Just One More Dare: Second Teaser

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Second Teaser

Dex woke to the sun shining through his bedroom window and it took a few minutes for him to place where he was. He’d heard about Asher Dare’s estate in the Bahamas from Ian and now he was experiencing it first-hand.

Last night, after the private plane had landed, a guy named Corey picked them up from the airport and drove them to the house which had been well-lit for their arrival. The housekeeper was waiting for them and she greeted Samantha with a warm hug and before he knew it, they’d both been offered a bowl of ice cream. Sensing Samantha needed alone time, he’d declined and allowed Corey to lead him to the bedroom where he’d be staying, and he crashed hard.

He braced a hand behind his head and thought back to the being with Samantha on the plane. Even with her eyes red-rimmed from crying, her face makeup free, and her adorable freckles showing, Samantha had been beautiful. Enough for him to decide to go to sleep instead of sharing ice cream in the kitchen and exchanging more confidences. It didn’t help that as he’d turned in for the night, a sobering thought had hit him hard.

Samantha Dare just might be the one that got away.

The harsh ringing of his cell and the sight of Ian Dare’s name on the screen jerked him back to reality.

Resigned, he answered the phone. “Morning, Ian.”

“What the hell are you doing with my sister?” his former team owner and now friend asked.

Dex rolled his eyes but at the same time he understood. “I’m taking care of her.” He relayed the story of how he’d come across her outside the hotel, omitting the part about almost running her over. “Something I’d hope you’d do for my sister if the situation were reversed.” It never hurt to remind the other man when he was being a pompous jerk. Problem was, Ian liked his reputation as a hard-ass.

“You know I would take care of your family.” Ian paused. “But I want to kill that asshole. I never liked Jeremy Rollins and I told Samantha as much.”

“And how’d that go over?” Dex rose from the bed and paced the cold ceramic tile floor.

“Not well. Why do you ask?”

He glanced up at the huge white ceiling fan circling overhead, thinking about the best way to reply. Dex was determined to make things with Samantha’s family easier for her.

He hated seeing her so worked up and upset, worrying about what the people she loved would say when they knew the whole story. “Because your sister loves you and knows you’re going to freak out. About a lot of things. And as your friend, I’m suggesting you … go easy on her.”

“You’ve known Samantha all of how long? And you’re telling me how to deal with my sister?”

Knowing his friend, Dex counted to five in his head until Ian replied.

“You’ve got a point.”

Dex knew he did. “I’ll get her to call you later.”

“I’d appreciate that. She’s been dodging my calls and texts.”

“Because you’re leaving her I told you so messages!” a female voice called out from Ian’s side of the call.

“Hush, baby. Behave, will you?” Ian asked.

Dex chuckled. “I take it that’s Riley?” he asked of Ian’s wife.

“There’s no one else I’d call baby,” Ian said in a gruffer voice than before.

“I should hope not,” Riley said.

And then Dex thought she whispered something that made him cringe at overhearing their sexual banter.

Ian cleared his throat. “Back to Samantha. I’m trusting you not to take advantage of my sister when she’s vulnerable.”

Despite expecting the words, they pissed Dex off anyway and he had to swallow back a fuck you, retort. As if Ian didn’t know him well enough to have faith in him.

“Don’t worry, I know how to treat women, Ian.” He let his annoyance show in his clipped tone. “I’ll have Samantha call you,” he said again, and cut their connection, tossing his phone onto the unmade bed.

Twenty minutes later, he’d unpacked the few things he’d brought with him, showered, dressed in swim trunks, and headed downstairs to see Samantha and find out her plans for the day. And whether or not they included him.

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  1. I have pre-ordered, I can’t wait to read Dex and Samantha’s story and to see Ian and Riley there in the book. I love the short story of then during the Christmas season. I love the Dare’s and Kingston’s, and now the Sterlings. I wish the book was coming out now. I am waiting in anticipation.❤️❤️

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