Polar WHAT?!

Don’t you wonder when you watch the news and they give you a new term, like “Polar Vortex” and you scratch your head and think, I’m XX years old.  How have I never heard of that? I grew up in NY about 40 minutes from where I live now.  I vividly remember the shopping centers with the mounds of snow pushed up against the tall lamps in the parking lots for weeks at a time.  These days, that rarely happens.  We have snow for a day, next day is sunny … eventually it melts or it builds up again but never like when I was a kid.  They said Global Warming I think.  So this year, we’re getting slammed with snow and cold.  Every part of the country is behaving weirdly weather-wise. 

And suddenly they’re using this term, “Polar Vortex.”  Seriously.  Why have I never heard of it before? Don’t ask me why I find it weird but I do.

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  1. I have never heard of naming winter storms either. Apparently, some people are board and now like naming things. I haven’t seen grass for weeks. Have seen blue skies and the sun though. It just doesn’t warm up enough to melt anything. My son and his family live in NC and they have lots of snow this week.

  2. Its the green people. Coming up with one more way humans are wrecking the planet. Haha I grew up in central Illinois out in the country. We rode the snow mobiles most of the winter. So what does polor vortex mean??

  3. From what I have heard the weather people say it is the “cold air” from the North Pole that rarely comes down as far as it has this winter-I do not feel honored!

  4. Todays society needs to put a name to everything. This seems to justify what ever and thus no one questions about what is happening and why. Yes the weather is crazy but why is it crazy? Is it because the government is altering it by putting chemicals in the atmosphere or because we as a society have been destroying our plant. Personally I think it is the cycle of life butt hey what do I know. :brrr:

  5. I live in in Iowa, a lot of snow here us very common. We have gotten hit a lot more this year then we have the last several years. I remember when I was in school and we had a whole week cancelled from school. This year even with the big snow storms we have had they have only had delayed school days. They are naming them now I guess, and the storms are nothing like what we had when I was a kid and they didn’t name them then lol.

  6. There are a lot of new words that people keep coming up with and polar vortex is just one of them. I live in CT and we’ve always had snow – some years worse than others. We’re at snow day #7 already today with up to another foot expected and it’s supposed to mix with rain and sleet at times.
    I’m so not a winter person. Would love to move somewhere with only 3 seasons and leave the cold and snow behind but it’s so not in the cards in the near future! :cold:

    • Thank goodness I live on the Gulf Coast. All that we got was and inch and a half of ice and low 20s. It got so cold that my poinsettia tree froze. It was 6 foot tall and had bloomed at Christmas.

  7. I blame those new terms on the media. Naming storms and giving the weather more drama and something for all those weather people to talk about. No snow down here but wet and miserable at the Georgia Florida state line. :yuck:

  8. I’m in Nashville and we are the donut hole that has missed all the snow so far. I’m pretty good with it too. I don’t know why we have to name all the storms now. It’s winter and we usually have snow. Granted this year has been more than in recent years. However, when I was growing up, we had snow several times during the winter.

  9. I think we’re going to hear a lot of strange terms in the years to come. I was just reading about a ‘solar lull’. It seems that the sun goes into a period of ‘minimal activity’. They said it happens every 70 years or so and lasts for a ‘few’ years. On the other hand, in the Pac NW, we’ve got trees budding, minimal rainfall with snowpack above 5000′. And my Mom in Tucson tells me that they’re supposed to hit 85 today. Dana Stabenow posted that Anchorage was given a fire weather watch and it’s colder in Atlanta, GA than it is Anchorage, Alaska! It’ll be an interesting summer.

  10. Going through the Blizzard of 1977 in Buffalo New york- snow huh. I wnt Al Gore to explain this and how global warming correlate. Read the Farmer’s Almanac it is a better predictor of all. The weather is cyclical, same a the way we rotate on an axis and around the sun. Live with it- it’s nature. 😐 ❗

  11. Perhaps if the newscasters and weather people didn’t use these “new” terms, people wouldn’t listen as closely as they are now doing. I grew up in Kansas and the winters and summers varied from year to year and the storms were never named and there was never an explanation for why things were happening. I agree it is totally weird but that’s life in the US of A these days. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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