28 thoughts on “What Are You Reading?”

  1. Absolutely love your writing Carly. I’m reading Erin McCarthy’s Blurred Lines series and love it. Happy holidays to u all from the rainy but occasionally sunny UK.

  2. Reading Hadrian by Grace Burrowes. And listening to Then Came You by Jill Shalvis.
    Hope you have a wonderful & safe weekend.

  3. :flagwave: Happy 4th of July Weekend! I’m reading an ARC of Kelsey Browning’s “Problems In Paradise” A HOT! stand alone book from the Texas Nights Series due to be released July 14th!! The first 2 are crazy good!!

  4. I’m reading After the Scandal by Elizabeth Essex and listening to Out of Turn by Tiffany Snow.

  5. until we touch by susan mallery, the third book in her current trio series from fools gold. have to say, the second book-before we kiss-i never laughed so hard in my life.
    hope you enjoyed your fourth. we survived “arthur” with about 3 inches of rain, drop in the bucket compared to new bedford (about 15 miles away) that got 8 inches of rain.
    enjoy your weekend.

  6. I just finished Jill Shalvis’ Then Came You and now I’ve moved on to Sydney Landon’s new one Pierced. Happy reading everyone!

  7. Reading Tiffinie Helmer’s Hooked. Went to Alaska last so really enjoying the romantic suspense set in Alaska salmon fishing season.

  8. Just finished re-reading Nora Roberts Inn Boonsboro trilogy. Started The Beekeepers Ball by Susan Wiggs.

  9. I’m reading a book from an author I usually like…but am struggling to get thru it. Dunno why. I won’t say the name as that isn’t fair but I’m thinkin’ I’ll be looking for something else before too long… Have a great weekend everyone!

  10. :flagwave:

    Just finished Rusty Nailed by Alice Clayton. It was enjoyable, but not as laugh out loud funny as Wallbanger was. Next I am reading an ARC of Love by Design by Evie Knight.

  11. I’m reading Love Chocolate and Beer by Violet Duke. First time I’ve read any of her books. Really enjoying it.

  12. Finally getting to First Class Farewell, the last book in the First Class series by AJ Harmon. I loved this series but life kept me from finishing it. Just found it on my Kindle and jumped right in. This first part is familiar since it recaps. Waiting for Dare and terribly impatient. :cry2:

  13. Maggie Sefton’s Yarn Over Murder – book 11 in her Knitting Mysteries series with Kelly Flynn and the House of Lambspun at its core!

  14. I just started Christie Ridgway’s Beach House series from last year. I read the novella last night & it was really good! ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. I am reading Jaci Burton’s “Straddling the Line” I really like her Play by Play series!

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