When Desperate …


And it’s  Monday, let the dogs take over.  I’ve spent the weekend heavily promoting and setting up things for DARE TO DESIRE … 3 days away!  So my brain is fried and I going to tell you more about Brady. I regret it already. :snoopydance:

First, he’s like a toddler.  I remember when the kids were too young to clean up after themselves, they’d finally go to sleep in their cribs/beds and I’d have a whole floor full of toys to clean up:

Second, as much as I love him, he does really gross things.  Like give Bailey and ear bath:

AND YET I LOVE HIM TO PIECES. And because I made you look at that gross piece of video, I’ll now show you something more beautiful: Bkfg5yeCUAAo62K

DARE TO DESIRE – 3 days and counting! SOOO SOOOON!!!!!!!! Did you PREORDER Alex & Madison (if you can?) Nook & Kobo readers can purchase this Thurs. April 10th!


Kindle – http://tinyurl.com/nxlkogk

print – http://tinyurl.com/muqq6th

iBooks – http://tinyurl.com/k5nm28c


Popping in this morning based on a few replies to say … I can not believe you guys aren’t commenting on the ridiculously revolting video of the ear cleaning.  Just saying! LOLOL.

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  1. Good morning… I am at my day job and all I wanna do is be at home reading The King. Hope you have a great day!

  2. :flagwave: I have been up all night, I am
    sooooooo excited about Desire. It will not get here soon enough. PLEASE HURRY HURRY HURRY……. :reading:

  3. I am home with the flu. No fun. I have a Nook so I cannot get it until release day, but I cannot wait.

  4. I just finished reading Jaci Burton’s Hope Ignites. I am in between books so I wish it was Thursday so I can start reading Dare to Desire!!! Is it Thursday yet? No it’s Monday, darn! I think your newsletter peeps should get an advanced link to download it!! 8)

  5. I helped my baby brother celebrate his 50th birthday, which is actually today, on Saturday night. All of the 5 siblings were together for the first time in a long time. It was great. I have Dare to Desire on pre-order.. I can’t wait to wake up and find it on my kindle.. It will be like Christmas morning… filled with excitement and wonder…

  6. :present: I pre-ordered the paper copy and am just waiting for my package to arrive!

    That is a little gross what Brady is doing to Bailey. :yuck:

  7. I don’t know why they do that but it’s not really gross as long as it’s not humans going at ears like that. I had some friends (a guy and his girlfriend) in high school and he would sit behind her in class and whenever there was a movie, he’d French her ear throughout THE WHOLE THING!!! It was so gross!

  8. I love your dog and the ear thing..yup GROSS but he’s a sweet dog still. So like humans we love and overlook yucky things they do I choose to ignore the ear bath. Already pre-ordered you are always an auto buy for me 🙂

  9. Guess I just dont see a problem with him giving the dog an ear bath. He considers him part of his pack. Pack takes care of each other and grooms one another.

    But I am excited to read the book.

  10. Ewwww to the ear cleaning video. Brady is so cute tho, I just want to cuddle up with him.

    Woohoo only 3 more days until Alex and Madison!!!

  11. I’ve pre-ordered and can’t wait until it is here. I’d rather be a home right now cuddled up on the couch reading. 😛

  12. First, I have to say that is totally gross isn’t it?!?! Bleck! Makes me want to gag just thinking about it. lol My dogs do it too so I totally understand!
    Now let me just apologize because this sounds really bad but I finally got to sit down and read Dare to Love this weekend. I know its been out forever and whats even worse, you had gifted me a copy from a contest I won. 😳 I hadn’t had the chance to read it. Anyways, I LOVED it!! I cannot wait to read Alex’s story!!! And Olivias! oh and the others too. I love this whole family already and it was just awesome! Thanks again for the book!!

  13. My sister’s dog Reily does that to our cat Phoebe…and she lets her! That’s what I don’t get. It’s just a random thing. Of course you should see them playing together, just too funny. :taz:

  14. I’m out of town, so I thought I’d have to wait until I got back to download it, but I’m so excited the hotel has free internet! Whoot!!!!!! The first thing I thought was ” I can get Carly’s book on release day!!!”

  15. Hey, Brady is just being Brady. I think it’s adorable. A friend of mine has TWO Newf “puppies” (now 4 and 2) who try to outdo each other all the time. Except the younger one is now bigger (I know, right?) than the older one and regularly bests her sister. Like takes her toys or shoves her off the couch, etc. So imagine the size of THOSE traumas!! :yourock:

  16. Book is pre-ordered. Brady is so cute!!! You just have to overlook those gross habits. I think all dogs have gross habits. I know mine has a few.

  17. I think that Brady is just showering Bailey with sugar. (really I think he just has a thing for the taste of ear wax 😀 )
    I got my two new puppies last Monday. the house has been a zoo. they are 13 weeks old today. Oh, but the house has life in it again.
    Can’t wait to read!!

  18. your dogs are sweet. Have Bailey’s ears checked just to be sure. Can’t wait to read the new book

  19. Hi Carly,

    That is so funny and that Bailey let’s him do it…lol.

    I’m actually reading Dare to Love right now so that will roll nicely into your upcoming release. Lucky me.

    Have a wonderful afternoon.

  20. Carly,

    PS, I was late getting into work today as streets in various areas were flooded and blocked off. Needed to be a duck this morning…quack quack.

  21. I don’t think the Video is gross, but do have his ear checked. He might have an infection. One way to tell is to smell it. I know that sounds gross, but you want to make sure he is all right. One of my dogs is prone to ear infections, smelling her ear I would find out about her infections. One of my daughters best friend is a vet. She is the one who told me about smelling the ear. :dog:

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