Invitation to Eden

EdenLogo_transWelcome to Eden, a series from 27 of the biggest names in romance… an island where anything… and everything can happen. We hope you’ll enjoy your stay… Visit the website HERE!

For me, part of the excitement of having gone Indie as an author is that I can participate in projects with other authors and meet authors I’ve always admired and liked.  When I was asked to do Invitation to Eden, I jumped at the chance to be a part of this series.


Eden is a series connected by an island … where anything and everything can happen.  In other words, and what is so great is that you can read them all in any order or you can read what appeals to you first and go back later.  Or not (but don’t tell us if you aren’t trying them all!) Click on the photos to pull it up larger and see who’s participating!edentogether1Edencastle-989x1024

Where is Eden? What is Eden? Check out this page for details.  But I’ll leave you with a visual hint.  

Who are the 27 authors? CLICK HERE to see not just the names but all the gorgeous covers and who is out together each month from March through the end of the year!

How else can you find out more? Sign up for the newsletter on the homepage so you don’t so you don’t miss a thing!

DaretoSurrender_375Guess what else? My Invitation to Eden book is a part of the DARE TO LOVE Series too!  It’s not a brother or sister, it’s a cousin.  It’s also a very special story to me because I started writing it, the book of my heart, while my dad was very ill and I needed a break from every day work.  It’s first person … which I have never done before … and I just am so excited to get back to writing it.  Of course I have to finish Alex’s story (Dare to Desire – 4/10/14).  But here is DARE TO SURRENDER – Gabe and Isabelle – 7/15/14 – INVITATION TO EDEN!!

I hope to have preorders available in the future for this story but the FREE PREQUEL to the series Master of the Island by the fantastic Lauren Hawkeye will be available for purchase in eBook at all online retailers.  It’s up to individual authors whether they’ll do print.  I definitely will!


So what do you think? How cool is this project?







17 thoughts on “Invitation to Eden”

  1. I’m super excited about this project. I know many of the authors, but it all. Always happy to find new authors to read.

  2. :cheerleader2: Anything new from you makes me jump and shout! I will certainly be trying them out! :cheerleader2:

  3. This is a great idea to have all these books connected so we can read three of them each month and we will read authors we might not have tried yet. I cannot wait. I am so happy you are involved in this project and cannot wait to read the continuation of the Dare to Love series.

  4. Sounds great! Is the prequel available now? I tried to find it on amazon and couldn’t. You know me, I’m impatient!

  5. OMG! This is an absolutely incredible idea! I love this because I can read new stories from favorite authors as well as sampling the writing of “new-to-me” authors! :wave:

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