One of those Days

I had a few days away with my husband this past weekend which was amazing. Came home and it seems like things fell apart in 12 hours. Nothing terrible but I honestly had a really crappy Monday. I felt like I was back in high school today and I don’t like the feeling. The good news is despite that, DARE TO SURRENDER’s rough draft is complete except for the Epilogue. Yay! Sorry today’s blog is lame. It is what it is!

So I’m going to finish watching 24. JACK’S BACK! Or as my friend said, once you go Jack, you never go back. And then I am going to get some sleep and hope tomorrow is a more fun filled day.

Who watched 24? What did you think? I love Jack and I was happy with the return!

19 thoughts on “One of those Days”

  1. I watched only 1 season of 24 and from what I was told it wasn’t the best one. Figures.

  2. Sorry you had a crappy Monday — I painted my bedroom and thought “I” had a so-so day! — and hope your Tuesday goes much more better-er. (That’s technical talk for Happy Tuesday!)

    No, I’ve never watched the show as I’m not a fan of the serialized format but read whilst the hubs watched. He was futzing with his iPad playing a game so he may not have been as interested as usual but that’s just a guess.

  3. :flagwave: I have not watched T.V. in over two years. I just read all the time. :reading:
    Tomorrow will be so much better than today.
    Get some rest :sleep:
    :waves: C.T.

    • It’s just been a little over a year since my husband and I quit watching TV. I now read a lot and he does stuff on his computer. I have to admit, though, that we might check out the new 24 as we both loved that show. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. :boxing: Jack is Back! :boxing:

    I loved 24….never missed an episode in all 9 years! I love how he is able to get out of so many situations. Not sure if I’m liking it that President Heller is starting to lose his mind. He was always such a strong character. I also can’t wait for the Jack and Audrey reunion. Should be interesting!

  5. I’m very happy for Jack to be back. Never miss an episode. :angelbanana: :alien: :yourock:
    Hope you have a better day today than yesterday. I think there was something in the air cause I didn’t have that great of one either.

  6. I didn’t watch 24 last night. I’m going to watch it on Friday when the network is showing the episode again. I’m excited that Jack is back!

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