Pillows are an issue for me. For someone with migraines and upper cervical issues and pain, gastric reflux (don’t I sound like a real charmer?) waking up is always nerve wracking. Like, will my neck be stiff? How will I feel? Why can’t I find a decent pillow? First of all, I need to sleep partially upright for the reflux and heartburn and migraines. We have a King size bed and I have 2 King size pillows that prop me up. All good. No issues there. But the one that goes under my head? That’s the issue.

In my house we are pillow hoarders. It’s a constant struggle to figure out what works. My husband has his own problems and likes and dislikes and needs. So we have lots and lots of pillows.

For what it’s worth, my husband found and LOVES this pillow from Bed Bath and Beyond – it’s kinda expensive but if you get a good night’s sleep, probably worth it. I’m going to test it out and let you know. If I can separate him from it! :snoopydance:

But I can’t find one that works. Are you pillow crazy? Find one that’s awesome?

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  1. Woke up a while ago with a crick in my neck among other things, so no – can’t give you a reference for a good pillow. But having some health issues myself, I have found that an extra softer pillow that can be punched and rolled and molded is helpful. Also side-sleeping seems to work best for my neck and back, the least strain. I scrunch my little xtra pillow to fill the hollow of my neck so it is properly supported. Even the GERD affects me less that way..

  2. I am pillow crazy also and we have struggled for years to find decent pillows. For the last couple of years we have used “I Love My Pillow” brand pillows and were somewhat happy with them, recently though we switched to “Bamboo” pillows and LOVE them!! Softer and better than memory foam, they provide just the right amount of support, while still being soft and comfortable.

  3. Please let me know if you find one that works! I can’t tell you how much money I have spent trying to find a pillow for the same reasons as you! Awake since 3 this morning because I couldn’t get comfortable!

  4. I feel your pain! Wish I could help but I’ve been searching without success for a new pillow. I’ve wasted so much money and am still stuck using my old one that’s a squishy blob.
    I also suffer from GERD. We have the head of our bed elevated 4-6 inches, which helps a lot. Takes a little getting used to, though.

  5. I sleep on 3 pillows to be comfortable. Can’t be too hard or I get cricks in my neck. Nothing special about the pillows though. Hope you find the right ones for you. It stinks to have all these ailments as we get older!

    • If that pillow works for you I will run out and buy it. I have a horrible time finding any that work for me. I have the upper cervical issues (3 sets of epidurals so far) and the gastric reflux. Some mornings I want to rip my own head off when I wake up

    • Sounds promising- definitely let us know the results! I’ve been debating a new pillow to try and ease my migraines and was thinking bamboo- but if I hear good things from you guys I may go this way instead!

  6. I have to sleep propped up, so I sleep with one body pillow slightly propped up and then two in front of that on both sides of the bed. :thud:

  7. Wow! Your issues sound all too familiar. I am always looking for the perfect pillow. Of course, I have a wedge for when the acid reflux is out of control. I bought a pillow from my chiropractor for my neck issues. It’s the best I have found so far but I’m still looking for better. Of course, I have cut the tags off so I can’t tell you the name. Good luck finding comfort. It’s a journey!

  8. Let me know if you find one that works well. I sleep propped up on 3 pillows. I’ve actually found if I stick a really thin stuffed animal under my neck, it seems to help. Yes I have a stuffed rabbit for build-a-bear that has almost no stuffing in it to put under my neck to help me sleep better.

  9. I have to sleep with two thinner pillows between my check and neck and then one for my head. I need the extra because I have a large chest and like to sleep on my stomach and they give extra support for my neck so it’s not sore in the morning. Crazy, but it works.

  10. I love big, new pillows (so I am constantly buying pillows) and everyone else in my family loves flat, old pillows. I hear your pain. Let me know how this pillow works out!

  11. 3 suggestions ;
    1 – a pillow that has a definite neck support
    2 – just a neck support pillow like use use on a plane
    3 – No pillow at all
    The problem could be HOW you sleep, back stomach ,side or your husband cuddling you.

  12. I’ve tried one of those cooling pillows, from Costco/Sam’s, and I had to return as it had a smell…. It was the material the cooling part was made from so it wasn’t something that happened to it. I couldn’t stand it! Pillow was great, though. If your hubs doesn’t have a “stinky” one, by all means, try it out! Hey, it may work for you! I have severe allergies this year and right now I’m sleeping on a wedge, two king pillows, and then my “regular” pillow, to prop me up so I won’t choke, too much anyway. Ought to hear my hubs grumble cause I can’t stop choking. (It’s all good; he’s just worried!) Hope you find a pillow you love! ANd then buy a spare cause you KNOW it won’t be around when you want to replace your old one…

    • Bought the cool pillow from Costco and it’s not cool. Put a pillow case on, thought that was the problem, took it off, was cool for one night. Sigh

  13. Bought a cool pillow at Costco, not cool. I get so hot at night always looking for the cool spot on my pillow.

  14. I sleep on 3 pillows and have one more by the bed that I grab several times in the night for support under my arm. It helps keep my shoulder supported. I have GERD, and I moan a lot in my sleep, and sitting up some helps all that. My pillows are cheap, though.

  15. Hate when it’s time for getting a new pillow. Can’t test them like you can with mattresses. Too soft and it almost mothers me. Too hard and my neck hurts. I really can’t tell how much the pillow Wii compress in the store. Ugh!!

  16. I also have pillow issues. I finally found a great firm pillow this past weekend at Nordstrom Rack (the Nordstrom outlet) It’s a Calvin Klein firm pillow, and it was a very reasonable $15.00. Last year I wasted $50.00 on one of those cool pillows- I hated it. I use it once in a while, but from me a great big thumbs down on that pillow. hope you find the perfect pillow.

  17. I sleep with a couple of pillows because of breathing issues/asthma. I found some good ones this past Decemeber at Kohl’s. Tommy Hilfingers he has two differnt types. I have both and like them. My mom came for a visit this spring and she has neck issues and she liked the firm one enough she orded it for herself.

  18. Oh my gosh…I HATE pillows!! We have a ton of them in the house now as I sleep on one for a few days or months and then it doesn’t work anymore for me. It’s so stressful!

  19. I used to buy pillows all the time in hopes of finding the right one to deal with my chronic pain issues. A few years ago I bought My Pillow and haven’t looked back. I actually have 2 different one’s for the level of pain that I’m dealing with on any given day.

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