Just One More Dare: First Teaser

Coming September 17th (or sooner)

First Teaser

Dex turned into the circular drive of the Meridian Hotel where Kelvin was staying. Sunbeams streamed between two buildings, immediately hitting his eyes, all but blinding him for precious seconds. As soon as he could see again, a woman in a cloud of white material surrounding her stepped in front of his vehicle and he slammed on the brake. 

She spun too fast and fell to the ground, disappearing from sight. 

“Shit!” But he hadn’t hit her. He hoped. After jamming on park, he flung open the door and climbed out, rushing to where she’d gone down. 

The doorman was already fussing over her, insisting he call an ambulance.

“I wasn’t hit,” she argued. “Just startled.” 

Dex stepped closer. “Are you really okay?” he asked, as familiar indigo blue eyes looked up at him and recognition dawned. “Samantha?” 

He was surprised to realize he’d almost hit Ian Dare’s youngest sister. Ian, the Thunder team owner and Dex’s former boss. And the man who’d blocked any shot Dex could have had with Samantha years before. Just recently, he’d heard from Ian, who was now a good friend, that his sister was getting married but Dex hadn’t known where, when or to whom. Truth be told, he’d tried to block the entire thing from his mind.

“Dex! Small world,” she said, as he helped her to her feet, wincing as she stood. “I twisted my ankle,” she muttered, leaning down, lifting her skirts and pulling off her heels.

She was as beautiful as he remembered, her blonde hair falling to her shoulders, clipped behind her head with a white bow. Her skin was a gleaming porcelain, with a hint of blush, and a smokey look to her eyes.  

She was stunning. And marrying another man.

“Shouldn’t you be inside… I don’t know, getting married or something?” His voice sounded unnecessarily harsh. 

She flinched, his words causing her eyes to open wide. As if remembering where she was and why. “No, that’s the last thing I want to do.” She glanced back over her shoulder then met his gaze. “Get me out of here, Dex? Please?”

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