Monday Madness

BrQ8cqvIgAA6AChJust kidding. It was Sunday Madness and now I’m recuperating. A couple of things … I received my TeeSpring order – my DARE TO WANT MORE … BOOKS tee-shirts are so soft and comfy, I wanted to be able to order more. I wanted YOU to be able to order if you missed it last time! We’ve RELAUNCHED and you can buy – through July 9th! (Me and Mini-Me!) #INK_HEART www.teespring.com/daretowantmore

There are hoodies, tanks and tee’s available. I’m holding up the large, which was actually pretty big! So if you want to share your love of books or buy an early holiday gift for an avid reader (yes I went there!) … check out the website today and purchase before they’re gone. Again. xo

8 thoughts on “Monday Madness”

  1. I’m totally going to order a tank this time. My t-shirt hasn’t arrived yet, but was told it would be here by Thursday. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. When Janelle offered them I bought a v necked tee and a sweatshirt …the sweatshirt is great but the vee tee was a 2x and my daughter who wears a 10 can’ t even wear it might try one of yours…I emailed the company and the refunded my whole order so I know they are nice….if any1 else has this problem either call or email them they will take care of you…

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