when I finish the book
    4. I like info on the author and on new books in progress
    5. Paperbackswap.com, bookbubs, posts to FB when authors ask – who/what are you reading, online library emails from Suzanne Beecher.
    6. Love hearing about daily stuff from authors – their funny stories and info about their family and books.

  44. 1. Both
    2. Kindle Paperwhite and/or Kindle app on my android phone
    3. Sometimes. It depends on my mood and how late it is.
    4. Links to an author’s website, Facebook, info on others books by the author and upcoming books
    5. Facebook, book club recommendations, book related blogs that I follow and word of mouth
    6. Price and editing are of major importance. If the price is over $4.99 I have to step back and think about my purchase. Also, if the editing is poor the likelihood of my buying that author again drops.

  45. 1)Both
    2)micro cruz e-reader & PC kindle App
    3)Yes read back info especially preview books
    4) have discovered some new authors that way (some pub houses include other authors works in similar field)
    5)Facebook – got a couple of free books from those sponsored ads facebook does, got an excellent kids book and recommended that author to friends with children, free books mostly from Amazon, favorite author recommendations
    6)I always like the thanks to section in front of books, and bit of back story involved in the research especially if some humor in it. Proof checking done by a group seems more effective than by one person, hate in printed as well as e-books when chapters repeated, or words missing.

  46. 1) Both
    2) Kindle and a Toshiba Thrive
    3) Yes
    4) Sneak Peak of next book
    5) Gemma Halliday posts “Free-Book Friday” and I read new authors from that. Also, Writerspace is a good source for new authors.
    6) Proofread and then proofread again.

  47. 1) both
    2) kindle and iPad
    4)previews of upcoming books
    5)book clubs and author pages
    6)proof checking for grammar is huge to me

  48. 1. Both
    2. I own a Kindle with a lot of books on it.
    3. I’ll read theblurb or except for another book by the author. I’ll read about the author if it’s someone I don’t already know.
    4. I like the excepts of coming books. I like the get to know the author info as well as contact information – email, website, facebook, twitter, etc.
    5. I find new authors through the recommendation of authors I enjoy reading & respect.
    6. I really dislike all the typos I’ve found on ebooks which weren’t always in printed books. Please make sure it is well edited before being published. Also make sure the word gets out there as much as possible so we can find these books.

  49. 1)book of course
    2)neither yet
    4)reading the excerpts of the upcoming books
    5)I get a new email each day from pixel of ink and bookbub.
    6)I find out from the authors themselves

  50. 1. E-reader (after living overseas for three years)

    2. Kindle – only way to go now!

    3. Most of the time I read it, but I dislike it when there is 20% of the download left and I think I have more of the book to go. Then boom, it’s over and lots of extras. But I do find new authors that way.

    4. I like seeing what other books the author has written, especially if it’s a new author or a new series to me.

    5. I do sign up for author newsletters so I know what is coming or out there.

    6. What I dislike is when an ebook costs more than printed and can’t be lent to someone. I appreciate that the author gets paid royalties but paperback books get handed around many times. Ebooks don’t have that option so they should be less expensive.

    7. I love that authors are going to self publishing. Puts the big companies on notice that they need to pay attention to the readers wants and needs! Plus the author gets more of the $$ or at least I think they do.

  51. 1. Both – prefer books, ereaders bother my eyes so can’t read for long

    2. Kindle, Kindle for PC, Kindle for Ipad

    3. I read chapters or excerpts, will read about new authors

    4. List of other books, website to get more info

    5. I find new authors through reviews on blog and blog hops. Also recommendations from authors I already enjoy/follow.

    6. I don’t like a lot of editting errors. Turns me off an author right away.

  52. 1. Both, but prefer books.
    2. Kindle Fire & paper white, also have Kindle app on phone, laptop & tablet.
    3. I read the new chapters or excerpts, and about the author.
    4. I like to see what other books author has written, and info about the author. I also like to see the link to their website or facebook.
    5. I find authors through facebook, links to other websites, on Amazon, and through the Fantastic Fiction website.
    6. Proofread, proofread, proofread!!!

  53. 1. Both. I read books from the library since they are free. I have a rule never spend $5.00 on an e-reader. I bought your new ones on the Nook since you went indie and I want to support that.
    2. Nook
    3. Not usually. I don’t like spoilers. I know that if I like it I’m buying the next one,.
    4. An interview with the author that does not contain spoilers for the next book.
    5. Proofreading.

  54. 1. Love both!

    2. I mainly read on kindle fire but with PDF I read on ipad.

    3. I always read the back of story stuff! LOVE IT!

    4. I love reading what’s coming up, how to follow the author, etc!

    5. I find “new to me authors” on book blogs!

  55. 1. Love both!

    2. I mainly read on kindle fire but with PDF I read on ipad.

    3. I always read the back of story stuff! LOVE IT!

    4. I love reading what’s coming up, how to follow the author, etc!

    5. I find “new to me authors” on book blogs!

    6. Make sure editing is good…frustrating to read books that haven’t been proofread very good!!

  56. 1. Book but I do read e-books
    2. I have a Kobo and use Kindle app on PC.

    3. I usually read what is there if I can.

    4. Pictures of the author. List of other books.

    5. Blogs I read. Also facebook and yahoo groups I belong to.

    6. Spell check or have someone do it for you.

  57. 1. Both

    2. Kindle

    3. Yes

    4. Summaries of other books by that author or similar authors (also enjoy coupons off upcoming book)

    5. Author’s pages, Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon

    6. previews for upcoming books

  58. 1. Both
    2. Kindle Fire
    3. I usually try to read the previews.
    4. I like previews of upcoming books and also author info
    5. I find new authors by trolling around Amazon and our local libraries digital book web pages. Also off of facebook.
    6. Nothing that you haven’t done previously.

  59. 1. eReader!

    2. mostly on my Nook, but I do use my Kindle app

    3. If I’m in the middle of a series, yes. If they introduce other works by the author, yes. The only time I do not is if it’s of a previous book in the series, or if it was something that I already read.

    4. Author info and a short preview for next.

    5. Word of mouth, through browsing different reader blogs or the BN top 100 books.

    6. Proofread and edit! A majority of the indie books are are pretty good with the editing and proofing, but it still hurts to see “you’re” when it should be “your”.

  60. 1. Mostly ebook, but sometimes paper book
    2. Kindle or kindle app on iPad
    3. I do read the back matter in the ebooks. I especially love preview chapters.
    4. I love preview chapters for next book, contact info for the author, preview chapter of other author’s books.
    5. I usually find new authors from other reader’s recommendations. I love when authors suggest other author’s books.
    6. Can you allow your books to be lendable for kindle and nook? Know many pubs have taken that function away.

  61. 1. E-Reader preferably but paper is good.

    2. Nook HD (with Kindle App and Overdrive App)

    3. I avoid the previews in any book. Never fails I’d read it and then when I get that book, I’d read the same chapter and think I’d read it already.

    4. Nothing. (or maybe just a list of books by that author)

    5. Book Blogs and Friends (usually through FB posts)

    6. Pricing.

  62. 1. both
    2. Kindle app
    3. usually yes
    4. nothing specific
    5. often from info in the books I read – sometimes from recommendations from other readers on FB author pages.

  63. 1 both
    2 nook
    3 Sometimes, depends on if the book ‘grabbed’ me.
    4 previews or chapters from other series by author.
    5 free books, recommendations by other readers
    6 I love indie books, but so many of them seem to have proofing errors. This tends to distract me from the story.

  64. 1. Book

    2. I have a Nook but I rarely use it – mostly for travel and for novellas that are only available in e form.

    3. I do read the stuff at the end.

    4. Excerpt of the author’s new book. Recommendations for other books.

    5. I have a lot of sources: author newsletters & websites, other newsletters (Fresh Fiction, Berkely, etc), I browse Amazon.com for future releases. Recommendations from friends. I get author alerts from the library. Browse at the book store.

    6. I like the author backlist in publication/series order in the front of the books. Again, excerpt from the new book in the back.

  65. e-reader but still read books too. Got a book for Christmas

    Kindle (original) or Kindle App on iPad

    I read all the back stuff until the end. I love reading a chapter of a new book because if I like it I will preorder it immediately

    I like everything in the back of the book and again, read it to the end.

    I have found most new authors through other authors that I already follow (you are a good one to let me know about new authors)

    I really appreciate finding out about new authors and getting their books. My biggest problem is finding enough time to read all of them. 🙂

    I like a lot of authors (Lori Foster, Jessica Lemon, Jill Shalvis, Kristin Higgins, etc.) but you are truly my favorite. You had me at the Playboy series. Your books are usually funny, sexy (oh yeah) and tell a great story. Please keep it up.

  66. 1. eReader…. It’s a lot easier to carry “all those books” 😉

    2. I have a nook and I use the kindle app

    3. Yes, I read the back matter… This is how I learn about new authors or different books from the author.

    4. Excerpts from previous books, upcoming books and from authors that are similar in style.

    5. I get newsletters and browse the free book sites to get different author books before I decide to buy.

    6. Watch the typos!!! A lot of times these types of books have typos that tend to take away from the meat of the book. Like the main character flips from he to she or their name changes from one sentence to another.

  67. 1. eReader

    2. iPad ….I prefer the Kindle App, but also have Nook and iBooks Apps.

    3. Yes, I read the back matter most of the time.

    4. Ads for books from similar authors, information about the author, a preview of another book by that author (though I usually don’t read those cause I’m too impatient to wait for the rest of the book, but it helps me add a book to my To-Read List)

    5. GoodReads website, recommendations from friends, authors websites (like when good authors like you recommend other authors as well), and ads at ends of books.

    6. Make sure editing stays stringent. Love lists in the books of authors previous and/or upcoming works arranged in all important series order.

  68. 1) books only

    2 &3) N/A

    4) I see what the other authors are offering and if I like what I read then I’ll consider purchasing at least on of their books

    5) If I like an author then I go to their website and sign up for their newsletters. I LOVE the authors that list all of their books on their website and the order in which you should read them and if some books are separate stories they let you know that too but, not all authors do this. I wish that every book in a series states which book it is besides this is the first book in a series and then after that, you’re on your own to figure it out.

    6) I think those who edit the books should really pay attention to the words written because there are way too many typos in so many books, regardless of the author.

  69. 1. I have both, but lately I’ve been using my ereader more!

    2. I have an iPad: with the iBooks, kindle, and nook apps on it

    3. Yes

    4. I like how they give an excerpt of a new book the most!!! The information about the author is good as well especially if I really like the author.

    5. Mostly on goodreads but Facebook has sparked some interests of mine with new authors lately as well!

    6. The only complaint I’ve ever had for any book I’ve read is editing!!! It seems everyone misses typos etc!

  70. 1. Either but easier to carry my e-reader.
    2. I usually use my basic kindle; can read outside and there is no glare. Like my Nook color for playing games, reading magazines,etc.
    3. Yes
    4. I like previews of new books coming out the most. Helps me decide to buy or not (often sucks me in!)
    5. Audible reviews, amazon, goodreads, recommendations from friends.
    6. Like to see other books by author and other books in series (in order of release).

  71. 1. Book
    2. Kindle App
    3.Sometimes yes
    4. Excerpts from new books.
    5. Romantic Times, Amazon Recommended Reads, New Book display at Barnes&Noble,Facebook, Twitter of Favorite authors

  72. 1. Books
    2 Nook and Kindle App which I use them both
    3. Sometimes
    4. about new books.
    5.FB, Twitter, other authors, friends
    6 I read a lot and am always looking for the new series or upcoming books in an old series. It’s sometimes hard to keep up especially when you read as much as I do so maybe not just a excerpt of a new book but the name of the book coming out after that as well. Like what was done with Dare to Love. which I preordered.

  73. 1. both
    2. IPad- kindle app
    3. always
    4. & 5. I like preview chapters of other authors. It’s one way to discover new authors. Friends, browse library shelves, Bookbub, friends.

  74. 1 – Both but I prefer eReader
    2 – Kindle Fire and Kindle Paperwhite
    3 – Yes
    4 – A synopsis of the book
    5 – Writerspace chats, Night Owl Reviewer chats, Amazon recommendations, email recommendations, facebook (when authors ask what everyone is reading)

  75. 1-Both, no preference, each is easier in different circumstances.
    2. Ipad/kindle app and a KindleFire/ actually prefer the iPad
    3. yes
    4. Love sample chapters, found lots of new books and authors that way.
    5.Facebook, word of mouth, goodreads Amazon recommendations.
    6.contact info, bios, sample of the authors other books.

  76. 1. Book, I like the feel of a book in my hands and the sound of a new spine creaking.

    2. Refuse to get one

    3. N/a

    4. A chance to find new authors: either excerpts or just a thank you for reading my books – you may like this one as well, (insert author or book title here)

    5. Bookstores, just looking through the shelves to see what grabs me. Facebook. Author recommendations. Friend or family recommendation.

    6. Just keep doing what you do.

  77. 1) Both
    2) Kindle app
    3) No
    4) Author info, book lists for author, etc.
    5) Library, social media, contests, stores, etc.
    6) Errors (any type) drive me batty. I hate it when the timeline doesn’t jive in a series. I don’t really like to read excerpts for books. Love it when the series is put into reading order (have had some that were written out of order and author didn’t specify which order to read).

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  78. 1. Book or eReader? Both

    2. If eReader – which one? I have a Kindle Fire HD and a Nook but I use the Kindle more.

    3. If eReader – do you read the back matter in your ebooks? (chapter of a new book, info on author etc.) Yes, I read the stuff in the back. You never know when you are going to find a new great book.

    4. What do you like in the back of your books?
    I like previews to the next book or other books.

    5. And these days, how do you find “new to you” authors?
    From blogs, other authors

    6. Any other info you think an Indie author with control over what goes into their books should know?
    I sometimes like when an author writes a personal letter to everyone sometimes explaining why they wrote that book or how something affected them in real life to help with the story. It’s a nice, little personal touch.

  79. 1. Both. It’s funny, but I actually prefer electronic. It’s easier to hold for me. I have some neck issues.
    2. Nook
    3. I never read chapters for a different book in the back. I get hooked in a story too easy and it’s irritating to wait for the book.
    4. I like things like character bios, info about the setting, back story type of stuff.
    5. Recommendations from friends, FB, or finding cheap books at garage sales that look interesting.
    6. Love to see series order to date and list of other bools by author.

  80. 1. I prefer a book

    2. I have a kindle and hate it. Been wanting to buy a iPad.

    3. I always read the back stuff whether it is a book or ereader.

    4. Chapter of your next book, other authors books.

    5. Facebook, internet and AMAZON

    6. Your newsletters help a great deal

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