Happy Birthday Brady

Baby boy is three. How that is possible, I don’t know.  TIME FLIES!  A little about him: He’s a cuddler, a doofus, and a silly boy.  He keeps me company while I write, curling up on my right side while I sit in my recliner or on my bed and work.  He gives Bailey a hard time at the bottom of the steps on her way up, trying to play King.  (Hence the crown).  He has some bad habits that I can not post anywhere on the Internet.  It’s just too humiliating.  But he makes up for it every other way.  He isn’t Buddy’s replacement but he has filled a hole in my  heart and he definitely adds joy to my life.  So HAPPY BIRTHDAY SILLY MAN!

IMG_0913Tell me about pets.  Have any? Dog? Cat? Plural? Multiples? And wish the silly man a happy birthday.  He likes to feel important

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  1. Awww! How sweet! Happy Birthday! We have a zoo! My boys and I have a mini dachshund and 3 cats, and if it was up to my youngest son we would have even more. He has a big heart for shelter animals and wants to rescue them all!

  2. So cute. Happy Birthday,Brady. WE have a Shih Tuz named Max and he has us very well trained. We give in to his every wish. He is my late night pal.

  3. So adorable. Happy Birthday Brady. Sadly I don’t have any pets at this time but my neighbors make up for it with cats, dogs, birds and hamsters. 🙂
    Carol L

  4. Happy Birthday Brady!! Since you’re 21 in doggie years you can now do so much more 😉 My Maggie a Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix will be 10 this year, she is always nearby because she has to be my bodyguard, listens to all my problems and never shares a secret.

  5. Cute picture. Hope he gets a few special treats for his birthday!

    We have a 6 year old cat we got from a rescue place. Fluffy doesn’t know she’s a cat though. She plays chase and hide and seek with my husband, sleeps a lot in the rocking chair in our family room especially when we’re there and plays fetch when we throw her toys and plastic rings to her. Her downside is she still scratches no matter how many scratching posts or pads or toys she has. We spray catnip or rub catnip on them to no avail. We have also spray things with a no scratch spray, have used double sided tape, etc but she doesn’t seem to care. No new family room furniture is in the offing as a result.

  6. Happy birthday, Brady! Being from New England, my family loves that name (even after this weekend). We have a crazy dog named Jack and two rats named Candy and Trixie. I know they are stripper names but my ten year old daughter named them, not me 😉

  7. Happy Birthday Brady! Sometimes, as hard as you try to break them, unless you “Catch them in the act” it’s hard to break. Sometimes you have a take a step backwards and tether them to you so that if they start to get “into position” you scoop them up and take them outside!

  8. We have two cats and two dogs. Nosy is a diabetic cat and we give him insulin shots twice a day. Smoky is aka Shy Cat. Our granddaughter was three before she knew we had two cats. Chewie (Chewbacca) and Pepper are snorkies (yorkie and schnauzer mix). They are brother and sister one litter apart. They are small(15 and 10 pounds) and travel everywhere with us. We travel in a 5th wheel. Happy Birthday, Brady. I hope you have a fun day filled with treats.

  9. Happy Birthday Brady!!! Many best wishes (and many cuddles) on your special day. I am down to 3 kitties currently (one went missing before the new year). My girls are: Misty-9 year old grey tiger, Sophie- 5 year old brindle and Ivy (the tree monster)- 7 month old black baby. I hope your Momma spoils you rotten today!

  10. Happy Birthday Brady! No pets for me currently. I live in an apartment with a no pet policy. Hoping to move within the next year or so and thinking about getting a puppy then.

  11. Happy Birthday Brady!!!! At my house we have 2 little dogs that are shih tzu and pug (Duke & Gizmo) and a big golden retriever (Harlee), that is still a pup. They go round and round because Harlee likes to antagonize them as they are almost 11 now. It sure gets fun at times

  12. Happy Birthday Brady. My baby has been gone a long time now, toy poodle. I probably won’t get another one unless my husband goes before me then I will.

  13. Happy Birthday Brady…
    I don’t have any pets, but I am an aunt to three dogs and two cats. Abby, Banner and Charlie are my doggie niece and nephews and Lucy and Oliver are my kitty niece and nephew.. They get treated with as much love as their two legged counterparts.

  14. So cute! Love the crown! Our animals are all contained – we aren’t home all that much & my husband is allergic to cats. We have a rabbit, hamster, mouse & fish.

  15. You just described my morkie Teddy. He’s 2 years old & 6 pounds. He doesn’t replaced our last dog but brings joy to us. He is also a snuggler & cuddler, yet can be a very silly boy. He is our only pet. Teddy & I say Happy Birthday to Brady!!!

  16. Happy Birthday Brady! Behave yourself and give your mom a present! I have a seven year old cat that I kind of inherited. BUT, I live on my daughter’s farm and right this minute we have another cat (for the barn), two dogs, two horses, a cow, four goats (all pregnant and due next month), two sheep (both pregnant and due next month), five adult pigs and one teenage pig! Four of the pigs are sows and right now we have a litter of eight piglets that are a week old and a litter of 14 that are six days old. Two more sows due next month. Why so many due next month? My daughter provides animals for the local 4H and FFA kids (which includes my two oldest Grands) and wants them to have a good selection. She even provides a place for the kids to keep their animals as long as they take care of them. What the kids don’t take she sells. I pulled all nighters last week delivering baby pigs. But they are so darn cute and it’s so rewarding when you work like crazy to get one to breath and then it survives and thrives. We’ve had a couple of those with these last two births. I love having them all so near and not having to be responsible for them!

  17. Happy Birthday, Brady!!! We have a 5 1/2 year old Great Pyrenees/Lab mix. His name is Mikey and he weighs 125 lbs! We adopted him from the Humane Society when he was 4. Couldn’t ask for a better dog – well-behaved, gentle, leash & house trained! He’s quite the special dog!

    We also have 2 indoor cats, Abby (the tabby) and Muffin (the part-siamese) and one outdoor cat, Sugar, who we saved from living on the streets in a small town in Oklahoma about 8 years ago. She’s our mouser!

  18. Happy Birthday Brady,you are really special,we share the month of January for our Birthdays mine is tomorrow have a great day relaxing:)

  19. Happy birthday Brady! We lost our female and male terrier and schnauzer mixes to old age 10 1/2 and 15 1/2 and replaced them with an 8 pound Maletees. It had been so long since we’d had an active dog and this little devil is a hand full. He loves to bark at the neighborhood kids as if to announce that it’s his neighborhood.

  20. Happy Birthday Brady!

    We don’t have any pets. I have too many allergies. Used to have a bunny but it was too hard to breath and he set my asthma off. 🙁

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  22. I have a tri/calico cat. Her name is Angel and she is a rescue. My adopted son was working in Miami (construction) and he called me because they had this tiny kitten begging for food. He brought her home and she weighed 3 lbs.. When I brought her to the vet he informed me this baby was over a year old and she was riddled with parasites. It took us 4 months to get her healthy. She has been with me for 7 years now and weighs in at 10 lbs.

  23. My “kids” Dexter (my 7 year old Miniature Schnauzer/Shih tzu mix) and Wilson (my 5 year old Miniature Scnuazer) wish Brady a Happy Birthday!

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