Coming Soon: Dare to Love in Audio

First, I want to say that even if I don’t post in the comments, I am reading every single note and I am so so happy I started this blog! I appreciate that you’re starting to make this a  daily stop.  Keep visiting!

I’m very excited to CarlyPhillips_DaretoLove_Audiotell you that DARE TO LOVE really is COMING SOON in Audio book!  I  admit that I, myself, am not an audio listener.  I found the whole concept of finding a narrator very overwhelming.  I wasn’t even going to rush into starting the process.  And then a friend recommended Sophie Eastlake.  I looked into her.  She’s read for Thea Harrison and JoAnn Ross in past books.  She’s been nominated for an Audie Award.  I listened and I liked the sound of her voice.  Good enough for me!

We talked, I hired her.  I figured I would try one book and see how it sells, if it’s worth it to do the rest of the series.  So Sophie sent me the first 15 minutes to approve before going on to the rest.  This wasn’t just the very first time I’d “heard” my own work, this was the first time I’d heard ANYONE’S work on audio.  It was a surreal experience for me.  The first thing that jumped out at me (and that I hadn’t given any advance thought to, and probably should have) was the male / hero speaking.  When I heard the narrator lower her voice, to be honest, I freaked out.  I took to Twitter and FB and asked those who were audio listeners if this was what they preferred — 98 % of those who responded said yes, when it’s done well – how else can they tell who’s talking!?  (Duh! I never thought of that point!) I then asked a good friend and reader I trust to listen to the 15 minutes and give me her take.  She raved.  Yay!  I felt so much better.

So now DARE TO LOVE is almost complete in audio! That means I’m going to have to listen and proof the entire thing. ACK! But it’s been a very exciting experience for me … and I hope those of you who listen to audio will love the narrator and the story!

Are you an Audio listener with romance novels? Or like me are you completely unaware of how things should sound? Anyone waiting for Dare to Love in audio??

15 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Dare to Love in Audio”

  1. I have listened to them, but usually only on long road trips. I love the JD Robb audio books. So excited for your audio debut!!

  2. I always have one book I am reading at home and another I am listening to in the car. I love having a book brought to life when its well read. It is difficult finding someone who can read your work and match your writer’s voice. Good for you for finding one you like. As an audio listener, I’ve had a few voice actors that made me stop the book, and others who I’ve absolutely adored. I look forward to hearing Dare to Love!

  3. I usually read a book while watching tv so audio would not work normally. My daughter-in-law listens to them on the way to work which is a great idea. Good luck with your new audio addition to this great book.

  4. I”m glad that it worked out for you. I don’t listen to books. I know that if I had a long commute I would (i know people who do!).

  5. I listen to books in the car and when I’m exercising. It keeps me sane driving to and from work and while on a treadmill.

  6. I only buy audio books and a good narrator really makes a difference. I look forward to your new book.. YEAH!! Thank you

  7. I have a hard time listening to audio books. My mind wanders and I lose track of the story.
    Congratulations on your first audio book. I’m really enjoying the new blog. :yourock:

  8. I am just getting into audio books. I am finding while I am at the gym I can get lost in an audio book and not realize how far I have went on the treadmill. I am going to get “Dare To Love” in audio. I love your books. :woot:

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