Saturday’s Book Talk


As I write this, I’m driving home from visiting my daughter I’m Boston … Worked on Dare to Desire while my husband drove. Wish I could tell you what I’ve been reading but it’s still the too secret RITA judging so I can’t say. I did however read one gem so far. Hope to share with you in the future!

So it’s up to you to tell me … What are you reading??

32 thoughts on “Saturday’s Book Talk”

  1. Finishing up Seeking Her by Cora Carmack. Not sure what’s up next. I’ll have to stalk the answers here for that!

  2. Since I’m waiting for your new one to be delivered to my Kindle, I’m reading a “little” book, Cavanaugh Hero, out on Kindle today.

  3. am reading in bed with a highlander by maya banks. i prefer to wait til the series completes before reading a book instead of waiting a year or two!! between books. so many great books; so many great series; so much confusion, esp. if titles from different authors are similar.
    hope you had a great time in boston. great town.

  4. I’m not reading anything. ๐Ÿ™ . I’m anxiously awaiting books by my favorite authors (You, Jill Jill Shalvis, and a few others.) I went to B&N last night, but very few books caught my interest. And I will admit, I prefer “Real” books over Kindle,and the books that caught my attention were the $14.95 trade paperbacks..a price I am not willing to spend. I guess it’s time to reread some oldies but goodies!

  5. I’m reading Roughing it With Ryan (South Village Singles box set) by some author called Jill Shalvis, and LOVING it! I smile when an author holds my interest so tightly.

  6. I just finished the Phoenix Rising series by Joan Swan (excellent) and I started I Married the Duke by Katharine Ashe. I’m listening to the Eternal Guardians series by Elisabeth Naughton narrated by Elizabeth Wiley. *Her voice reminds me of Rose McGowan – Paige from Charmed.*

  7. I just put down 3-2-1 Code It!, ICD-9-CM Professional, and HCPS Level II…blah! I plan on finishing up Summer Days by Susan Mallery for my down-time, enjoyable reading.

  8. I’m reading 2 books, Happy New Year Baby Fortune by Leanne Banks and Boundaries When to say yes, when to say no by Henry Cloud

  9. I’m reading “When I See You” by Katherine Owen… I just finished “1001 Dark Knight: Forever Wicked” by Shayla Black. It was HOT!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I just finished Sarah Jio’s Bungalow. I have now read all her books. She’s an amazing Author. Her books are just fantastic.
    Carol L

  11. I just finished “Ignited” by Kaylea Cross yesterday and am starting “Wicked Arrangement” by Maya Rodale in a few minutes. Eagerly awaiting “Perfect Together” later this week!!

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