I just got home from the ER with my youngest who is almost 18.  She was in a car accident this morning on the way to school and we are so lucky she’s OK except for a pounding headache and nausea.  A CAT scan and X-Ray show she really is fine.  But too often people aren’t so lucky.  This past week, a fellow romance author, Jackie Barbosa, lost her 16 year old son in a car accident.  And so I know first hand how fortunate I was yesterday morning.  So today’s  blog is to say THANK YOU … and to reflect. 

Over the weekend, I donated to the Julian Fraire Memorial Fund in memory of Jackie’s son.  There are plans to create a scholarship fund in his name with the donations.  If you’d like to donate, the link is below.  Any amount big or small is greatly appreciated.  The link below leads to a website with a link to a Paypal account set up by Beverly Kendall, who is a close friend of the family and is coordinating donations on their behalf.


In addition, Jackie’s book, BEHIND THE RED DOOR is on sale now by Kensington Publishing in support of Jackie.  More information HERE.

All the best and my condolences to Jackie and her family during this beyond difficult time.


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  1. Carly I so glad you daughter is all right. But so sad to hear about your friends son. 🙁 I will be going over to the web-site.

  2. How scary! So glad your daughter is ok. That is one of my biggest fears of my son starting to drive. My heart goes out to Jackie Barbosa. I can not imagine the heartache she has right now.

  3. Carly, so glad your daughter is going to be OK! My heart just breaks for Jackie Barbosa and her family.

  4. I’m glad to hear that your daughter is okay. It is definitely one of the biggest fears of being a parent.

    Thank you for sharing the information for Jackie’s son. I hope I’m helping spread the word by sharing it.

  5. I am so glad your daughter is okay and so sorry that your friend lost their son, and you lost one of your fellow writers. My thoughts and prayers go out to you, your family, and the other families that have been touched by tragedy.
    I will check out her book. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Happy that your daughter is ok. I was in a car accident about 6 yrs ago and ended up going to a chiropractor because the violence of it completely messed my bodies alignment up. So maybe you should get her checked out, just to be sure. :meditate:

  7. It is a scary thing to be in a car accident or to be the loved one on the outside. I am happy to hear that your daughter will be ok and I pray for your friend and her family that they may find peace with this tragic loss. Every day is a blessing may we all treat it as such.

  8. I’m glad she’s okay. Too many youngsters lose their life behind the wheel of a car. CT has really strengthened it’s requirements to get a license as well as laws for young drivers. All parents worry about this.
    So sorry for your friend’s loss.

  9. Thank goodness she’s ok. I read about Jackie’s son and immediately bought the book. I’ll be sure to donate as well. I have two boys, 13 & 8, they are my world. I don’t even want to imagine what it would be like to have either of them seriously hurt.

  10. Carly, I am so glad o hear that your daughter is okay. My daughter was in an accident back in 2009 when she a freshman in college. I understand how scary it is. I know that it took years off you. y’all take care. :dog2:

  11. Carly,
    so happy to know that your daughter is going to be okay. Have already expressed my condolences to the Barbosa family via FB. Such a horrific thing for any parent to deal with. It’s not supposed to happen that way.

  12. Glad your daughter is ok. If she was the driver, get her back into a car as soon as she is well. Have heard that people who have accidents (for example horse riding and cars) may be afraid to drive again if they wait too long to get in the driver’s seat.

  13. Sending you and your daughter a great big hug. I’m so glad that you took her to ER, and that everything will be OK. It’s the scariest phone call that a parent receives. I
    I will certainly donate to the fund.
    Spend the day snuggled up with her watching TV.

  14. Hi Carly
    I’m glad to know that your daughter is ok. Now I hope you are ok.

    So sad about Barbara’s son. My prayers are with her family at this difficult time.


  15. I too am glad your daughter is okay. She probably learned some valuable lessons from that accident. I’m so sorry for Jackie’s loss. I just cannot imagine losing a child. Thanks for sharing Carly.

  16. I think the scariest phone call a parent can receive is when our child has been in an accident. so glad that your daughter is ok and healing thoughts sent. My condolences on the loss of your friend’s son

  17. Thoughts and prayers to the Fraire family as well as your daughter. And not so tight hugs to her, too. Life is short. We need to remember that and make sure we tell our loved ones — all the time — what they mean to us. Even when they make us crazy.

  18. So glad your daughter is ok Carly. Know how scary this is. I have totaled two cars in last year and a half. Both accidents not my fault. This makes ablut 18 accidents I have been in. I wish people would pay attention on the road because it always seems as if the ones who are hurt the worse or lose their cars are the innocents. Prayers and hugs to you and your daughter for a swift recovery. 😕

  19. That must be one of the scariest phone calls ever. So grateful she is all right. Hugs to you and your family.

  20. so glad your daughter is okay, and so sorry to hear about Jackie’s son. Hugs and prayers to you both.

  21. Glad she is ok. I know the feeling my daughter got hit and did a 360° spin and was hit head on by a Hummer (she was in a Honda accord) She walked away thank God. The only thing that saved real injury was it was on the 405 at rush hr. Speed limit about 15 mph. The guy driving the hummer claimed injury. Hard part she’s in LA I was in San Jose. :ringaroundrosey:

  22. So glad your daughter is OK. My son didn’t get his license until he was out of college last year at the age of 24. About the only time he drive now is going back and forth to work and I worry every day. I know he is carefull but it can happy in an instance. I know I have been there myself when I was 21. It took me a year to get over my car accident and its came back to haunt me now with arthritis.

  23. As parents, one of our biggest fears is our children being in car accidents once they are old enough to drive. My 22 year old daughter was in an accident last year. It totaled her car, but she just had a few bumps and bruises. The first thing I told her when I arrived at the accident scene and realized she was okay, just shaken, was “cars can be replaced, YOU can’t!” So glad your daughter is okay, and so sorry for the loss of Jackie’s son. Heartbreaking!

  24. Hope she recovers quickly. keep an eye on her–headache and nausea are classic symptoms of a concussion. the best thing for a concussion is brain rest…seriously. my son is an athlete. his doctor gave him a note for athletic and academic limitations after he took the concussion test.

    if the symptoms persist or include loss of balance, trouble focusing on things (mentally), seems to be in a fog, etc… take her to a doctor who knows how to do the concussion test. I’m not a doctor, but the protocol for concussions has changed in the past several years. it is brain “bruise” and should be taken seriously.

  25. Deepest condolences for your friend’s loss….no words or action can take the pain away……

    I am glad your daughter was fortunate and hopefully she’ll feel better soon.

  26. I am so glad she is ok. On November 5, 2004, I got that call — you know, that one that says someone has passed. This time it was my mother telling me that my only niece was in a bad car accident. I fell to my knees, begging God to take me, to let my sister’s only child live. The second call was the one where mom simply said, “She’s dead.” That is a day that I will never forget. Nearly 10 years later, my heart still aches for her, wonders what kinda of a woman she would have been, and I still miss her every day. The depth of my misery must be a fraction of what my sister feels and the worst part is not being able to comfort her. You know, the “she’s in a better place” line is really not appropriate, at least not for our feelings. So, hang on to your loved ones, tell them how much you love them, and enjoy every moment you have with them!

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