225 thoughts on “New Year’s Giveaway!”

  1. Happy New Year! :newyear: I hope this year brings new and big changes for my family (oh, and its a given, lots of new books, e-books, and lots of new authors to read!)

  2. thank you for this generous giveaway. Thank you also for being fantastic writers. Happy New Year to all :newyear:

  3. I entered the giveaway drawing and did the invite friends on Facebook, Twitter and sent a letter and did not get the 10 points.
    Thank you for this chance,I appreciate it.

  4. Really great contest – I would love to win one of the $25 Gift Certificates so I can buy more of your books to read!

  5. Not sure I did the right thing on the Tsu entries – wasn’t sure what to put in the box? But I followed you all. Either way, thanks so much, it’s a lovely and generous contest and very thoughtful of you all.

  6. Thanks For the Chance shared on twitter at GrandmaTamiX5 Have a wonderful New Year and thank you so for the chance

  7. :yourock: Thanks so much for the chance to win $25 GC!!! That’s the spirit!! THANKS! :angelbanana: :wave: :angelbanana:

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