Just … Ugh

Since I started the blog,  I posted for the week on Sunday.  Well, yesterday was a travel day for me.  It’s February school break and we’re on a family vacation in Florida. Given all the snow in NY, I’ve had headache issues thanks to the barometric pressure changes.  Last night, I ended up with a migraine and was up half the night with cold clothes and ice on my head.  4:30 alarm, 6:30 flight … and no brilliant blog today.

This pic shows I’m willing to take one for the team and show me at my worst.  And no, this wasn’t  last night but clearly I’ve been there, done that before so … yeah.  Just ugh.

Anyone else a migraine person?




14 thoughts on “Just … Ugh”

  1. I get them almost everyday when the seasons change. I am almost able to put them on my calendar. Lol I’m pretty sure I own stock in excedrine migraine.

  2. I get them, but they are usually hormonal. I have a prescription for when they hit me and it takes the migraine away. Thank God there is something for them. I used to just go to bed because nothing would take it away. The next day I would be exhausted. I am glad there is something out there for migraines that works.

    I hope you feel better today.

  3. I sure do hope you are feeling better today. Enjoy Florida!!! I wish I were back down south where it’s warm but we’re supposed to have temps in the 70’s on Thursday!!!

  4. I usually get them every month about two days before my period. About twice a year they are so bad even my prescription meds don’t work and I just lay on an ice pack in the dark.

  5. Ugh, indeed. I feel for you. I also get them with changes in the barometric pressure, hormonal, or sensory. They suck and the pain is ridiculous. Thank goodness for meds. And very cold washcloths, and a little oxygen therapy. Hope you get to feeling better!

  6. Put on dark glasses and go sit in the sun (if it’s out) and let the warmth soak in. Hope it is soon gone so you can enjoy your time away from this snow and cold. Western Michigan is supposed to get another 3-6 inches this afternoon, just in time for drive home time.

  7. I feel your pain and have been there many times. It does get better when you get older and you don’t have as many. Weather always played a key roll in mine.

  8. Oh, no!! Hoping your migraine is gone by now! I am fortunate + have never suffered through one. If it makes you feel any better, we in the Chicago area are getting socked again with another 6-8″ of snow! So, once your migraine is gone: enjoy the Florida sunshine!!! :glasses:

  9. I get migraines also, but luckily not as many as I used to (guess it is because I am getting old! 😕 ). Next time try a heating pad or hot water bottle (see, I’m old) on your forehead or temples instead of ice. I found the heat worked better for me. Best result is putting the heating pad on and lying down in a dark room for at least an hour. GOOD LUCK!!!!! Hope you feel better. Migraines are miserable! :groan:

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