Sexy Dare is here!

For 3 years everyone asked for the rest of the Dares … I’ve now officially completed the original DARE siblings with SEXY DARE … Jason’s story … which also launches The Sexy Series about three business partners who share a tragic past on their way to love. Hope you all enjoy. I know I am. I hope youโ€™ll pick up your copy of SEXY DARE today and let me know what you think.

Kindle – https://smarturl.it/SexyDareKindle
Nook – https://smarturl.it/SexyDareNook
AppleBooks – https://smarturl.it/SexyDareAppleBooks
Kobo – https://smarturl.it/SexyDareKobo
GooglePlay – https://smarturl.it/SexyDareGooglePlay
Amazon Print – https://smarturl.it/SexyDareAmazonPrint

Xo Carly

PS … think that’s the end of the Dares? Think again …