I’m still recuperating from the migraine from hell … 48 hours in and I’m first feeling human so this may be short.  Tomorrow we are having our windows cleaned in the house, inside and out.  You might think this isn’t a big deal … but to my shame, we have lived here for 18 years and this is the first time we’ve brought in a professional window cleaner. My mom has hers done yearly.  I’m so ashamed. :hidingunderchair:  Is this something most people do and I just missed the memo? Or in this case ignored my mom all these years? LOL. Please don’t think less of me.  We’re really very clean.  Just not our windows.

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  1. i have to say i would hate to try and remember the last time i had my windows cleaned 🙁 will have to look into having them cleaned

  2. I’m guilty! Do the inside of the ones I look out all the time – but the outside – seems I let Mother Nature take care of them when it rains! LOL

  3. I used to clean them every year, but I haven’t I the last 5 years. Needless to say I will have to find time to do them or have them done this year. Iwould rather read then do household chores and I am guilty of putting chores off if I am reading a good book. Lol

  4. hmmm. I’ve lived in my house for 18 years also. Never even thought of professional window washer for the outside. I have bay windows in my kitchen. Those are the only windows I even think about cleaning all the time. Life is short…I’d rather be out on my husbands motorcycle. lol

  5. We used to get ours done annually by a firefighter that had this as a side business. When we lost touch with him we stopped getting them done. A few years ago we replaced all the windows in the house (LOL – that’s one solution) but have been thinking it’s time to find someone to clean the windows. You might have just sent me in that direction.
    Hope you feel better soon. Can’t even imagine how you are feeling!

  6. After over 10 years in our house, we had the outsides done a couple of years ago, when my husband got an online deal on it. He also bought one for his sister, and she really appreciated it! Our son had tried doing ours with one of those windex kits, but didn’t turn out as well then. Might have him try again as he is older now, and wants to earn money!

  7. I only have the outside done when I’m pressure cleaning my house. This occurs every 10 years or so when we also paint the house. The inside gets cleaned when ever we can’t see out of them due to dog smudges. Understand housekeeping isn’t my forte’, cooking is.

  8. Hope today is better for you Carly and the effects from the headache from hell are gone. If hosing down the outside counts as washing then I’m good 🙂 It must be a generation thing My Gram rest her soul and My Mom still do the windows outside by hand every year. I’d rather be reading a book and holding the hose 😀

  9. I am lucky that my landlords have them dine each spring…don’t feel bad, just think of it as giving someone the opportunity to earn a living.

  10. You are not bad. I have never had my windows professionally cleaned and I usually only clean the inside because of the smudges from the kids and the cats.

  11. I wash my own. I have a squeegee, use water and vinegar. I live in a ranch so it isn’t too high up. I do have one big window that is above my front door. I would need a 12 foot ladder to reach that. I have paid someone to clean that window and my foyer chandelier, but that has only been once in the 18 years we have lived here!

  12. We do our own, although not every year. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a professional window washer, except for skyscrapers.

  13. Thank goodness the cleaning lady does it fairly often. I HATE doing it but when I did, I tried to do it once a year in Spring. We live out so we are looking out of them all the time – so it becomes sort of a necessity!

  14. Make room for me under the chair. I need to clean my windows (inside) this weekend. I live in an apartment, so they usually clean the outside windows every couple of years.

  15. We had the windows that flip in installed many years ago, and I think I cleaned them once! Ah, well! Glad you are feeling better after the migraine! Had one the other day/night!

  16. We clean our windows twice a year, and we do them ourselves. But it’s probably the last item on my to-do list. Yet my Mom would probably get a nervous breakdown if windows didn’t get cleaned.

    I hope you’re feeling better 🙂

  17. We lived in the house we just sold (Oct. 2013) for 20 years and never had them done professionally. I think we did them 2 times ourselves and the 2nd time was just before we listed the house with a realtor. Life is too short to worry about keeping windows clean!

    I hope you are feeling better. I used to suffer from horrible migraines when I was younger but seemed to mostly outgrow them by my 40’s; maybe this will happen for you, too.

  18. Professionally cleaned? Nope, only had it done in one of our houses. I sigh every time I look at my kitty-nosed windows. So I’m with you: I wash what I can reach (inside often, due to those nose prints) and hope for the best!

  19. It’s not just my windows that need cleaning but also the screens/storm windows on them. You are not alone!!

  20. I do my windows myself all 22 of them.
    I always do the interior every year but last year I didn’t get the exterior done.

    My mom was sick for over a year and I was her personal assistant(flunky) (I drove,I shopped, I cleaned her house and did just about anything she needed to be done).

  21. We do our windows inside and out every year and every year my hubby threatens to hire someone, but he doesn’t. So back to the grind. :bwhip:

  22. My sister has her done once a year, my mom never, unless we did it for her, I’ve live in an apt, only have four windows and a sliding glass door, and I’ve yet to clean them. Been liveing her 3 years now.

  23. Don’t clean windows. Not my job. I’m living with my daughter and family. Not keen about washing windows, so my previous residences had very little washing (inside only).

    Hope your migraine is completely gone. I can only imagine the pain. Used to get tension headaches (I think)when I was a teenager. I couldn’t turn my head without making the pain worse.

  24. You know it is just the same in any other field.
    You’d think past teaches us at least anything, but no.
    Disagree if you will but the world is changing, and none of us have no control whatsoever over it.
    For instance, If only Barack had enough balls to put Vladimir to his place, but it seems like it’s never happening, welcome WW3.
    Great post, thanks!

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