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Yesterday my daughter and I were at the local mall. We were eating in the mall part right outside of Nordstroms. Suddenly the Nordstrom gate went down, so did the gate for the coffee shop. We didn’t know what was going on. We figured it was electrical or something. We ate and continued walking towards another store at the end of the floor. Most of the store doors were closed. When we got where we were going, we went inside and asked if they were open? They said yes, come in. We asked what was going on – Two men stole watches from Tourneau – and they locked down the stores. And my daughter and I were blissfully eating, then shopping, unaware. Is that OK? For the mall to have the stores shut their doors but the shoppers are left out to fend for themselves. REALLY!?

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    • And if they had made an announcement and people panicked โ€“ how many people could have been hurt? Or if the robbers took a hostage or 4? Or shot someone? Like they say โ€“ ignorance is bliss.

  1. They say ignorance is bliss but I don’t think so in this case! They should have said or done something to keep the customers safe.

  2. Wow, that really is scary and to be there with your child. I would have been scared if I’d been there by myself but to have my boys with me and something like that happens, that just adds a whole new level of scared. I understand somewhat the closing of the stores because they want to limit the thieves opportunity to move around but to leave the customers out, no knowing what is going on, that doesn’t make any sense to me, seems like it leaves a door open for the thieves to up the game and make it more than just theft. Glad you were both ok!

  3. I had a similar situation at a mall recently. We were selling Girl Scout cookies when one of the store managers approached us. It turns out that one of our customers had gone into a store and stolen a very expensive pair of glasses. He wanted to know if she had paid with a credit card so security could more easily track her. It was very upsetting to learn that our girls were on the security tape with the woman just moments before her crime. All of the other shoppers around us were totally unaware of what had happened. Now, when I’m at the mall, if I see security and cops I pay much closer attention.

  4. Yes, they should definitely have a system in place to alert shoppers. I hope it means that they didn’t have weapons, just snuck out with stuff, and if there was an obvious threat mgmt. would be pulling shoppers.

  5. And if they had made an announcement and people panicked – how many people could have been hurt? Or if the robbers took a hostage or 4? Or shot someone? Like they say – ignorance is bliss.

  6. An annoncement would not have made any difference … I worked in a mall and we had a fire. The fire alarm went off to tell costomers to leave the mall and very few did. Most wanted to continue shopping even with me standing there saying there is a fire in the back room , clear out so the fire fire department can get in. Nope they wanted to complete their purchase! If there was a danger to the mall the lock down sound would have been activated and cusomers locked in the store with the employees.

  7. That’s creepy! Glad you two are okay. But the businesses were protecting their inventory and their own. They were doing their due diligence — not that it excuses leaving the customers hangin’. Yeesh!

  8. When Hot Nerd Hubby and I were dating, we went to the mall to buy him a suit to wear to church. We were just standing there when someone bolted by us and out the door with two other guys hot on his heels. Hot Nerd Hubby took off after them. I had no idea what was going on until he came back in and said the first guy was a thief and he had helped to catch him! I was terrified that he could have been hurt, but he was a hero that day.

  9. I think seeing two gates going down would have prompted me to react sooner–but it’s easy to say that now.

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