Just One More Moment: Chapter 3

Chapter Three

She thinks happily ever after only happens in romance novels.
He can’t wait to prove her wrong.

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Chapter Three

Remy was more in tune with Raven than she realized. With his heart in his throat, he’d watched her hesitancy as he waited for her decide whether to come upstairs with him. Now that she had, he wasn’t going to tread lightly. The worst thing he could do was give her the chance to think… and run. He needed her engaged and with him the whole way.

He let them into the hotel room and the door slammed shut behind them. He tossed the key onto the dresser, turned and saw her looking around the luxurious room before her gaze landed on him. Aware of her captivated stare, he shrugged off his tuxedo jacket and laid it over the nearest chair, then undid the bowtie, slid one side around and off his neck, and placed it beside the key card. Cufflinks came next.

All the while, she watched, her lips slightly parted, her cheeks flushed with desire. He undid his cuffs before releasing each button on the shirt until the garment hung open at his sides. Her stare came to rest on his bare chest.

Yeah. She was all in. He crossed the room to where she stood, braced his hands on her hips and yanked her against him, the hard length of his erection rubbing against her core.

“Remy,” she said on a moan.

His name on her lips had his cock standing at attention, wanting out of the confines of his pants. “I’m all yours, sweetheart.”

Her eyes dilated at the endearment, and she grasped his lapels, clearly wanting to take off his shirt. Helping, he shrugged it down his shoulders and onto the floor.

She reached for the opening of his trousers but he grasped her hands, stopping her before she could release him.

She pursed her lips in a pretty pout. “But I want to see.”

He grinned. “And you will. But I want my fill of you first.” And if she touched him, he might just come in her hand. “Turn around,” his said, his voice as gravelly as he’d ever heard it, desire a live pulsing being in his veins.

She did as he asked and with her hair already up, he easily leaned in, breathing in her delicate peach scent. Closing his eyes he savored being so close to what he wanted. He pressed his lips to her soft skin before flicking open the dress clasp and easing the gown off her body, leaving her in a pair of tiny silk panties and highs silver heeled sandals. Her skin was flawless, a creamy vision that had him pulling in a deep, calming breath.

She turned to face him, giving him his first look at her perfect breasts. Not more than a handful, which had allowed her to ditch the bra, she was his fantasy come to life and he sealed his lips over hers.

She moaned and their tongues tangled, giving him the go-ahead. And when she slid her fingers into his hair, holding him in place, his heart slammed hard inside his chest.

He walked her backwards until her back hit the wall. He took in her heavy-lidded gaze, then pulled one of her legs up so she cradled his dick, his solid erection rubbing against her pussy. Her breathing changed, small pants along with little gasps, so he moved faster, giving her what she needed. He wanted to watch as she came apart before he was too far gone to see. He needed that connection with her, something that showed him this was more than just hot sex, though it was that.

Lifting his hand, he cupped one breast in his palm and worked her nipple with his thumb and forefinger, pinching and releasing the tight bud. And she began to writhe against him, harder and faster, her urgency feeding his desire.

“Take what you need,” he coaxed her, rubbing his cock against her covered sex.

“Oh God, so good. More,” she demanded. He pinched her nipple hard and she let go, rocking against him, her body trembling as her climax neared.

Knowing he was about to come in his slacks, he replaced his cock with his palm and rubbed the heel of his hand against her soaked panties, giving her pressure and friction, until she shattered.

“Remy!” She screamed his name and her orgasm rushed over her, her hands gripping his shoulders, her nails digging into his skin.

He watched her come, her cheeks flushed, lips damp and parted. Fuck, she was gorgeous.

When her tremors subsided, he stepped back and unhooked his pants, stripping them off along with his boxer shorts, his stiff cock finally free. Precum beaded on the head. Pulling in a harsh breath, he gripped the base tight and groaned at the sensation that rushed through him. In an attempt to stave off a premature orgasm, he forced himself to count to ten and not think about the beautiful woman he’d just made come.

When he opened his lids, he saw Raven staring, eyes wide … panties and shoes off, leaving her completely nude. Ready for him.

He stepped forward and sealed his lips over hers, causing her head to hit the wall and a giggle to escape.

“Sorry, sweetheart. You okay?” he asked.

“Not yet… but I will be.” She slid her hands between them and nudged his arm away so she could encircle his cock with her smaller hand, clasping him as best she could.

He set his jaw, letting her have her way, and she pumped her hand up and down his shaft, swiping her thumb over the sensitive head.

“Enough,” he gritted out. “Unless you want this to end without my cock inside you.”

“Not a chance,” she said and immediately released her grip.

He lifted her leg, giving himself access to that sweet pussy but just as he rubbed himself at her entrance she stilled.

“Condom,” she reminded him.

He reared back in surprise. Shit. He’d never wanted anyone badly enough to forget protection. Bending down, he grabbed his pants, found his wallet in a pocket, and pulled out what she thought was one condom. “Two,” he said, as revealed the second in his hand.

Once he’d covered himself, he repositioned them, grabbing her leg and setting himself at her entrance once more. He met her gaze and saw a hint of vulnerability there, one he’d never associated with Raven, and an unfamiliar pang squeezed his chest.

Tonight he’d seen glimpses of the real woman behind the professional façade she normally kept in place. She joked with him, stood up to him, and shown him raw emotion. And he liked it. All things he’d have to think about later because she raised her hips and he thrust deep, stilling inside her.

The warmth and sweetness of her pussy enveloped him and he

took a moment to savor the tight grip of her sex, the warmth of her body. And the need for her alone. He brushed a kiss over her lips before he began to move, sliding out and plunging back in.

They came together in an explosion of need. She met each thrust, taking all he had and giving back in return. Over and over, he drove into her, need spiraling inside him. His balls drew up and his spine tingled. He was about to come, something he wouldn’t let happen until she climaxed first.

Remembering how she’d come before, he cupped one breast in his hand and tweaked her nipple hard. She shook, rubbing herself against him each time he slammed deep, and then she stilled, she moaned, and she came apart in his arms.

Two more thrusts and he joined her, rocking her against the wall until his legs felt like Jell-O and it was hard to hold her up along with him. Still inside her, he focused on getting his breathing to regulate so he could take off the condom and get them into bed.

He lifted his forehead off hers and met her gaze, unable to read her expression. Was she with him or feeling regret?

Before he could ask if she was okay, she grabbed his face in her hands and kissed him full on the lips. And the world as he knew it tilted on its axis.


Raven didn’t sleep. It wasn’t because she and Remy had stumbled into bed for a repeat performance, though they had. And it wasn’t because she’d let herself indulge in all things Remy Sterling. No, she tossed and turned beside him because of that kiss she’d given him while he was still inside her their first time.

She’d gone into this wanting to chalk the whole night up to a one-time thing but that kiss and the expression on his face told her he had real feelings. And so did she. Too bad she couldn’t let herself enjoy them.

She sighed and glanced at his handsome profile. He breathed in and out, sleeping easily. But he didn’t have a past that was going to return and destroy the life he’d built. Raven’s sociopath brother might be in prison now but he wouldn’t stay there forever. The last thing he’d said after she testified against him was, he’d get even. And Lance never said anything he didn’t mean.

She’d already moved twice after he’d sent men who’d gotten out of prison before him to stop by and reiterate his warning. Lance meant business and she couldn’t risk having feelings for anyone. Because if her brother figured out she cared for someone, that she had a weakness, he’d hurt them in order to get to Raven.  He’d done it once before.

And the last person she wanted hurt was Remy.

This whole night had probably been one big error in judgment and though she couldn’t bring herself to regret it, she couldn’t repeat it, either.

Her chest was heavy as she contemplated leaving before he woke up but she was stronger than that. The least she could do was face him after such a spectacular night. Besides, she’d have to face him at work on Monday anyway, she thought and let out a sigh.

“I can hear you thinking,” Remy said, his voice deep and amused.

He wouldn’t be if he knew what she’d been considering. She pushed herself up and leaned against the pillows and headboard, pulling the sheet over her breasts.

“No need to hide, sweetheart. I’ve already seen… and tasted all of you.”

Her cheeks burned at the memory of him doing exactly that. “Listen, Remy. Last night was amazing but –“

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