How Do You Wake?

So I’m curious … how do you wake up in the morning? Do you need an alarm? More than one? Is it next to your bed? Or does it need to be across the room so you HAVE to stand up and not get back into bed?

My routine goes something like this … If I’m waking my daughter for school at say 6:50, I will set my iPhone alarm for 6:30 and another alarm (on same phone) for 6:50.  The 6:30 is so I wake up and come to myself before having to drag my body out of bed to turn on her light and make sure she wakes up. If I know I’m going to get involved in something once I wake her, I’ll set another alarm for 10 minutes later so I don’t forget to make sure she’s actually out of bed. In other words, I need a pre-wakeup, wakeup! On the weekends, I don’t set an alarm. AND if it’s during the week and for some reason I don’t need to wake her up first, I set my alarm for 7:30 so I don’t sleep in and I make sure I get my day moving! HOW DO YOU WAKE?

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  1. :mummy2: yeah it is like that no matter what time I have to get up! I only need an alarm if I have to get up earlier like today. Otherwise my internal clock wakes me up on time.

  2. My body clock wakes me up between 5 and 530 every morning. It wasn’t like that when I had to wake my daughters up for school. Then I needed an alarm. But now it’s different. I like it because I have time to enjoy my coffee and read whatever is on my kindle before others in the household start talking to me. lol

  3. Am up between 5-5:30 every day. Arthritis pain encourages me to “seek heating pad and ice packs” so UP I get. And am a morning person so prefer to get up early and go to bed early. I do set an alarm for 6AM (live in eternal Hope that I might just sleep that late – haha) but shut it off as soon as I get up.

  4. I set my phone alarm to the time I need to wake up and most of the time I wake up even before the alarm since sadly my body is so used to waking up early. I wake up between 05:15 to 05:30 a.m for work so during the weekends I only set an alarm if I have plans and if not I can sleep in until 11 or 12.

  5. During the week I set my alarm for 6:10 but am usually awake before the. I have to get my three kids on the bus by 7. If it’s the weekend and I do t have plans then there is no alarm!!

  6. I am one of those disgusting morning people. I jump out of bed ready to go :dog: but after noon I start to slow down and by 10 pm I am toast :sleep:

  7. I am one of those people who gets up immediately when the alarm goes off. Now we are retired so we only use an alarm clock when we absolutely have to. Then I use my cell phone.

  8. I use an alarm clock. I get up around 3:15 in the morning so if I don’t I will definitely oversleep. 🙂

  9. the sun is up-i am up and i get moving-shower, coffee, read, etc. totally a morning person. if i need to get up earlier (spring/summer am up at 5; winter at 6), i set my alarm and as soon as it goes off, i am up and in shower. hubby’s alarms (4) go off starting at 6 a.m. usually by 7:30-7:45 he is heading down for coffee. no comment there.

  10. I have a clock radio set for 6:30, since I drive my daughter to school. Sometimes I push the snooze for 7 min. Over the summer, I may not set it, as I just lost one of my part time jobs & don’t have anywhere to be in the morning & my husband is working 3:30-11pm. I imagine I will wake up by 10!

  11. During the week I set my iPhone alarm for 5:00am and when it goes off I get up. I have never been one to hit a snooze button. On the weekends I have 2 alarm clocks that are ages 9 and 6 who feel like they have to be up early. During the week when it is time for them to get up for school they don’t want to get up that early! :wtf:

  12. I use an app on my iPhone called Sleep Cycle. I’ve been using it for a few months now and really like it. I can set it to any sound or music on my phone (I use a chant that starts out low and soft.)

  13. Since I’m sixty and not working at the moment, I wake on my own. Back when I worked I used an alarm. I am so used to getting up early, however, that I just naturally seem to wake about the same time every day. I very seldom sleep in.

  14. I use an alarm set to music right next to my bed. It goes off at 5:40 Monday thru Friday. I usually lay in bed for a minute or two before I get up and get started with my day. For the most part no alarm on the weekend.

  15. I wake up when the aches and pains of my body start to escalate making me move, very slowly mind you, to another spot on the bed. Then when I get all the body parts moving do I get out of bed. Of course this wakes me up several times a night, so the morning is just last time before I actually rise from the bed.

  16. During the school year, I set my iphone for 5:45 am and then 6 am. Then, I am sure to wake up. If I wake up ‘naturally’, I ‘natually’ wake up at 7 am. I never used to be a ‘snooze’ person, but I seem to have become one over the last few years.

  17. School is still in, so I have an alarm set, because my kids don’t hear their alarms. I allow myself one snooze. Sunday I set it an hour later for church. Saturday I set it only if I have to be somewhere early. I still find myself awake earlier than I would wish though!

  18. My alarm clock is a 9lbs. Ball of fur. Each morning she attacks my feet. She gets pissed when I no longer hop out of bed immediately. Unfortunely due to some health problems I need to take my temp & do some stretching exercises before my feet hit the floor. Of course if the feet attack doesn’t work she just uses my ass as her personal trampoline. Trust me she is the best alarm clock to have. She won’t take NO for an answer

  19. I used to have trouble with alarms when I was working. I moved the clock/radio so I would have to get up to turn it off. Then I started not hearing the alarm so I bought a special alarm clock. It has a bed shaker and an insistent obnoxious sound. I don’t sleep through that.

  20. I generally wake at 5, but try not to get out of bed until 6. I do have the alarm set for 5:45 with a radio wake up. That will gently wake me if I am not already up. If the sun is out, I will be out of bed long before the radio turns on. I never turn the alarm off and on weekends, I occasionally turn the radio off and sleep in until 7:30.

  21. When I was working and when I need to be up early for an appt I set an alarm on my radio and wake to music. Any other day I’m awake anytime between six and eight. AND, I get up. I only stay in bed if I’m sick.

  22. I would love to say I wake up early automatically, hop out of bed ready to face the day with a smile on my face and energy in my step. Alas. It’s more like :bite:

    I do roll out of bed. And I’m never in a bad mood. And I head straight to the Keurig with Tully’s Italian roast pods and sugar free Torani chocolate syrup. THEN my day starts!

  23. I’m glad to hear that someone else also does the two alarm thing on their iPhone! I do this so that one wakes me up and the other reminds me it’s time to pick someone up.

    Since I’m retired I only set an alarm when I really have to get up at a specific time.

  24. 4 AM my eyes pop open and I am ready to go. Does not matter if it is the weekend or vacation 4 AM is the hour

  25. Since I work from home these days, I don’t need an alarm BUT I’m a morning person so I usually wake up around 5 AM or so. (Not that I get out of bed all the time, at that time!) But if I go back to sleep? I have this short, furry alarm that goes off. Yup, my cat climbs on my chest and demands food. Sigh. He doesn’t do that to the hubs ’cause he knows hubs won’t wake up! :waves:

  26. The alarm is set for 6:00 am, but the clock is 15 minutes fast! So, I hit the alarm and then lay in bed for 15 minutes until it really IS 6:00! I turn on the light for my sophomore to get up and then put on the news.
    I’m usually awake around the same time on the weekends without an alarm but I try to stay in bed until 7

  27. Alarm clock and yes, I hit the snooze button a couple of times.

    But today and tomorrow is not an issue as I am taking a couple of vacation days.

  28. I use an alarm clock on my nightstand. I usually beat it, but sometimes it wakes me up. :groan: :yourock:

  29. I set an alarm and most days I get up when the alarm goes off. There have been some days when I turn the alarm off and go back to sleep.

  30. I’m retired so I get up on my own usually around 7. If I need an alarm, I use my phone. I was surprised at how early some of your readers get up!

  31. My alarm is set for 5 am on workdays so I have time to walk before work. Even when I don’t set an alarm on the weekend, I will wake up no later than 6 am. I might be able to sleep a little bit longer, but still am awake by 6 no matter what. I wish I could sleep in…

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