If you watch General Hospital ….

Let’s dish!
~ How badly will Michael spiral after yesterday’s news? What will he do?
~ Will Max survive? (Better yet will they just get Max and Diane back together?)
~ If you’re dumb enough to break Heather out, you get what you deserve – yes, Sonny, sperm King, this means you!
~ Who else wants Nina to just GO AWAY AND NEVER COME BACK?
~ Jordan, it’s time to fess up. This under cover gig is going on too long!
~ Julian and Alexis belong together.
Your thoughts????????

9 thoughts on “If you watch General Hospital ….”

  1. I couldn’t agree more with all you have posted! I love Michelle Stafford, but Nina is driving me bonkers (which I know is what the writers want, but…). I also was glad to see that Michael finally knows what Sonny and Carly have been up to. Normally the wool is always pulled over his eyes, so to see him finally learn the truth was a long time coming.

    I personally love Alexis and Julian together, so I do hope they end up together. And, while I don’t mind the fact that Jordan is undercover, I agree, people need to know it now!

  2. I think Sonny should have shot Franco long before this. Carly is an idiot. Eva needs to pay for her Connie’s death. Michael needs to hear the truth. His brother needs to grow up and they really need a new actor for Morgan.
    And most of all they need to vanish NINA to hell and take her mother and her aunt with her. And oh, her cousin Britt too.. Max will live.. And Alexis need to find someone who is not a villain. She deserves a nice guy, but not Ned.
    The real Luke needs to come back…
    The bottom line.. I am really fed up with GH and I have been watching it for over 40yrs and it’s really beginning to bug me. I thinking about not watching it anymore.

    • Swore when they brought in the new guy for Jason I was done. Had to see Franco’s performance and Michael spiral out.

      Have literally watched my whole like (38 years) and depending on how stupid this story line gets, I will be done.

  3. Is GH STILL on TV???? DDAYYUUMMM I remember watching that soap over 40 years ago with my aunt .. but that was in the Steve and Audrey days.

  4. I want Maxie and Nathan together and what’s up with that judge? When r they going to find out Luke is in that nut house? Maybe when they put Nina in? Does she really think they will believe the baby is hers? The story could have been so much better if she wasn’t so nuts…lol
    Did you see Michael with the gun on the previews? Omg can’t wait!

    • I too love Maxie and Nathan together. That judge is bad, abuse of office.

      They’ll find the real Luke when they put Heather back, or try to and she escapes.

      Michael is a Quartermaine, Corinthos, Benson with some Spencer thrown in.

  5. The last couple of days of General Hospital have been OUT OF CONTROL, but in a great way! Michael finally learns the truth, but not all that Kiki was holding out on him. Once he learns what she has been sharing with Morgan, Michael is going to lose his mind! I just hope the spoilers are wrong that says he ends up with Rosalie.

    Nina is pure evil, but in a soapy way. What human being can be in a coma for over 20 years, wake up & be perfectly mobile. The scenes between her & Ava were unbelievable. I’m hoping that Madeline confesses to giving Kiki to Ava to raise and that she’s really Nina’s & Silas’.

    I adore Alexis & Julian together. Now that Anthony Geary is back taping, I hope we find out who Fluke is this month and that Julian can finally get back on Alexis’ good side (& bed).

    I’m liking Billy Miller as Jason. I can’t wait to see how his Jason reacts to Sam, even though I’m not in least upset with pairing Sam & Patrick together.

    Max has to survive… we don’t see him enough on GH anymore, nor do we see Diane.

    Heather is a nutcase, and you’re right you get what you deserve if you break her out of the funny farm. I can take her for just a short time before I have an itchy fast forward finger.

    Franco… Not saying that Carly didn’t deserved to be called out for sleeping with Sonny while engaged to Franco, but not while there were children in the room. I loved Roger when he played Todd on OLTL & then GH, but I am not loving him as Franco. That may change if they pair Nina & Franco together.

    There’s more, but work is calling my name. I’ll be on later tonight if you want to continue via Twitter…

  6. Here’s my rant from Good Reads:
    Michael is finally living up to his name and heritage … Michael Corinthos, bio son of Carly and AJ. Guess he can’t be like his first “father” Jason forever… the crazy genes finally kicked in. Expect epic fallout if he finally goes all out.

    Max better survive. Without Milo, who’s left… his anonymous team? Max and the indomitable Ms. Miller belong together. They work… who else can accept his job and hers… have the stamina to keep up with the other and deal with the crazy that ensues in their lives?!

    I’d be happy if both Nina and Jordan disappear forever. Surely they can find a better match for Shawn, and another informant/undercover cop?

    Alexis and Julian do seem to always come back together. Fab chemistry. Her and Ned… like seeing her with her BFF. Ned and Olivia… a better match… he does love those tough girls of”the neighborhood” from which she, Sonny and Lois originated. Eddie’s Angel days are long past. Great at the time, but that book is long closed.

    Heather, when you can’t figure out a way to really up things for sweeps… bring in the crazy… love that Franco’s not as sold on her as she seems to think. can you say mommy dearest?

    How about Ana and Duke! That’s quit the sticky wicket… and Scotty needs to take a step back before his rise to power catches up with him and he ends up at Pentonville with the lot of ’em… supposing he can make charges stick against the gangster and his babies’ momma.

    And what about “Jake” aka Jason? Personally, if they can’t get the Steve Burton back, they should just leave Jason dead. I realize he and Michael are the ties that bind and keep ’em all from comin’ unwound, but without the original Stone Cold to play Jason, I’m not interested.

    That’d be like suddenly having someone other than Maurice B. play Sonny, or someone beside Genie Francis to play Laura and other than Tony G. to play Luke (and don’t get me started on that ridiculous fake Luke, Jerry jax scheme), or other than Rebecca H. playing Elizabeth, or a new Audrey or Bobbie.

    Was bad enough with 2 other guys they brought in to play Lucky and the many women who played Carly. The replacement thing obviously didn’t work with Maxie, who isn’t a top star (although I LOVE her and her detective), and I HATE the Lulu. Another person they should have just let die already or left in deep freeze.

    Don’t get me wrong. The guy they’ve got for “Jake” is not bad; he’s just not Steve, not Stone Cold Jason who was so integral to so many story lines over the years. I’d like him as anyone else. He even has OK chemistry with Elizabeth, but he’s not Mr. Burton. Leave Jason dead or on the limb …. unknown fate instead of bringing in a new actor to play him.

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