I like sports, some more than others. Some seasons more than others. Baseball is something I enjoy – Mets Fan – so not much to enjoy the last oh too many years and Red Sox fan (lots to enjoy). Football I like and we’re Patriots fans here. Since I write sports heroes on occasion, it’s only fitting I like the sports I write about. So all’s well.

But then there are the sports I don’t enjoy. Hockey? Meh. But the sport that I dislike and think lasts way too long, both college and pro is basketball. Apologies to the fans, but it’s not my thing. To top it off, it’s loud when on TV at home – and my husband loves it, so it’s on. Often. Oh while I’m at it? Another sport I can not stand is soccer (David Beckham being the exception. I’ll take him anywhere any time <g>). And when it’s World Cup soccer with those awful noises coming from the TV? Noooo! :headbang:

So what sports do you like? Love? Hate? Share with me please!

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  1. We are sports fans too..Big METS fans.. Like the Patriots too… I am a huge basketball fan who likes players more than a specific team. Love to watch Tony Parker play and Kevin Durant and Kobe at his peak. USED TO BE A Celtic fan til they broke up the team.. Also enjoy golf and am a big Bubba Watson and Adam Scott fan.. Don’t care a hoot for tennis or hockey on TV but go to hockey games sometimes.

  2. I love football and golf(which is something I never thought I love). I do enjoy hockey once in a while.

  3. I live 40 miles south of Cleveland which explains why I’m a Denver Broncos fan. I love to watch baseball and we live 18 miles from a AA Cleveland Indians teams. I don’t understand hockey so never watch it except for the winter Olympics.

  4. I love most sports to watch – not participate in.
    I watch college and pro basketball and football, baseball, soccer, golf, ice skating, etc.

  5. We love the Atlanta Braves and the Georgia Dawgs!!!! Hubby also likes golf and college football. :wave:

  6. I love football (MN Vikings fan), baseball (MN Twins and Chicago Cubs fan), hockey (MN Wild). I am NOT a fan of basketball, soccer, tennis or golf. There is nothing worse for me than listening to the announcers whisper during a golf tournament. UGH!!!

  7. I love sports! I love watching baseball, basketball, football, racing, hockey. Not much into soccer, golf, sailing or boxing. Since I’m from Cleveland, the Indians, Browns, Cavs and Ohio State are my favorite teams to watch.

  8. My two favorite sports are football and hockey. My favorite teams are the Patriots and the La kings. I love sports its one of my favorite things. I wish I could play pro football that would be a dream come true.

  9. Love my Padres, and Chargers. Like college basketball SDSU Aztecs, and I love NASCAR, Indy car racing is okay. I’m with you on soccer, like watching grass grow so boring. Indoor soccer is another story, fast paced and scoring a lot. Like horse racing but it only last 3 minutes then OVER. LIved in San Diego all my life finally went to Del Mar during racing season about 4 years ago it was great. Only go once a year with the people from work. DOn’t understand the betting at all. Have no idea what they are doing in hockey and they fight a lot.

  10. We like watching football, and a few other things with friends, but really hate listening to announcers state the obvious-“He really wants this game”, “She’s giving 100%” and other such nonsense.
    I sometimes like to watch car races, especially the pit crews. It still amazes me how fast they go.

  11. I am truly lucky that the hubs doesn’t enjoy sports — like me! However….we are traveling fools when it comes to where we live but we have ALWAYS supported our “home teams”. Considering he’s from Boston and I’m from that little state south of there, we do follow hockey [Bruins] (sorry; it’s about the only one I’ll tolerate!), Red Sox [gotta love home town teams!], and the Pats. Don’t follow b-ball anymore, since the Green Team retired years ago. But at least we only listen to ’em on the periphery! :cheerleader2:

  12. Don’t like most sports. Hate pro hockey. It’s up there with boxing. Men are seriously injured. Don’t like horse racing; too many bad apples who don’t treat their horses well. Pig races for cookies–ok. Occasional figure skating and ice dancing I like.

  13. I enjoy football,especially the pros. And, college, it’s SEC here and in Alabama it’s either Alabama or Auburn! Guess I’m a Bama girl. I like baseball and I like basketball here at SU. And, I’ve enjoyed pro hockey in the past. I don’t care for soccer.

  14. I am a massive hockey fan, more players than teams but cheer on both the Pens and the Flyers (and yes, I realize how bad that sounds). I also watch drag racing and Yankees and occasionally Pirates baseball. I cannot get into golf or NASCAR. Both just bore me.

  15. I love sports!!!! In fact, although I am only 5’1″ I used to coach junior high girls in volleyball & basketball. Maybe it’s the tomboy in me. My girls are meh about some sports although they played soccer & softball. One daughter swam/dived. My boys played baseball & soccer and love sports. In fact my older son is a sports blogger for Hockey.

  16. I like most sports, but I think Baseball and football are tied for tops. Like you I am not a fan of basketball, except for our alma mater, Michigan State. Since they have had a very strong team for quite awhile now, that makes it easy to follow them. Don’t understand much about it, but, well, connections you know. I hate watching golf, tennis, and pretty much anything else. Soccer however is a touchy subject. I dislike watching it, but can’t really say that since my husband played his whole life. His team won 2 national championships in college, and he was voted the most valuable player one season in our city. He had a chance to play for the U.S. national team at one point, but chose to devote himself to marring me and getting his masters to give us a step up. How can I tell him I find his sport boring. One universal thing about all men’s sports thou is that there are lots of hot guys to watch, lol.

  17. Love football and baseball. Favorite teams,
    Yankees and Giants. Love NCAA Basketball–Go Syracuse!! Never really got into hockey, hate professional basketball. Great question.

  18. I’m not really a sports a sports fan (I’d rather read) but I’ll watch sometimes or even go to a game with my husband. Arizona sports teams for him pro and college Football, Basketball, then Baseball.

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