Nike + SE

shoppingOK I like gadgets.  But I don’t like to exercise.  So what would possess me to buy a Nike + SE Fuelband to track my steps per day and activity? Insanity, that’s what.  Let’s see.  Cool bracelet.  Check.  Black.  Check.  Pink.  Check.  Ooh it says “Just Do It Karen” (the “real” me) flashing across the  band.  Check.  Geeky.  Check.  Techy.  Check.  And Girly.  Check.  Oh and it pairs to all things Apple.  Check.  Check.  And check.

Let you know if I get any real use out of it or if it just looks cool.  Anyone else like to try these kind of things?


13 thoughts on “Nike + SE”

  1. Hi Carly. It looks cool, but it’s not for me. I have been trying to motivate myself to exercise all winter and this wouldn’t make me exercise anymore than I am right now. lol

  2. Use the fitbit when I remember. Very similar. I definitely do better in spring, summer, fall than I do in Winter!

  3. I use the Fitbit and wear it all the time. Mine is called the One and I carry it in my pocket. I use it with My fitness pal app. Works great lost 32 lbs and still have it off after a yr. each time I start to gain I get back at it and try for 10,000 steps a day which is a must. :snoopydance:

  4. I use the fitbit when I remember. I also just track with Lose it, and that helps. By the way, I just finished “Perfect Together” and loved it.

  5. I’ve thought about either buying the Nike or Fitbit to try and up my fitness levels. Honestly I just need to get back to walking 30 minutes each day more than anything.

  6. I have a clost full of exercise equipment, nd the only exercise I get is cleaning out the dust bunnies in the closet twice yer. But someday….. yeh, right

  7. I have a fitbit force but heard about the voluntary recall. I haven’t had a rash because of it by my skin is so sensitive It’s only a matter of time. With the refund, I’m thinking about the Nike or Jawbone UP24. It actually motivates me a bit to make sure I get my daily steps in, and I liked that it monitored how I slept.

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