20 thoughts on “Recommend a Book to a Tired Author!”

  1. Currently reading The Darkest Touch by Gena Showalter. Recently read and highly recommend Hard to Come By by Laura Kaye. LOVE her Hard Ink series.

  2. Read Deacon by Kristen Ashley and LOVED IT, so had to go and get the first 3 books in her Unfinished Hero series. Knight was good and will soon start Creed. But, am now reading Rule’s Addiction by Lynda Chance, #3 in House of Rule series.

  3. any books by susan mallery or catherine anderson or susan wiggs, kat martin, suzanne brockman (troubleshooters)-they all have great series.

  4. I’m re-reading the “Darkness Chosen” series by Christina Dodd. I don’t know how you feel about sci-fi/fantasy, but if you’ve never read her, Anne Bishop is a seriously good author. Her Black Jewels series is OMG good. She has a new series out – The Others. 2 books so far and waiting and waiting for the 3rd in March.

  5. If you are looking for something that will make you laugh out loud while you are reading, I suggest Susan Mallery. She is one of my go to authors.

  6. (I’ve been at a consulting gig the past couple of weeks so I feel like I’ve missed y’all!! Haven’t read much either but….)

    Read Merry Christmas, Baby by Jill Shalvis — it was adorable! Of course, I love me some Sawyer so…

    Reading Mr. Hot Stuff by Lauren Hawkeye — Whew! [fans self!] I love Lauren’s books, too, and am SO angry that I haven’t had the time to finish the dang book yet!

    But I’d recommend both books.

    Now please go finish…need to read the next book in your hot guys series (that’s my name for it). Please? ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Too many books on the TBR pile to list.
    Just finished The Trouble with Mistletoe by Jennifer. Next up is the 4th book in the series The Mistletoe Melody. I’ve got to find books 2 and 3 but that will be sometime in the future.
    I hope to read this week more of the Life in Icicle Falls books by Sheila Roberts.
    Too much to read and so little time.

  8. Wednesday started and finished Catherine Coulter “Final Cut, Thursday, started and finished Kristan Higgins “In Your Dreams”, Friday, started and finished Jill Shalvis “It’s in His Kiss and today, I’m reading Jill Shalvis “He’s So Fine” and Sunday will be Jill Shalvis’ “One in a Million”. Monday begins my books by Emily March that I’ve missed. If you’ve never read Catherine Coulter’s FBI series, you’re missing something spectacular, she keeps things moving from beginning to end and no, hers isn’t a romance ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t worry Ms. Carly, I’ll be getting to your soon too for the one’s I’ve missed. :yourock:

  9. Reading Christine Feehan’s Dark Gold, and Robert Plant’s autobio. In the Love, Laughter, and Merrily Ever After anthology on my kindle app.

  10. Bella Andre’s Sullivan Series (any and All)

    Bianca D’Arc Paranormal Series

    Hot Zone under name Jayne Castle (Krentz)

    Jill Shalvis Lucky Harbor Series

    Cut and Run (Adrian & Folsom)

    I gave yoou the series name because I don’t know if you read any. Personally I have to start at the beginning. :cat:

  11. I’m reading Light My Fire by G A Aiken (aka Shelly Laurenston) which is so funny but if you haven’t read any of the Dragon Kin start with the first one or you’ll be lost in all the crazy family connections.

    Steampunk is a favorite of mine and I recommend Bec McMaster London Steampunk Series (latest Forged By Desire was incredible) and Meljean Brook’s Iron Seas (latest is The Kraken King)

    I’ve been reading in erotic romance Kate Pearce and Samantha Kane. They are 2 of the best in the genre in my opinion.


  12. As a Street Team member and a fan, I would recommend Duffy Brown;s Geared for the Grave. Or you can read about the other me in Pearls and Poison by Duffy, my character “Rachelle Lerner” starts on page 100.

  13. Mr. Hot Stuff by Lauren Hawkeye
    Sacrificed to the Dragon by Jessie Donovan (4 parts)
    Hog Wild (3 pigs twisted tale) by Jenna Jaxon

  14. I am toward the end of Lorelei James’ Rough Riders series–Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ Chicago Stars series is fun– :brrr:

  15. I read Nora Roberts ,The dark witch series . Very good
    Bella Andre’s Sullivan series. Love them
    Jill Shavis any of hers


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