Need More Hours in the Day!

I do, I do, I do! This Indie Gig is awesome but it is also kicking my butt. I’m chief chef, cook and bottle washer (love that expression) and heaven forbid I have something in my personal “Karen” life to do … and I feel like I lose an entire year’s time in a couple of hours. I’m a really organized person so it’s not about making lists or working smarter or better. And the writing is getting done. It’s just … when I’m not working I want to be home working because I know what’s piling up! I also know my limitations and I need 8 hours of sleep, so working later or getting up earlier won’t be happening. And I need to add exercise back into my life. WAAH! I seriously need more hours in the day!

16 thoughts on “Need More Hours in the Day!”

  1. :coffee: know exactly how you feel, and time also seems to go by faster too. I had to learn to start saying No to some things ,. So hard but my things to do list was getting as big as my TBR list!

  2. I think we all need more hours in the day. Luckily I don’t need much sleep so can often times get by with 4 or 5 hours and can still function. I find the more I have to do then the more organized I am to get things done. I’m a list maker – to do, groceries, errands, phone calls, paying bills, etc.
    Sending hugs to help destress you since you’re writing doesn’t seem to be suffering! ๐Ÿ™‚ :yourock:

  3. I also felt that way in my working life. Then I changed to a 10 hour a day schedule and guess what . . . I still didn’t have enough hours in a day. Done working now so if I have extra hours I’d like them to be for play. Ill mother means that probably won’t happen for a while.

  4. I totally agree. Sometimes I feel like the faster I go the more behind I get. Then other times everything goes great. Hang in there I’m sure you’ll get it all worked out to the best of your ability.

  5. Good luck with everything. I think you are doing great. I know what you mean about sleep I am the same I have to have my 8 hrs of sleep or I am EVIL! Also, Happy belated birthday… You will make it all workout. Tammy

  6. Maybe it’s time to ask for help…other authors have “assistants”, “helpers”…it could work, right? And becoming Mistress of All is a great thing! Try to get some balance. It will work, I swear!

  7. I definitely know how you are feeling. My problem is when I look at all I have to do I start getting overwhelmed & shut down, so nothing gets done. I know I will get to it soon enough. I just have to deal with the demons first.

  8. Name me a woman, especially a mom with kids of any age at home, who doesn’t have this problem! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I thought it would get better after I retired. My friends who retired before me tried to tell me they were busier than ever. I should have believe them!

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