ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I have been nominated by my fellow (brave) author and friend, Keri Ford to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I freely admit to not being as brave or fun as most of you who’ve accepted the challenge. So … I doubled the amount of the $$ required should I choose NOT to have ice water dumped over my head and donated $200 to ALS. It should be noted, when I mentioned it to my husband, he didn’t jump at the chance to soak me, he looked at me like I was crazy and said: DONATE!  I’ve donated. Am I forgiven for not taking it like a brave woman?

AND I NOW HEREBY NOMINATE: Anna Cuneo and my author friends Carrie Ann Ryan (who I adore and think will react as I have but for more honest reasons) and Angel Payne, my new sprinting partner.

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18 thoughts on “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”

  1. I would not dump ice on my head either so I applause your donation in the true spirit of supporting the ALS cause. I fear the message of this horrible condition has somewhat gotten lost in the fun of the ice dump!

  2. Some people have done the ice bucket challenge but don’t donate money. I think you are a brave person for admitting that. :yourock:

  3. Why are people jumping on the bandwagon for ALS? I hate being bullied into things and this is one of them. I donate thru my bi-weekly paycheck to several charities… this ice bucket challenge to me may have raised millions but it did so thru Facebook cyberbullying. What is next… punches for pooches???

  4. No worries. The challenge is just for fun and make everyone feel more involved. Your donation to help defeat ALS is more important. 🙂

  5. The challenge isn’t for everyone and if you would rather not do it, that’s your choice. And while no one can force another person to take part or to even donate if they would/could not, I think to call it cyber bullying is a little excessive. I think it called attention to a disease that gets much less attention and fundraising than others do. I took the challenge and also donated what I could for myself and my family, 3 of whom did the challenge. As far as I’m concerned, any money raised in a fun, non dangerous way for a great and worthy cause is a good thing. Sorry for the soapbox. Kudos to you, Carlyle, for britton g honest 🙂

  6. I would just donate as well. It’s nice that so much attention and money is being raised for this cause.

  7. The ice bucket challenge is a $5 donation if you do dump the ice water on your head and $100 if you don’t …. either way you are supposed to donate and bring awareness to the cause. I also donate to charities that are near to my heart and have affected my family but this is all meant in fun. It is not a bullying tactic, no one is forcing you to do the challenge or to donate, it is just a little bit of fun.

  8. Kudos for making a donation. I think this is a wonderful way to bring attention to ALS. I donated because I just cannot stand to be cold for any reason.

  9. My first thought was “Poor Carly and her hair!”. Isn’t that funny how I think like that?
    I wouldn’t call it ‘cyberbullying”. I also don’t think that the people who are upset because it’s ‘wasting water” are taking it too far. It’s meant to be in the spirit of ‘fun’ (personally, my boys want me to get ‘called out’ so they can dump water on me, I don’t think that’s mean or anything). I’d do it over the lawn so water wasn’t wasted. I think it’s great to call attention to an organization and disease that is just horrible.
    I am all for something that helps other people. I know that I am looking to do a charity thing where you repel down 40 stories (yes, I am freaked out by heights and don’t know how to repel). It’s for Special Olympics which one of my dudes participates in. I figure that my son lives every day in a world that makes no sense to him, the least I can do is do something that makes no sense to me. He struggles every day, I can struggle for one day. Plus, it’s helping two athletes participate for an entire year (most special olympians participate in more than one sport). I think it’s so important to volunteer one’s time and energy to others for something that you believe in and donate when you can financially. We are all in this thing called life and we all have our own struggles. I think some people just get so excited that they forget to donate the $10, but I’m okay with that. I know lots of people who donate more than the $10 that do it. It’s just a fun thing 🙂 I’ll get off of my soapbox, now.

  10. Nah! You donated and helped spread the word. That’s terrific! Some of the videos have been hilarious, though. It is spreading like wildfire!

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