When is a Season not a Season …

When the weather doesn’t cooperate and lately that’s been all four seasons here in NY. Growing up, Fall was my favorite season. I loved the crisp, humidity-less air, the chance to wear boots, sweaters and it made me feel good. But now when I think of Fall, I think of the unwanted (for me) return of Summer. Humidity, weather in the high 70’s, and rain. Then before I can really enjoy any new Fall clothes or my toasty warm Uggs with bare feet, the winter is here. But is it really winter? No. It’s not. Okay there’s the occasional snow storm and sometimes we’re slammed but usually that’s February, March … and sometimes even April. It’s weird. It’s not normal. And I gotta tell you, it’s throwing off my rhythm LOL! So what’s your favorite season (if you have one) and if you don’t because you don’t live in a seasonal area, what’s your favorite weather?

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  1. My favorite season is fall, although living in Kansas it doesn’t seem like we have much of a fall season like I remember from growing up. Now it seems like we go directly from summer to winter, so fall never seems to last long unfortunately.

  2. My favorite season is Fall. Here in Maine it’s so beautiful watching the leaves change colors. Unfortunately with Fall, that means Winter is around the corner and that I could do with out.

  3. :leaves: My favorite season is also Fall, but I’m in the same boat as you are. October 15 and it’s humid and in the 70s today in MA! Although me feet feel most comfortable in my Nike flip flops, I’d like it to be a little cooler to reflect the beautiful colors of the trees!! I’m hoping for a mild winter, though!!

    • Fall is my favorite season also. Love the cooler weather after a hot summer. However, where we live, the weather tends to be more moderate that some places so we don’t get extremely cold winters or hot summers…well, we do once in awhile but not often. Still, I love the changing colors in the fall after all of the green from Spring and Summer.

  4. fall in new england is beautiful; can’t beat it but my love of the beaches makes summer my favorite. grew up in r.i. and the beaches in middletown are great for all ages. 2nd beach for waves; 3rd beach for calm for the little kids!

  5. Fall is my favorite season. Although it doesn’t seem like we are getting real fall temps right now. We’ve had temps into the 90’s in Nashville in the last week. We finally had a cold front move in and we are in the 60’s now, but doesn’t look like they will last.

  6. Living in FL I would just love the humidity to go away. Yesterday the heat index made it feel like 101 degrees. I have been living in a cave since May. To keep the electric bill down we close the blinds in every room and I feel my way around the house. So my dream for perfect weather is sunny low 70’s, 20% humidity and a gentle breeze blowing through an open window.

  7. I’m a New Englander, born and raised, however we’ve been gone for over 24 years….yeesh! Has it been that long???? Anyway, I’ve loved the temperate weather in Northern CA, when we lived there. I could wish we moved back there however THEY are having crazy seasons, too. Strange world. I now live in So. NV so my favorite season(s) would be fall — when it is cooler (and that means 70’s-80’s for us) or spring, with the same temps. It can be really cold here in the winter, or not! These old bones like the more temperate weather. And with a name like “Gale” — born in a gale snowstorm! — I can get used to temperate! :cat:

  8. Summer is always my fav season of the year. I love the warm weather as it seeps into my body after a cold winter and wet spring.. And for me summer has always been lucky for me in the romance department..

  9. My favorite season is Fall but I`m completely agreeing with you. I live in NH so it`s hot and humid here too and I HATE it!!!

  10. I’m a midwesterner & I love fall!!! We too are having warmer weather for this time of year. Advantage is getting my hubby to complete the outdoor chores before it gets too cold. As I’ve gotten older I like the cold less & less. I do love the crunch of leaves as I walk, but the leaves scare my pup. :leaves:

  11. I love the spring because after going months of the cold, drabby, grey colors of winter, I love to see the new, greens of springs!

  12. I live in the Puget Sound area, aka Western Washington. People say it rains all the time but it really doesn’t. The summers are hot (for us), the springs are gorgeous and sometimes sprinkly, the falls are cooler with rain, and winter is cold (again for us) with snow in February or March (sometimes December or January too). My favorite would be spring, summer, and fall. I don’t like really cold temps or snow. I love high school track, baseball, and football and those fall in all of those seasons. :cheerleader2:

  13. Growing up, my favorite season was summer, but now, it’s fall. I’m with you….we’ve been having a very hot fall (fortunately, fall has FINALLY come and it’s raining and colder), but winter is right around the corner (like it is for you :(). I have found that lately (as in the last 10 years or so), that our weather seems to be hotter in the summer and colder in the winter and we don’t seem to have a Spring and Fall. Bums me out ๐Ÿ™

  14. :cloud9: I love the colors of Fall but my favorite is Spring. The warm weather and the flowers coming up. After a dull, dreary winter it’s a wonderful sensation to feel the spring breeze and smell those flowers.
    Carol L ๐Ÿ™‚

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