Who’s in Charge of the Remote?

The television remote that is. In my house it’s my husband. I admit this. We watch TV in the bedroom mostly and he’s the clicker holder. As a result, and this happens often, either: he’ll be watching something on DVR and fall asleep, which means since I’m too lazy to get up (if he’s in the recliner across the room) and get the remote to change it, I watch the end. And when it ends and starts again,  … well you get the gist. I watch it twice. Or if he’s next to me and I can’t remember how to shut the DVR … you got it – I watch the end. And when it ends and starts again,  … Once again, you get the gist. OR as in this past Saturday night, he was watching a James Bond rerun and fell asleep. So I watched the end. No biggie this time. I didn’t mind. Except tonight, he’s awake. And he put on the same rerun. So guess what? I’m watching. AGAIN! Good thing I’m always on the laptop and barely paying attention. :snoopydance: 

Who’s in charge of your TV remote?

26 thoughts on “Who’s in Charge of the Remote?”

  1. My husband, he’ll fall asleep with it in his hand ans I’ll go get the other one to turn off the tv instead of waking him up. If you ever get really mad at him go shopping for several hours and take the remote with you. Lol…..

  2. My husband or our roommate. They normally ask first if I mind if they watch something. I don’t watch a lot of tv. When I’m by myself I rarely turn the TV on.

  3. Always my husband and we only watch snippets of everything he cruises by – sports, talk shows, movies, cooking shows, house hunting shows, etc. Doesn’t matter what it is. I’m usually reading or doing something else around the house. If I’m sitting in the same room I try not even to look up since even if it catches my interest it will be gone in a minute or two!

  4. This has been an argument of ours. He gets the remote, starts flipping through the channels, lands on something I don’t want to watch and promptly falls asleep. With his finger on the button of the remote! Grrr! Makes me so mad! I usually grab it out of his hand and take control!

  5. My husband thinks that he is but after he started changing channels (that I was watching) in his sleep I solved the problem. We now have two remotes in our family room and the bed room. Much easier that way!

  6. My Hot Nerd Hubby and I figured this one out years ago. We BOTH have remotes for the TV in the living room. That way I don’t have to wake him up getting up to get it if he falls asleep cause I can’t stand most of the stuff he watches. I, too, keep my nose in my laptop or reading on my tablet when he’s watching his stuff. In the bedroom, I’m usually asleep long before he’s done watching TV, so we only have one remote, but we keep it on our bookcase headboard in the middle so I can reach it when I need to. 🙂

  7. I am in charge of the remote as I get frustrated easily by my hubby not running it fast enough so he just lets me run it! LOL

  8. Usually hubby, since I often have a book in hand, or am doing something on the computer. I do like him to put it on the coffee table between us, so if he gets up, I can mute the commercials.

  9. Since I have my own Tv, I’m in charge.But I rarely watch tv. My daughter cancelled cable 2 summers ago. She was working as a teacher’s aide at a public school so no summer job and pay was too low to save money. So I use Netflix

  10. My husband or sons. Although when it’s just me & my daughter, she’s in charge. It’s not a battle worth fighting.

  11. My husband is and for this is the second week we’ve been watching the U.S. Open Tennis Championship. I am so sick of tennis. I’d much rather watch college football. ROLL TIDE!!

  12. Mine had the bad habit of falling asleep with it in his hand. I tried to get it out with no luck so he often woke up with it. Just like his glasses. He did finally start setting a timer because I was reading and he was sleeping! Cured him of it for a while when we lived in Zambia. No tv in the bedroom. Now his job is to fast forward through commercials but he isn’t very good at it yet! Spends more time rewinding than the commercial lasted!

  13. My middle son thinks he is the boss of the remote… Then if HE doesn’t have it then my husband has it… And they always lose the darn thing, and when the kids are at school and hubby at work, I think “Oh the tv is mine” only to find the remote is missing…

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